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I decided to jump back into this game after awhile away and I do enjoy what changes I've seen so far, especially the fact I no longer have two Toothlesses and a cloned Groncicle. However, I noticed that when I use the PC program, I can no longer zoom out. I'm permanently zoomed all the way in and that's frankly annoying, especially since it did used to work.

I bebop on over to the web version, but in addition to that issue the initial loading screen (where it's a grey background) simply crawls along even though everything is up to date. (I use Firefox on Windows 7.) After it eventually loads, the rest of the loading moves along fine. Again, though, fully zoomed in and can't zoom out.

Is there any fix for this? I've tried using the End button and the mouse scroll and neither work, or rather, they work for a split second before the full zoom in returns.


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Whooooops, there it goes...

Did you use the "pgup (page up)" button? if you have 1? Or page down?


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Thx for scrolling :)

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Just tried that and it's the

Just tried that and it's the same issue on the number pad, while PgUp/PgDown doesn't work at all. =/


It just seems with this game if it's not one issue it's another. I know it's common with these kinds of games and it's not game-breaking, but it does get frustrating.

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Unrelated to the zoom issue.

Hey! I've been gone a while, too. I remember when you'd get a new Toothless for every membership you buy, and getting a duplicate Groncicle egg. Except, after all this time, I still have two Toothless clones and the extra Groncicle egg.

Personally, I don't mind. I just find it interesting that I still have it like this.


I have not experienced a zoom issue lately. I hope your problem gets resolved.


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I sent a message to the

I sent a message to the admins detailing that issue for them to pass on the dev team or whoever to fix it. I'm not sure when it was fixed, but I think I sent the message in November so sometime between then and two days ago it was fixed. I had had sent a message months earlier, too, which I figured just got lost in the deluge of messages they get daily. 


I was honestly surprised I got to keep Toothless at all, since I'm not a member any more and was grandfathered in because I had been a member before the change to not keeping Toothless. It would've sucked to have lost him, but I would have understood. The same with the double Groncicle, if I had to lose both, so be it. I'm really glad I didn't, though. My main issue was that I'd get accused of cheating with having the second Toothless, plus the him and the other Groncicle taking up space in my stables.