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What's the best way to bond over our share love and interest for the same thing or judging the trash taste of someone than Your favourite list! This time for Fictional Characters because you can like the same franchise...but do you like the same characters from the same franchises!? Plus this offer a wide arrage from anything Game, book, anime Manga, movie, show, podcast, webshow etc.


If you saw someone with similar love for the same characters you like you can even open discussion under each reply! (Please be Civil though <3)


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For me my current top 15

For me my current top 20 are;


1-2 Six and Mono  (Tie)(Little nightmares)

3 Teruki Hanazawa (Mob psycho 100)

4. Ishida Uryuu (Bleach)

5. Wirt (Over the garden wall)

6. Luke (The walking dead game)

7. Shigeo Kageyama (Mob psycho 100)

8. Asgore (Undertale)

9. Max Caulfield (Life is Strange)

10. Bossun (Sket dance)

11. Kida Masaomi (Durarara)

12. Jo hideHolmes (Beyond two souls)

13. Sans (Undertale)

14. Reigen Arataka (Mob psycho 100)

15. Merula Snyde (HP: Hogwarts Mystery)

16 Korra (The legend of Korra)

17 Maka Albarn (Soul eater)

18 Lake (Infinity Train)

19 Abby Anderson (The last of Us II)

20 Clara Oswald (Doctor who)

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*Looks at the first two people in your fave list*

*Quietly sobs* M-m-mono... He's too pure for this world.

Also, Six is like, the yang as mono's the yin. How the heck did these two get along. 


OtGW Wirt :O

He's such an anxious person, and very relatable. I'm very happy of his character growth at the end of the series. And wow, the way he dealt with the main antagonist of the series. Made me cheer for him.


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Mono My child *gently

Mono My child *gently hold*

Well now that you put it like that...a Yang to Mono's Yin, that might be precisely why they get along so well...and why the thing happen the way it did too. It both Attract and Repel.


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Fear the Deer!

Yes! I've been wanting someone to make a thread like this! I'll be right back and return with some of my favorite characters :3

Edit: I've returned with my list! Here they are! Not in order.


Claude (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)

Hilda (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)

Kay (Ace Attorney: Investigations)

Ant-Man (MCU version)

White-Tiger (Marvel)

Enma (Yokai Watch)

Zelda (Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks version)

Isabelle (Animal Crossing)

War-Machine (Marvel)

Ema (Ace Attorney)

Inigo (Fire Emblem: Awakening)





Lol, there's probably more. But that's who I could think of off the top of my head. Might come back later and update it actually...



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My Favorites

Just my tops from movies and T.V. so far, but I'll add more later!


1. Brooklyn (Gargoyles)


2. Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet)


3. Viggo Grimborn (Dragons)


4. Zuko (Avatar)


5. Discord (My Little Pony)


6. Gantu (Lilo and Stitch)


7. Sirius Black - May he RIP (Harry Potter)


8. Firestar (Warriors)


9. Fabrizo - May he RIP (Titanic)


(told you I'd add more!)


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Bio (Azyru):

Azyru is a Skrill who once lived fierce and free, ruling the skies until Grimmel shot her down, the Deathgripper sedative knocking her out, and wakes in a cage. She befriends a strange young slavegirl that Azyru grows very attatched to after a time, and when Firesome breaks her free, she vows to protect her like a big sister. The two would fly together for a long time.



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I"m coming! I'll get my list up... *sighs* so many favorite characters XD

*casually comes over and plops down a ton of peeps* Aight... there will be more XD

edit: MORE!


Wanda, Spider-man, Venom and Carnage, Thor, Captain America (Marvel

Deku , Bakugo, Froppy, EraserHead, AllMight (My Hero Academia)

Koda and Kenai, Naveen, Elsa, Merida, Wall-E, Stitch, Baymax, Tadashi, Hiro, Wasabi, Fred, HoneyLemon, GoGo, Violet, Dash, JackJack, Syndrome (Disney/Pixar movies)

Jim, Blinkey, Morgana, Steve, Krel, Varvados, Claire, Aja, Douxie, Archie and Gunmar (Takes of Arcadia) (*me in the corner plotting with these characters*)

Danny, Sam, The Box Ghost, Maddie, Wulf (Danny phantom)

Carmen Sandeigo, Zack, Ivy, Chase, ShadowSan (Carmen Sandeigo... Yes I like it XD)

Toothless, Lightfury (but only in the actual movie), The gang, Stoick, CloudJumper, The gang's dragons XD, and Pouncer/ Tadashi (as that's what I named him :p) (Woah what franchise could this be from?! ;3)


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Oh my fangirl side has been waiting for a post like this.

My Top 10 are:


10. Bumblebee (Transformers; the movies, mind you)

9. Piper Duncan (Perspectives)

8. Herobrine (Minecraft; I know he doesn't exist, but the creepy stories about him are really interesting lol)

7. R2D2/Artoo (Star Wars)

6. The Twins (HTTYD)

5. Number Four/John Smith (IANF; the irony of the number placement tho)

4. Helia (Shadow of Beauty)

3. Isabel C. Valdez (MotB; she's an original, but I love her nonetheless)

2. Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic)

1. Leo Valdez and Percy Jackson (PJO/HoO)




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I only have 3...... 

Not in any particular order,:


1. Luke Skywalker


2. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III


3. Harry Potter



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I'm only going to put five here since I'm kind of lazy.


1 Anshine from Adventure Forward on Roblox.

2 Anshine from Adventure Forward on Roblox.

3 Anshine from Adventure Forward on Roblox.

4 Anshine from Adventure Forward on Roblox.

5 Anshine from Adventure Forward on Roblox.




6. Gretel from the Last Dragon Chronicles series

7, 8. Avrel and Lorel, also from the Last Dragon Chronicles series

9. Aurielle, ALSO from the LDC series

10, 11. Zanna and G'reth, also from the LDC series


i just realised how many that was



...alas, that will never be the case now.



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Some of my favorites

Some of my favorites include....

The visorak just in general as a species from Bionicle.

These poor things basically get their toes stepped on by litterally every race.

My sympathy for them makes me love them and I like to do uplifting things with them just because the canon world denyed them that for the most part. Oh, but also the books handled them really interestingly. There were a few parts that were actually written to show sympathy for them even though none of the charicters themselves game them that.

One of my very first fan charicters who still exists is a red visorak who when I was little I simply named Red Head because I am awful at names but later gave the more bionicle-like name Vohrikii. (I still use Red Head though under the exuse that he's an escaped slave and he's using the least visorak name he can think of to avoid being tracked down)

The visorak actually were one of the main things that got me into bionicle which in turn is my favorite franchise in the history of ever. (I'm not kidding. I really really love bionicle and am a huge bionicle nerd.)

They are naturally agressive and have a tendancy to swarm to problumatic for ecosystem numbers but...I honistly do not think that they are evil creatures even in canon. They simply get used by the bad guys a lot. (Trust me, there's a lot of way more horrible stuff in the bionicle world. I mean, visorak can be up there because they make other nasty things even worse too as mutation is one of the things they can inflict but...there are so many horrible many)

There's even a Rahi book (book about bionicle creatures) that details how inteligent they are. They seem to technickally be just as smart as some of the civilized races only slightly more instinctual mixing with it.

I wonder if they're redemable. I assume so in my own fan writings.

P.S. you know those cheap party wistles that make that high pitched "vvvVVVvvvvv" noise?

Visorak sound like those. XD






Mata Nui from bionicle.

He's a flawed d.iety who kind of s.crews everything up by not taking a threat seriously and then when he has the chance he does everything in his power to try and make amends despite having lost most of said power thanks to said s.crew up. Oh and....he learns what friendship is while walking around at knocked down to demi-g.od status and one of his best friends is a loyal inteligent bug. (Who is adorible and I adore Click too.)

A lot of people think this part of the story is dumb because there was a movie with somewhat weird writing and designs but....the concepts I really like. And Mata Nui being such an alien who doesn't know how to people at all is kind of amusing.

This is a d.iety who fell from grace and learned from his people. He went from....a little scary to being someone you'd want to sit down and have lunch with and on top of that he was so inspired by his people's spirits that he didn't spend much time mopeing over the loss of most of his power. He just went right to trying to figure out a way to save them.




Vakama from bionicle. Yeah...he's a little whiney in a couple of the movies. The books were better.

But he had a really interesting arch. 

This is a guy who was forced into being a toa (a hero class). The dude didn't want the job. He was quite happy just being a mask maker and suddenly he finds himself transformed into this races equivelent of police or superheros.

Oh and...his entire first adventure was like a nightmare group project with more stakes. The majority of his team didn't like each other and two of the members were mean to him in particular. He became leader because he was smart and happened to be the only one to have ideas of what to do. (Though this was partly helped by the fact that he had visions which....while helpful also earned him more teasing from his team for being crazy)

Oh and one of his team mates had a power struggle with him acting like he was making a power grab every time he had an idea of what to do twords the beginning.


He did eventually come into his own and would eventually become an elder to a village but....not without still being flawed as he kept secrets from his people (and convinced his team members to do the same). From his point of veiw it was for their protection but it's deffinitly a charicter flaw.


Poor stressed out Vakama. You remind me of me trying to deal with school. I can't imagine I'd do much better then you if one of my group projects was suppose to prevent an apocalyiptic takeover from an evil armored who is OP as all heck.





Book Hiccup. The world around him his horrible and cruel but he keeps his heart.

The boy who managed to make a dragon who hated humans so much he claimed he would never shed a tear for just that.

The boy who traveled the ocean to save his friend. The boy who's only real weapon is his mind.





My next fellow is Legend of Zelda's Link who I don't feel like finding a picture for's very easy to google him and most know what he looks like. 

....Which one? Doesn't matter. I like most of them.

Link, the slightly nutty man-child with a good heart. (Or...actual kid with a sword. Which is just as worrying)

I was introduced to Link through twilight princess. Where his entire adventure started just because he wanted to save some kidnapped friends from his village.

Then in wind waker he wants to save his sister. Most other renditions he just kind of....ends up in the middle of the mess or also has someone he's trying to save but regaurdless of the reason this mysterious weirdo with a hatrid for pottery will do litterally anything to complete his quest.





Yunobo from breath of the wild. 

This poor boy must live up to a famous ancestor which is a lot of pressure on its own but he also must act as a living projectile against a massive war machine that is being driven rouge by a d.emon puppet thing thanks to Yunobo having enherited a sort of forcefeild ability from the earlyer mentioned ancestor. It's the only thing powerful enough when combined with a canon's firepower to drive Rudania (the machine mentioned earlyer) away.


Side note, I'd put Rudania here too but I don't know if he counts or not. I count him personally because...his animations give him a personality from my point of veiw but....the divine beast's thinky level is never fully explained. 

Rudania just....I don't know....his animations make me think he's kind of a sassy snappy thing and that's both really funny and really scary on something that big. He apparently gets easilly distracted too because during the fight with him there's one moment where he's just staring at a random who knows what with a curious head tilt that I think is adorible. I assume this was done to explain why he doesn't just come up to Link and try to stomp on him but...still funny. Naturally my friends and I took this and ran with it personifying him and the other divine beasts like crazy but even without that I have to weigh whether or not he counts.






Best star wars charicter ever.

Just...he's a great example of storytelling without words.



...The Magic School Bus from The Magic School Bus (I didn't post a picture for this eather). It has reactions to the things the group does and its subtle playful personality amuses me.



Bumbles the candy loving Lazersight Vesperwing who likes to stalk me for my food.

Adopted from goldenfury360 who made the species.

Lineart done by NightmareRebuff




 Flint the over curious gluespit.

Adopted from chameishida.


Chelsy, the least frightening indominus rex there ever was. Color shifting joke charicter extrodinare. Art by TosiLohi.

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My cat, dog and chickens are my favorite characters! :D .......oh, you mean fictional characters.  Hmm, let's see...

Dart the Nightlight

Olaf from Frozen ("Hi! I'm Olaf, and I like warm hugs!")

Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series.  She's a little out there and a bit kooky, but that's part of her charm as a character.  She's also very genuinely sweet.

Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter, despite being a short-lived character.  RIP :(

Dean Thomas from the Harry Potter series.  I really like this guy; he seems very nice and willing to stand up for what he believes in.

Merida from Brave.  "I'll be shooting for my own hand!"

Meatlug.  She's a very loving and playful Gronckle.



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Some of my top favorite characters..

Dexter, Dee Dee, and Mandark from Dexter's Lab

Hiccup and Toothless, (bascally the whole cast of HTTYD!)

Zim and Dib from Invader Zim..

..I have a LOT of favorite characters, but I think it would take up the whole thread! XD


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I'm just your average HTTYD fan..

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Running around aimlessly, what about you?

(These aren't in any order. I like em' all equally!)


- Wilson, Woody, Webber and Wormwood (From Don't Starve. Also, that's a lot of Ws XD)

- Whitty, Hex, and Carol (mod characters for Friday Night Funkin)

- Prince Zuko and Sokka (From Avatar)

- Zane, Lloyd and Kai (From Lego Ninjago)

- Cragger [or however it's spelt] (From Lego Chima)

- Hiccup, Astrid, Stormfly, Hookfang, and Toothless (From HTTYD (duh lol))

- Merlin (From Wizards tales of Arcadia)

- All the 'boss monsters' from Undertale



and so much more, haha!



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This is Drakor the Fangback + Siggy Guardian. Make a mess

in here, and he won't be happy

Thank you Flitt for doing an amazing job drawing him!


My Writing

- Scauldron Tail (A Screenshot Story)

- Wisp and the Grey Scales (A Screenshot Story)




You can call me Drake, and I’ve played SoD from the times of old, when the only dragon newbies got was the hatchling they picked, no free broad-wing. I missed this game when I went on hiatus a while ago, so I'll try to not leave it behind again (well, at least not for a while anyways.)


I love to hang out at the Ice-Fishing-Patch in the school and take down ships. Feel free to chat if you find me!




VIKING(S): ErikaTheWild

NICKNAMES: Drake, Drako

GENDER: Female | She/Her

FAVOURITE GAMES/SHOWS: SoD (duh), BATIM, FNaF, Among Us, Miraculous, Pokémon (XYZ)

FRIEND CODE: Private for now

RPS I'M IN: Guardians of the Multiverse, The Big 4

STORIES I'VE TRACKED: Dragonling: The Gathering Storm, Revenger

FAVOURITE DRAGONS: Deadly Nadder, Flightmare, Deathsong, Deathgripper




                        [Blue = Male ~ Pink = Female | All Other Colours = Classes]


                        * Wisp ~ Broad-Wing ~ Flightmare

                        * Spike ~ Broad-Wing ~ Deadly Nadder

                        * Boulder ~ Broad-Wing ~ Gronkle

                        * Heathunter ~ Broad-Wing ~ Eruptodon

                        * Crew and Impo ~ Broad-Wing ~ Hideous Zippleback ~ (Crew prefers to be called female)

                        * Tumbler ~ Borad-Wing ~ Whispering Death

                        * Whirlpool ~ Titan ~ Scauldron ~ {DSED - Designated Ship Event Dragon}


                        ^ Nightshade ~ Broad-Wing ~ Night Fury

                        ^ Shimmerwing ~ Broad-Wing ~ Light Fury


                        - Darktip ~ Broad-Wing(?) ~ Night Light (Dart)

                        - Blanc ~ Broad Wing(?) ~ Night Light (Ruffrunner)
                        - Takl ~ Broad Wing(?) ~ Night Light (Pouncer)     


(Still reading? Well, here's A cringy-traditional-drawing that I did ages ago :/)




(Complete List)


This (freaking beautiful) art of Heathunter was made by VicZarSky





An AWEOME headshot of Wisp, made by Izzydrawsdragons


Some art of Spike, done by the talented Iamthesenate




Google Doc for flying-GIFS | Flying-GIFS of Boulder, Tumbler + Whirlpool | Art for Boulder, Tumbler, and Whirlpool

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Elisa Flame
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Insert Subject Here

These are the characters I could think of, in no particular order...


Connor (Detroit: Become Human) Holmes (Beyond: Two Souls) 

Norman Jayden (Heavy Rain) 

Dante (Devil May Cry)

Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy 7)

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)

Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy 7)

Zack Fair (Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7)

Sigma (Overwatch)

Chris Redfield (Resident Evil)

Ada Wong (Resident Evil)

Tamatoa (Moana)

Viggo Grimborn (Dragons: Race to the Edge)

Dagur (Dragons series)

River Song (Doctor Who)


I like a lot of video game characters. Like I could probably put the entire cast for FF7 remake as my favourites but I will behave. 



Image result for httyd when people say memes

Siggy faced the glitch and needs reconstructing (probably won't happen soon)

19 Fun Facts About How To Train Your Dragon

Speed Stinger gif recolour created by myself.


Image result for httyd gifsImage result for httyd gifs





My Character: (Image created by myself)

Viking Name: Elisa Flame


Still building siggy

























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Oh hey hi! Another rare

Oh hey hi! Another rare Jod,ie lover! 

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Co się dzieje

No particular order

Garff the Deathsong (HTTYD/RTTE) 

Heather (HTTYD/RTTE)


Isai (Aura Kingdom) 

Diao Chan (Aura Kingdom) 

Delfonia (Aura Kingdom) 

Arya (Inheritance)

Eragon (Inheritance)

The Whole Losers Club (It)

Harry Potter himself (Harry Potter)



​~If you want to fly, you must give up everything that weighs you down~



"Don't let the fear of falling prevent you from flying."

About me:

IGNs: IIVelocityyII (Great Heights),

 Velocitelia, Velocitelle, ComradeVelocityy (Limitless), WingsOfVelocity (The Pheonix Knights)

First Viking Start Date: 3~31~17

Former clans: Wings of Freedom, King of Empires, Swift Champions, Immortal Demonz, Spirit of Valhall


Division 1 Track & Field


Outdoor Season PRs (2018-2021)

Triple Jump: 32"11/10.033M (2020)

Long Jump: 17"2/5.23M (2020)

100M: 12.54 (1.8) (2018)

200M: 27.23 (0.2) (2018)

400M: 59.13 (2019)

Pole Vault: 13"1/3.98M (2021)


NCAA (2021-present) Outdoor PRS

Triple Jump: 36"4/11.0744M (2022)

Long Jump: 18"5/5.6134M (2022)

Pole Vault: 13"2/4.02M (2022)


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well here's my list of

well here's my list of favorites. (note this will be updated to have more of my favorites later) for now here's 22 of them


1. Mitch Williams (from Glitch Techs)

2. Shego (from Kim Possible)

3. Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom (from Danny Phantom)

4. Ford Pines (from Gravity Falls)

5. Dipper Pines (from Gravity Falls)

6. Bill Cipher (from Gravity Falls)

7. Angel (from Lilo and Stitch)

8. Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch)

9. Krel Tarron (from the Tales of Arcadia series)

10. Jim Lake Jr. (from the Tales of Arcadia series)

11. Claire Nunez (from the Tales of Arcadia series)

12. Nomura (from the Tales of Arcadia series)

13. NotEnrique (from the Tales of Arcadia series)

14. Douxie Casperan (from the Tales of Arcadia series)

15. Zahra (from Glitch Techs)

16. Miko Kubota (from Glitch Techs)

17. Rufus (from Kim Possible)

18. The Box Ghost (from Danny Phantom)

19. Cassandra (from Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure)

20. Zuko (from Avatar: the Last Airbender)

21. Dagur the Deranged (from HTTYD)

22. Viggo Grimborn (from HTTYD)


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Aussie the second
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Hmmm, fav characters? I like so many, but I'll just list my top favourites:


Tug: Rangers Apprentice

Bumper: Rangers Apprentice

Abelarde: Rangers Apprentice

Halt: Rangers Apprentice

Ebony: Rangers Apprentice

Shadow: Rangers Apprentice

Sable: Rangers Apprentice

Lydia: Brother Band

Kloof: Brother Band

Starflight: Wings of Fire

Quibli: Wings of Fire

Leoglas: Lord Of The Rings

Aragon: Lord Of The Rings (I prefer the name Strider)

Tauriel: Lord Of The Rings

Dart: Guess

Ruffrunner: Too hard?

Pouncer: I belive in you!

Toothless: Yes!  HTTYD!! 


Wow. Thats a lot more from Rangers Apprentice then I expected. I've never listed them like this before. C8






Gender: Female

Nationality: Australian

Hobbies: Gaming, reading, AFLW & mountain biking

Fav franchises: How To Train Your Dragon, Lord Of The Rings

Fav HTTYD dragon: Nightlights and Scuttleclaws

Religion: Christian

Clan: Limitless 

Fav colour: Purple & blue

Fav animal: Dragons, dogs and cats

Fav food: Chocolate, haystacks and more chocolate

Other games I play: Minecraft, Age of Empires and StarStable

Do your bit fighting the bugs in SoD!


Flashing lights below. Proceed with caution.



Just random other things:


Youtube Channel:

Furry paws (not active)

Time for a little art!














The end



Thank you LissaFish for the

idea of the SoD petition!


Thank you so much for making

the petition EmaraldHuntress65!


Credit goes to Angel Nerd

for the portrait of Aussie (my viking)


Thank you Chameishida for the pixel dragons!


The 'Skylar' and 'Fili' heads are done by Tigerli1y!!

Thanks again Tigeri1y for the pic of my Sandwing OC, Sabre! 

(also my profile pic)


The Nightlight portrait was done by lceyshadow! 


~ Thank you artist for all your time that you've

spent just to give a random stranger a little piece of art! ~




All right! Siggy over, now get out of here!! Shoo! (JK, come back whenever you want)


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*cracks knuckles*

I cannot list every favorite character from every show/movie/game/manga/book I've liked because this list would never end lol. :D


My list off the top of my head.


15. Callum (Dragon Prince)

14. Steve (Stranger Things)

13. Wolf (Kipo and the age of wonderbeasts)

12. Castiel and Jack (Supernatural)

11. Number 5 (Umbrella Academy)

10. Spiderman and Venom (Marvel)

9. Violet Evergarden

8. Misaki Ayuzawa (Maid Sama)

7. Mia (Princess Diaries)

6. Zuko (ATLA)

5. The Weasley Twins (Harry Potter)

4. Yuuri Katsuki, Yuri, and Viktor (Yuri On Ice!)

3. Sherlock Holmes

2. Merlin (BBC Merlin)

1. The Entire Karasuno Team (mainly Hinata) (Haikyuu!)~this is one of my favorite shows. :)


I basically have a soft spot for witty sarcastic characters and cinammon rolls.



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In no specific order:

- Doctor Strange (Marvel)
- Daenerys Targaryen (ASOIAF)
- Smaug (The Hobbit)
- Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
- Viggo Grimborn (HTTYD)
- Tamatoa (Moana)
- Windsinger (Flight Rising)
- King Ghidorah (Godzilla)
- Kyurem (Pokémon - to be more specific, in "Kyurem VS The Sword of Justice")
- Micah (She-ra Reboot)

I think they are all I can remember for now  XD

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Nightwatch ate my subject

HOOH.... I didn't expect you to put Six and Mono from LIttle Nightmares. It's so sad but amazing... *thumbs up*



credit to EmeraldHuntress65, TYSM my siggy is not as dull anymore thanks to you!


Hiya, yes my name is Candleshade. But please, I got soo used to it in game so call me Candle! Or Shade- lol

My Razorwhip Shadow is watching you.. so don't you dare invade!

(one of the most beautiful color edits by WoollyHowlEra!)

*Siggy is constantly under construction*4/24/21

by StormySavage

gif by ShimmerStrike

wonderful banner by AMAZIEing

banner-gif from EmeraldHuntress65 and StormySavage

Forum rank titles

Jarl, Forager, Wilderness Explorer, Viking Warrior, Dragon Trainer, Drott, Dragon Master, Chief, Berk's Power Player, Supreme Viking Champion (I FINALLY MADE IT!)


Just Some in-game Info about me..

Name: Candleshade(often called Candle)

Gender: Female

Birthday: January 17, age 16

Clan: Z War Clan, original founder of Candlight Warriors


Trophies: 1500 and counting!

Main Dragon: Nightwatch (Sand Wraith)


My Dragons:

1. Nightwatch (female Sand Wraith) Titan!

2. Grapevine (female Deadly Nadder)

3. Nev and Eah (female Hideous Zippleback)

4. Hailstorm (male Groncicle)

5. Ironheart (male Gronckle)

6. Defender (female Scuttleclaw)

7. Midknight (male Armorwing)

8. Stormfang (male Monstrous Nightmare)

9. Zecora (female Monstrous Nightmare)

10. Vespera (Female Monstrous Nightmare)

11. Fangstorm (male Monstrous Nightmare)

12. Lavaeater (male Eruptodon)

13. Starwave (male Thunderdrum)

14. Shadowglider/Shadow (female Razorwhip)

15. Galesplitter (male Whispering Death)

16. Skyla (female Triple Stryke)

17. Darius (male Elder Sentinel)

18. Dominus (male Singetail)

19. Agrippa (female Deathgripper)

20. Stalkar (male Hobgobbler)

21. Squibb (female Flame Whipper)

22. Syrah (female Death Song)

23. Skulmud (male Mudraker)

24. Daryn (male Eruptodon)

25. Neisti (female Skrill)

26. Myrkur (female Stormcutter) Titan! 

27. Dart (Night Light)

28. Toothless (Night Fury) 

29. Light Fury (Light Fury) 

30. Byrjun (male Snow Wraith)

31. Ligrera Jr. (female Woolly Howl) Titan! Stage reached on the first day of Snoggletog!

32. Kynsumar (male Typhoomerang)

33. Cahaya (female Flightmare) Titan! Born on the first Day of Dreadfall!

34. Tilviljun (male Boneknapper) Titan! 


Sure, some out of game info..

Gender: Still female.


Hogwarts house: Slytherin!! (though I think I can fit in any house..)

What about Ilvermorny?: Thunderbird

Greek godly parent: You'll probably find me in Cabin Three, the cabin of Poseidon :D

Favorite colors: So simple, yet so hard to answer. I like all colors, though I would say blue, purple, green, black, and white.. oh TEAL! (and it goes on.. -_-)

AND I AM ACE! maybe a soft spot for my gender?



Razorwhip Banner

Razorwhips Rule! By Dragonriders Fury :D

Little Flyhopper, Joyful Hackatoo, Playful Raincutter, Beautiful Slitherwing, 

Mighty Ridgesnipper, Ruby Crystal Sand Wraith, Derpy Abomibumble, Cute Thunderdrum, Interesting Windwalker, Unique Chillblaster, Titan Thunderbottom, and a Mysterious Dragon that looks like a Windstriker..

Credits to the epic Chameishida for making all these dragon pixels! TYSM!

Art by DyliehIdol :D

Proud Elder of Z War Clan (thanks again, StormySavage)


These adorable drawings of Nightwatch were made by the epic WoollyHowlEra! tysm, these are going to remain special :)

First color edit of Ligrera Jr. in armor by Frost Shards :)) Happy Early Snoggletog, I guess? EEEEEEE

adopted and currently unnamed NF- Triple Stryke by the amazing artist Chameishida

mmm... Looks like there's a very minty Triple Stryke ready for the holidays! Thanks Slargvarg!(not sure if Mintstinger is edible, but I'd go with no anyway.)

Scuttleclaw from the MBTI personality thread by AMAZIEing! Thanks Maz! *runs back to training*

Here's Aster, my Rare Red Owl baby that belongs in the Harry Potter fandom! Again, thanks Maz :)

These three edits of Nightwatch are also made by Frost Shards! :O

Here's Oceania, a Diving Nimblescale by Angel Nerd. Again, TYSMMM

Adopted at lightning speed- Ikran adoptable made by toothless0603!

Flighmare adoptable also by Toothless0603!

Still want more? Here ya go! Me & Nightwatch from Dreadfall Recent pic: Clanmate Dartly (left) and me (right), Ligera Jr broadwing Woolly in background Ligrera in hatchery older pic: our clan in the clubhouse! #thawfest2020 My stuffie! Is that an owl? Not sure, probably. Turn her into a dragon hehe! the start.... taming Nightwatch... NIGHWATCH YOU CUTIEPIE- sorry lol Nightwatch skydiving without her warpaint Boop. Ligera's already a Titan... XD



(Now you've reached the end of my siggy. If ya wanna stay, Toothless is here to entertain you. Bye!)

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Goes to show how recent it is

Goes to show how recent it is they (six at least) go from ??? spot to number one. They are my children.

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blue and blacksand
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Blacksand dipped the subject in chocolate and ate it...

Light fury from dragons

Moonwatcher from wings of fire

Crestfallen Warrior from dark souls

Aloy from horion zero dawn



there r more but i cant remember them right now.





Welcome To My Signature!


Hello, im Blue, but u can call me THE QUEEN OF SHADOWS or just simply Blue...



                    Coconut, my Howlain, is my Signature Guardian, and he can kill you with the power of cuteness!

                                                                       Made by Chameishida




                           My other Signature Guardian, the Elder Sentinel, his name is Guardian, and he is the Co-Guardian

                                                 He is too old to be up front, no one wants him to get hurt, but he wanted the job,

                       so he didn't get the up front job, but the Co-Guardian job, and did you know, he is 683 years old!

                                                                        Made by Chameishida



Just to let you know, I am NEVER EVER doing role plays EVER AGAIN

Some stuff about me!

(im a bit crazy, so im just telling you that im human, in case you didnt know...or maybe im a night fury, who knows XD)


Name: cant tell u (no, my name is not "cant tell u", thats just weird)


Fav animal: WOLF




Gender: female


Age: 12


Fav books: Wings of Fire, Pax


Fav movies:  How to Train your Dragon, Spirit, Encanto


Bugs and glitches that have happened to me so far in-game:


i get daily pink blobs in some maps,  also daily my dragons dissapear, (did i spell it right?) and you can't mount them,  also once when i was doing a quest to age up my teen Whispering Death, Sparksaw, i had her mounted and my finger pressed the "show avatar" button, but my viking didn't dissapear, my dragon did!  then i was sitting on nothing and i spun and couldn't control it!  the joystick wasn't working, so i had to reload the game, but when i got back the quest restarted.


Clan:  Ragged Furys



Banner by EmeraldHuntress65


psssssst! if you see me ingame, just chase me and shoot fireballs at me, and if i see you ingame, i'll prob do the same...



In-game Info:


Main viking: Fearlessbluedragontheloyal

Second viking: TheAmazingCrystalSky

Third viking: MayaDemHooman

Fourth viking: Falerok

Fifth viking: (just random letters imma write it down later)


Main dragon for first viking: black sand wraith, blueish/purplish woolly howl

Main dragon on second viking: purple flightmare, light blue groncicle, purple snafflefang, black skrill

Main dragon for third viking: (in hatching)

Main dragon for forth viking: black flightmare

Main dragon for fifth viking: green rumblehorn, red zippleback









I have a DeviantArt account!  My username is BlueandBlacksand, plz watch me :3




                                               Meet Coconut's friend, Valor, the Titan Gluespit!

                                                                    Made by Chameishida



My forever growing dragon family:


Strike Class

Frostflake-adult female woolly howl

(spot reserved for Woolby the Woolly Howl)

(spot reserved for CrimsonWolf the Woolly Howl)

(spot reserved for Icicle the Woolly Howl)

NocturnEx-adult male skrill

(spot reserved for Zapp the Skrill)

(spot reserved for Nyx the Night Light)

(spot reserved for Storm the Night Light)

(spot reserved for Cosmo the Night Light)


Sharp Class

Star-adult female stormcutter

Papercut-adult female razorwhip

(spot reserved for The Searing Seathsizzle the Razorwhip)

Pickle-adult male prickleboggle


Tidal Class

Blacksand-adult male sand wraith

Dream-adult female sand wraith

Ocean Star-adult female sand wraith(deseased)

BurntEmber-adult female sand wraith

Wave-adult male thunderdrum

Basil-teen female thunderdrum

Goldrush-baby male thunderdrum

Monster-baby male thunderdrum

Sonica-baby female thunderdrum

Electro-adult female shockjaw

Bubble-adult female shockjaw

Deathinator-adult male shockjaw

WaveStar- adult male shockjaw

Starglow-adult female windwalker


Tracker Class

      Dawnstar-adult female deadly nadder

Duskstar-teen female deadly nadder

Glorystar-baby female deadly nadder

Moonlight-baby female deadly

Ocean Star-adult female deadly nadder

Prism-baby male deadly nadder

Gum-adult female deadly nadder

Grechn-baby female deadly nadder

Indigo-baby female deadly nadder

Bullcrown-adult male rumblehorn(deseased)

Watermelon-adult female rumblehorn(deceased)


Stoker Class

Charcoal-adult male nightmare

Va-teen female nightmare

Shadow-baby male nightmare

Golden Fury-baby female nightmare

Diamond-teen female nightmare

Ignis-adult male nightmare

Venom-adult female flame whipper

Ash-teen male typhoomerang

(spot reserved for Boogles the Abonibumble)


Boulder Class

Plum-baby female gronckle

Mossy-baby male gronckle

Skittles-adult male gronckle

Klad-baby male gronckle

Coldvein-teen male groncicle

Iceberg-adult male groncicle

Sparksaw-adult female whispering death

Snuggly-adult male whispering death

Ella-baby female whispering death

Pendant-baby female whipsering death

Geode-adult female snafflefang

Heartkeep-teen female eruptodon

Broski- baby male eruptodon

Noodle-teen male grapple grounder

Sunstone-teen female shovelhelm

(eruptodon in hatching)

(eruptodon was literally in hatching for over a year)


Mystery Class

Glimmer-adult female flightmare

Ice-adult female flightmare

UltraViolet-adult female flightmare

IronTail-adult male armorwing

Bandit-adult male armorwing

Pinky-adult female armorwing

AirFire-adult female armorwing

Spark and Sparx-teen male/female* zippleback

Sugar and Spice-baby female zippleback

Dude and DJ-baby male zippleback

Red and Sus-baby male zippleback

Trixy and Trickster-baby female zippleback

Sweetclaw-adult male sweet death

NonToxic-adult female slitherwing

(spot reserved for Titan the Chimeragon)

(spot reserved for Nebula the Cavern Crasher)

(spot reserved for Bits and Bobbles the Ghastly Zapplejack)


*Spark is male and Sparx is female







My little pixel dragon army were made by Chameishida!  Beware!  THEY ARE READY FOR WARR! >:D



(yes, i know its not a corner just-uhhh...)







Snow the Night Fury by Dravas



Titan the Chimeragon by Dravas









Ekkar done by Toothless0603





Stardust done by Frost Shards







These two wonderful Ikran-Hybrids are made by the fantastic Toothless0603

Frostflake by DyliehIdol1214








The Guy XD by Joy_The_Terrier



Zephyr by toothless0603


want a skyfyre like this? its my fandragon! get one here:



Nyx the Brawler Stryke by ZestyDragonWing!





Blacksand by LissaFish


Blacksand by Tigerli1y



Blacksand by WoollyHowlEra

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There're a lot of Zukos

There're a lot of Zukos making it to anyone list. Honestly, Valid. He's pretty great.