Your favourite dragon

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So guys, I'm just wondering who is you favourite dragon? Mine is the WhisperingDeath :).


The power of the dragon rider

is coming from his bonding with his dragon,

 not from the dragon species.




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Don't tell Sharksneeze this but...


It's the Terrible Terror.




Name: Mudslide Bracken • Dragon: Sharksneeze (W. Death) • Clan: Sammenfiltrede • Code: 1D94D

Icon art by the amazing ShadowClawFC!              Also considering a clan chage.

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:D I won't ;).

:D I won't ;).

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The Flightmare and/or Boneknapper can't decide.


 Viking Name: Thoreus                    Clan: Glorison (Ex Leader)             Main Dragon: Meteorblast (Male Gronckle)

 Awsome art made by Primus04.

Favorite Dragons:Flightmare,Slithersong and Buffalord.      

Meteorblast and Thoreus by Syraza

                Meteorblast Made by Siren-Spirit                            Awesome art of Clayton by Sleepyraccoon                

HTTYD 3 Thoreus and Dad by Me


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Mine is the skrill, but with

Mine is the skrill, but with a different look.

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Night Fury!!!

Mine is the Night Fury!!! How could you say no to that cute little face!!! Toothless Love!!!





Viking: Azia 


Dragon: Flamehorn (Monsterous Nightmare)


Friend Code: ZUT16





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Monstrous nightmare is my

Monstrous nightmare is my fav!

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Whispering Death!

Since I have a really cool one! His name is King Spine. I really need to change my signature... But​​ I like the scauldron too. :)


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Nadders! They have lots of

Nadders! They have lots of cool talents.

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EDIT (since someone direct replied to my comment)

 after reading part of HTTYD book 10, I found my new fave dragon, the Silver Phantom. here are its stats and description.

The Silver Phantom is one of the breeds of Air Dragons.
The only known one is currently the riding-dragon of Hiccup's Mother, Valhallarama.
Appearances : How To Seize A Dragon's Jewel. 
Fear Factor - 10
Attack - 10
Speed- 10
Size - 10
Disobedience - 10
Some of the Air Dragons fly at such high altitudes that humans have never even seen them. A Silver Phantom is one such dragon: glimpsed very rarely at astonishingly high distances, these sorts of dragons are sometimes known as 'ghosts' and some people doubt they exist at all.
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  "Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, then it's not the end."
 -John Lennon         


      (Drawings of Ashley and Rashel By Pixel )                                                                                                                                                                     


( By Hattori )                                               My Main characters                                             

                                     Megan, Ashley, and Neoma                                      Ashley   ----  Rashel                                Ultra Violet                                                        


                      (By Nightmarerebuff)                        (Yes, I got the idea from other people, it is not my own idea.)                                      (by me)                                                                                            


                                                                                                                                                                    (By Defy)                                                 (By Defy)                                                                         


(Ashley Chibi by hattori )

 (Below by Frytha)

Alice Sorethon  Ashley Sorethon  Ethera Sorethon  Kent Sorethon  Maggie Sorethon 

Maybel Sorethon  Rashel Sorethon  Sage Sorethon  Samuel Sorethon  Iris (Kayline) Sorethon

(Above by Hattori )



  Age: 52

  Relationship Status: Married to Sarah

  Personality: Strong, Brave, caring, wants what’s best for his family, also a hard worker.

  Other: Chief of the Sorethon clan. 

Main Dragon: Gale

   Species: Skrill

   Personality: The chief of the Sorethon dragons, so strict, but caring



  Age: 50

  Relationship Status: Married to Cedrick

  Personality: Also known as “Mother Sorethon” Has all the best characteristics of a Mother. The Sorethon clan is very important to her.

Main Dragon: Venus

   Species: Gronckle

   Personality: Loving and caring



Age: 23

  Relationship Status: Married to Shadow

  Personality: Very competitive, a great warrior, uses brawn before brain in battle, but uses great battle tactics.

  Other: Spends most of the time in the training arena. Got expelled from school for murder.

Main Dragon: Comet

   Species: Monstrous Nightmare

   Personality: Stubborn, loves training.




Age: 19

  Relationship Status: Widow - Tragically lost her love

  Personality: Athletic, loving, caring, stands up for her friends always. Takes the lead, but is polite and respectful to others

  Other: Adopted by the Sorethon’s after her parents died. At that time Ashley was best friends with Rashel, and thought of the Sorethon’s of her “second family"

Main Dragon: Megan

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Loves speed flying and chicken eggs. Leader of Ashley’s dragons. Married to Sharpflame with 3 kids



Rashel (My Main Viking)

Age: 19

  Personality:  Loves and cares for everyone, very cheerful, loves art, a bit cautious, but loves exploring,

  Other: Job:  Crafts/Invents furniture and other housefly items

Main Dragon: Ultra Violet

   Species: Night Fury

   Personality: Loves to help, always at Rashel’s side. Not picky or stubborn, and has a great sense of humor and love



  Age: 12

  Personality: Loves to explore, draw, and hang out with friends.

Main Dragon: Mya

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Loves to have fun, and pretty protective of anyone that encounters Viky. Of coarse, with the exception of her friends.



  Age: 9

  Personality: Loves to map and create charts of the ocean. Can be a troublemaker at times.

  Other: Her parent’s were killed in a Dagur ambush, and was adopted by the Sorethons

Main Dragon: Anna

   Species: Thunderdrum

   Personality: Loves flying, never wants to touch the ground.



Age: 36

  Relationship Status:  Married - Married to Kate

  Personality: Very stubborn and strict, expects everyone to put forth their best

  Other: Is next in line to rule over the Sorethon Clan

Main Dragon: Der & Rick 

   Species: Zippleback

   Personality: Stubborn but a hard worker if they put their minds together




  Age: 34

  Relationship Status: Married -  Married to Samuel

  Personality: After she lost one of her twins daughters, she dedicated her life to the practice of healing

  Other: Head Healer of Sorethon dragons and vikings 

Main Dragon: Ericka

   Species: Hobblegrunt

   Personality: Helps everyone and loves everyone




  Age: 14

  Relationship Status:  Currently dating a recently found, long lost best friend, Iris Kayline

  Personality: Sensitive, loves to sketch and spend time outside in the woods, doesn’t try in school, and is a bit lazy

  Other: Spends a lot of time with Iris at the Isle of Night

Main Dragon: Dalin

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Lazy, but very alert and protective when it comes to caring for Kent



  Age: 12

  Personality: Born for pranking. Takes part in the Trouble Makers Clan, makes a great team with her twin sister.

  Other: Found her thought to be dead, twin sister and her chagewing, they got together and saw how great of a team they are. But Maybelle wanted to stay away from Berk, and stay back with her Changewing pack. 

Main Dragon: Kora

   Species: Thunderdrum 

   Personality: Really quiet and agile for a thunderdrum. Really good at pulling away Maybel from the scene of action.



  Age: 12

  Personality: Was very sick at birth, and was stolen by a Changewing, leaving everyone to think she died at birth. She was found by her twin Maybel and together makes great pranks. Only a few people know she’s alive. 

  Other: Lives on a classified island with the Changewings that raised her, stays invisible in Berk, never being seen, but in the few cases she has, she looks just like her twin.

Main Dragon: Marissa

   Species: Changewing

   Personality: Very caring, knew what was wrong with baby Maybelle and took her and raised her as her own.




  Age: 8

  Personality: Wants to be a grown up, tries her best to prove herself.

Main Dragon: Zac

   Species: Gronckle

   Personality: loves to play and explore with Maggie



  Age: 15

  Personality: Happy and outgoing, spends all her time exploring with her one and only adorable Nadder.

Main Dragon: Wyler

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Extremely adorable behavior, loves and obsesses over shiny things, the only way to draw him away is with brown trout. 


  Age: 13

  Personality: Dark and violent. Loves spending time in Whispering Death Tunnels. Prefers to be alone.

  Other: Very good at training Whispering Deaths

Main Dragon: Viper

   Species: Whispering Death   Personality: Stays and protects Sage


(Click dragon to view more about them)

Lillian Sorethon - Worgen Feral Druid - 110 -  Emerald Dream - <Emerald Dragon Riders>

 Helix - Heart of the Aspects --- Skyler - Twilight Drake --- Rusty - Bronze Drake --- Charcoal - Blake Drake

Jorus - Cobalt Netherwing Drake --- Malfas - Purple Netherwing Drake --- Onyxien - Onyx Netherwing Drake

Sauraku - Azure Netherwing Drake --- Voranaku -  Violet Netherwing Drake --- Zoya - Veridian Netherwing Drake 

Frostbite - Nexus Whelpling --- Ember - Crimson Whelpling --- DeathSpark - Infinite Whelpling --- Draco - Celestial Dragon

Blizzard - Albino Chimaeraling

Dragonqueens-Dragon Queen Sorethon







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Thanks for the answer guys!

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Jennifer Fire
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Awsome Teal banner by Asvald Veleif


"Why read words when you can just kill the stuff the words tell you stuff about" -Snotlout



Amazing gif by Nessie

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Good for you taht you can

Good for you that you can have your favorite dragon...

Not like me who can't...or others...

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I'm a Skrill person, but I

I'm a Skrill person, but I really like the Typhoomerang as well. And the Thunderdrum. :3


◄ R O W A N



◄ Voltage  Grumpy and temperamental Skrill. [Level 20

◄ Nimbus  Clumsy and enthused Night Fury. [Level 20] 

 Northwhisper  Well-meaning, trouble-making Woolly Howl. [Level 15



◄ Snaplash  The cuddly Whispering Death. [Level 20

 Mudsneeze   Mud-bathing Gronckle. [Level 20] 

◄ Smudge ♂  Eager-to-please Snafflefang. [Level 20] 

 Tempest  The cowardly Screaming Death. [Level 19

 Ulfric   The adventurous Groncicle. [Level 5] 

◄ Hunk ♂  Boastful and hot-headed Thunderpede. [Level 5] 



◄ Halfpitch  The cheerful, singing Thunderdrum. [Level 20] ►

◄ Riptide ♂ The mischevious Scauldron. [Level 20] 

 Chrome Fiercely loyal Sand Wraith. [Level 19] 

◄ Patch  The gentle Tide Glider. [Level 12] ►

◄ Sangha  Pranking master-mind Sliquifier. [Level 5] 



 Nettle  Food-loving Hobblegrunt. [Level 20

◄ Firedrake ♂  Insistant and energetic Typhoomerang. [Level 18] 

◄ Sunwatch  Maternal, protective Fireworm Queen. [Level 5] 

 Hotspot  The paranoid Singetail. [Level 5



 Alluna ♀  Shy and sweet-natured Flightmare. [Level 20] 

◄ Twist & Quibble ♀ Squabbling Hideous Zippleback. [Level 20] 

 Grimm ♀ The sock-stealing Boneknapper. [Level 17] 

◄ Echo  Haughty big sister Deathsong. [Level 14] 

◄ Nyroc ♂  Goofball little brother Deathsong. [Level 13] 

◄ Honeybite  The quiet, contemplative Sweet Death. [Level 5] 

◄ Lancelot ♂  Sleepy-eyed Armorwing. [Level 5] 



◄ Sif  Curious and easily-impressed Stormcutter. [Level 20

 Puddlestep ♂ The relaxed and laid-back Raincutter. [Level 20] 

◄ Sheerside ♂  Quick-thinking, clever Razorwhip. [Level 12] 

◄ Delta  Aggressive and excitable Speed Stinger. [Level 5] 



◄ Flashstrike  The clean-freak Deadly Nadder. [Level 10

 Hitch ♂ Proud and brawny Rumblehorn. [Level 5] 


•  S U P E R H U S B A N D S  •  R H A C K  •  K O R R A S A M I  •  T E N R O S E  •



----------==◘ ◘ ◘==----------

[tumblr] [deviantart]

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(There is a few here because

(There is a few here because I just can not pick)



Whispering Death


Terrible Terror

Deadly Nadder

Hideous Zippleback

Monstrous Nightmare

And the most liked of all





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 lol thays not a few that's a


lol thays not a few that's a lot XD

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I like Deadly Nadder

I like Deadly Nadder (especially with Stormfly look!), Night Fury and Skrill!









I don't know what to say here but





Anyway, I'll just give away my fandom list


Avatar (

The Legend of Zelda


Assassin's Creed

Harry Potter

Ryan Higa aka nigahiga


Pokémon (starting to, at least)

PS: Color represents my favorite character/class/type/whatever

and...that's it for now, I guess


Dynasty Warrior
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Hard to say actaully. Porbably Skrill :)



   The Originals- The Angel Phoenix's


♥Name: Skyelar

☻Dragon/name: Deadly Nadder: Emerald♀

♠Hobbies: Drawing, dancing, cheerleading, swimming, and singing

♥Age: 14

☻B-day: January 1st

♠Favortie candy: Chocolate (Duh, who doesn't like chocolate?) c:
♥Friend code: 1Llol (Don't be shy) c:

☻I'm very friendly, creative, fun, and always up for other players challenges. I always accept friend requests, but not clan requets(Sorry, my clan is my home clan.) I'm not always online, but I'm willing to meet yea any chance I get c:


Note: Signatures and Drawings NOT made by me, credit goes to my friends!


The "Angel Phoenix's" is an old clan I used to be on. This clan was never on here, but it was on another forum from another game that was popular. We had tough times throughout the clan, so we discontinued it. 








The Four Originals- The Angel Phoenix's

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my heart will always belong

my heart will always belong to the night fury


TygerLily (level 16 viking)

Title:  'Berk's Power Player'


Scensoredtorm (level 20 deadly nadder)








Follow me on Instagram :








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Jennifer Fire
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I have two favourite

I have two favourite dragons:

- The Deadly Nadder

- The terrible terror


 Image result for tarand war dragons

Comet and Treacle after an early morning flight. Made by the amazing Zikta.

My name in war dragons is CometsHoney and I am leader of HiveQueen. If you play feel free to message me :D (I have made an ingame SoD chat for us, so I can add you to it if you want :D)

Image result for hogwarts is my home

Comet (my first dragon) and Treaclerockett - made by Lovlytigerss.

Image result for arnold j rimmer quotes

Image result for happy dragon gif

All FW banners made by some of the oldest memebers (from about 3 years ago). Miss you all <3  

Image result for gryffindor gifImage result for harry potter dragon gif


Adoptables: (I have many of them, and am going to try and add them all back into my siggy, but when I do it can sometimes delete the rest of the stuff in here, so I will be doing it slowly.)


Amethyst my Vesupa. Made by Bavelly.

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My favorite dragonS are:

1. The Night Fury

2. Skrill

3. Typhoomerang *gets nudge* Don't worry, Sharpspine! You are still my favorite dragon.

4. Deadly Nadder (My Sharpspine is still número one, though)

5. Flightmare

The others I like too, but the dragon species above are still my MOST favorite!


Pins made by Nessie, found here
Apologies for the image-heavy sig!
Note: If images below fail to load at first, scroll the entire page (not my sig) up or down a bit, and the images should pop up.

   ~~Please PM me for my friend code if you want to add me~~

~~Stormwing (Stormcutter) Picture-TBA~~

~~Sunblaze (Fireworm Queen) Pic-TBA~~

Iceclaw+Iceclaw+Iceblaze+Icebreeze (Groncicles) Pic-TBA

Ambersong (Death Song) Pic-TBA

Silverwing (Razorwhip) Pic-TBA



In order of signature layout

Pins made by Nessie, found here

Star Sky picture by me

Green dragon page breaker gif found on second post of this topic

All dragon pictures by me

Star and Sharpspine Racing Banner by Jennifer Fire

TDR blue swish GIF by Nessie

TDR HTTYD 2 movie banner by Nessie

TCC Family Banners by unknown

All flaming lines in signature by Nessie

If you made something on my signature and I haven't credited you yet or I credited the wrong person,

please feel free to PM me about it!

 *rages* When is my signature ever going to finish loading ._. 


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Charlie is a Deadly Nadder so of course I like them!  After looking at some dragons that would actually stand still I noticed that Charlie moved more than other dragons, but after a short time they'd be running away. But so far I think they do move a lot. Also there's an airplane called a Deadly Nadder. I also like how the plumes move, maybe to indicate mood?


This account is ded

I'm not acitve here any more, but you can find me on dA (nochtliproductions) and Discord (tomaytotomahto#8945). If you see me online it's a fluke.

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Deadly Nadder

 I love Nadders i mean there adorable, they are beautiful and dangerous like me XD JK But anyways i have a deadly nadder she is level 11 and has the sweetest heart out there :) i wouldnt give her up even for a night fury or skrill. Her name is Sparklyspikes and she has pink skin with a green stomach and blue spikes but soon i will be changing her to a sparkly silver and gold so it matches her name better. Love you Sparklyspikes! :) <3

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be in






to be 




so take












and Fly with me





My Screenies ^

My Vikings and Dragons info page ^



Im going to hidewhen they add changewings and go spend my money XD       



They are the best dragons <3<3   


Sorry for the picture problem I am going to fix it soon


Planned dragons

Female Scouldren- Named Sky- light blue and white and maybe some grey

Male rumblehorn - orange with purple and brown- named Bramble 

Male maybe female flightmare - Lumus - white, light,light blue and yellow





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Subject *sings*

For me it's the Deadly Nadder. Mostly because it's beautiful while also dangerous. Not to mention that now they are in the Tracker class so you'd never have to worry about people sneaking up on you?


Isn't that right, Skywing? *cuddles* Anyway, my favorite is the Deadly Nadder all the way!

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Whispering Death Rules!!

Whispering Death is my favaorite.'Shira growls at me'. Alright, Deadly Nadder are also my favaorite.


                   Name: Faithho aka Faith


                                            Level 20


             Dragon: Shira(Deadly Nadder)


                          Level 20


  Dragon: Dian and Huo(Hideous Zippleback)


               Level 7



              Name: AletheaChung(my friend gave it)

                                                       Leader of Need For Wings
       Dragon: Icy Flames (Monstrous Nightmare)
               Level 11
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I lost my subject :(

The Razorwhip! I'm actually really surprised NO-ONE's favourote dragon was the Razorwhip, though you guys actually picked some pretty cool dragons.


Here's a longer more detailed version of my signature. If you're interested, you can look through it which you will undoubtedly cringe through. Happy Cringefest.

Discord Tag: deadinside#7483

I haven't been on here for quite a while, hopefully I'll get the chance to do so when I'm less busy, so Discord is the best chance you have in the extremely unlikely case you wish to speak to me. 

Here's some art, if you would like to view it. Thanks to all the amazing artists who drew these for me, mainly because I'm as artistically talented as a dead slug. Also idk what it looks like anymore, and how gushy i got trying to thank the artists or something so be prepared to cringe your faces off.

I will respond to PMs. I like doing that. But I simply prefer Discord because it takes what- two seconds to send a message? And there's no CAPTCHA. CAPCHA is my mortal enemy. I wish its creator nothing but pain and misery and suffering.

And a small thanks to all the people I have befriended on here. You guys are nothing less than absolutely awesome and have always made my day a teeny bit better. Except you, Liky. You suck. Uwu.

Thanks VicZarSky for creating my favourite night lights. (I never quite liked Dart).



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Pouncer the night light, no

Pouncer the night light, no question. I mean COME ON my profile picture is pouncer so


Hello! Welcome to my signiture! 


Name: JadeeBug13 (yes its the same on the game, deal with it)

Rank: 1 and a half Platnium stars (On my way to 2 stars!)

Clan: Loyal elder to the Berkian Dragon Protectors!!! (Invite only clan for those who are interested in joining)

Closest Friend: Rosemeralda and Norbutt Norston

Friend Code: G47G4C

Favorite Dragon: Pouncer the Night Light and Ruffrunner the Night Light (currently have both in adult form)

Dragon Count: I've got 46 dragons currently.

Trophie Count: 3710 (and still going up thanks to racing)

Favorite Event: Snoggletog!!!!


Angry Light Fury GIF - Angry LightFury Httyd - Discover & Share GIFs | How  to train dragon, How to train your dragon, How train your dragon

DO NOT anger the light fury! She's my signiture protector (with fish in the deal for her of course and currently has the day off)




My adopted Night Light, Snowblaze! Art credit goes to DyliehIdol1214, thanks tons!!!



Banner for my clan. Credit goes to Emlaisse, thanks again!




Favorite books: Oh god where do i start? I'm for Wings of Fire by Tui Sutherland all the time (Favorite character: Qibli, Favorite book: Darkstalker Legends, least favorite character: Whirlpool most likely, least favorite book: Um...idk their all good), I absolutely love the Percy Jackson Franchise (Favorite book series: Heroes of Olympus, favorite book: The Blood of Olympus is pretty good, Favorite Character: Annabeth!, least favorite book: Hmm...the Lost Hero was kinda slow, least favorite character: Gaea probably) by Rick Riordan and Warriors (Favorite book: The Darkest Hour, favorite character: Firestar!, least favorite book: No least favorite, cause they were all good, least favorite character: Tigerstar, 100%) by Erin Hunter.




Anything in the..

Greek (Favorite God: Artemis, favorite hero: Medea, least favorite god: Aphrodite, least favorite hero: Jason), Norse (Favorite God: Freya, favorite hero: oh god idk, least favorite god: still determining..., least favorite hero: idk), Egyptian (favorite God: Probably Anubis or Isis, favorite hero: um...not a lot of heroes in Egyptian Mythology, least favorite god: Set, 100%, least favorite hero: again, not a lot of heroes in these myths), Roman (favorite god: Diana (Artemis in Greek), favorite hero: ehhhhh still deciding, least favorite god: Juno (Hera in Greek), least favorite hero: determining...) and the Chinese Book Journey to the West (favorite god: SUN WUKONG, favorite hero: Sun Wukong (not a lot of heroes in this book particularly), least favorite god: Jade Emperor, least favorite hero: Pigsy.)



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Amphibia!                              The Owl house!                   And Lego Monkie Kid!




Currently under construction, sorry for any problems! (Also a few signiture problems that need to be worked out, sorry!)

Newest dragon: Viper, my Slitherwing




~~~~HAPPY SUMMER!!!~~~~

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Wings of fire related

Out of plain curiosity, does anybody read Wings of Fire?