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YOU BLOODY SHMUKS!!!! I SEND A MESSAGE FOR CANCELING MEMBERSHIP AT AND NOTHING!!! YESTERDAY "I" GOT ANOTHER 500 GEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND GUESS WHAT,MY 7 EUROS WERE USED!!!!! CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP!!!!I just saw tha i made a misake for sending the message,i sent you a new one,that shows witch mail i used,so please cancel my membership.


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Wow they really want money...

Wow they really want money... Luckly you can use those 500 gems! :D





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When did you send them the

When did you send them the message? It usually takes 3-5 days for them to process mails via support, according to my experience, so it could have been that you notified them too late and they did not have a chance to cancel it. 


There's a common misconception around here that School of Dragons is /trying/ to scam you out of your money -- and it's not. I mean, by no means is the support system flawless and it could have been a fault on their behalf, but it was probably a mistake, if anything. 

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You guys are pretty

You guys are pretty dumbfounded now aren't you.

They pretty have lots of messages and other things to work out on this website, along with their own lives to attend to so you have to be patient. And if you sent a message requesting membership a day before it resets they probably wont do it; I know I wouldn't :D 


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They probably didn't even

They probably didn't even have a chance to read the email. I doubt they even saw the email.


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