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I was in Tunder Run and how surprised I was I´m racing against Timberjack?! I wasn´t fast enough to take a screenshot because of the counting, but at least I got this:

I am so angry at those hackers!!! But it seems like this person didn´t succeed in the timberhack, cause he couldn´t even race.


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The next day, I decided to go with Pluto for some fresh air. We were just flying freely in the clouds, but Pluto started to be thirsty, so we landed near a river. ,,Take your time Pluto, we´ll have a little break, so you can catch some fresh fish if you´re hungry." In the meantime, I took a walk past the river. Suddenly, I found an abandoned egg! I hurried to save the egg, because it looked like it´ll be drowned in the river if I don´t catch it! ,,Oh my, I´m glad I found you! It would have ended badly for you if you´d rolled all the way down to the river! Why are you here? And all alone?! I´ll take care of you from now on...But wait, I need to show you to Hiccup! I´m not sure, your color is a bit strange, but..can you be...?" I whistled to Pluto and we returned to Berk. I found Hiccup and showed him the egg. It really was a Terrible Terror egg! I couldn´t believe it. I decided to raise him. I had some struggles with it, but Hiccup helped me.

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Hey! I remember racing you a

Hey! I remember racing you a couple of times! :)

Although I feel like I am cheating everytime I use power-ups. >.<

Sorry. :/


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Oh really? Hi xD but

Oh really? Hi xD but power-ups are something different (although I don´t use them very often, it somehow distracts me while racing because you need to click on them with mouse....I only use one or two sometimes when I really can´t stand all that tricks or shooting xD) so you don´t need to be sorry cause you´re not making any harm to the game and you´re not being disrespectful towards the game creators (unlike hackers) :)

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Ugh more? And now they are in

Ugh more? And now they are in TR? This is very annoying...



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Yea. I also raced someone on a timberjack in thunder drum. They started early but left as soon as th ecount down ended and even though then I was racing no on. Then a the end i tried it said I won but I didnt get any trophies.


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*sigh* :(




Sirenemoon (not verified)

Send all your cheater/hacker proof to the admins in a pm.  They will get it faster that way.