Yak farts are flammable.

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Flaming yak fart





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RIP Wings of Royalty, You will be missed







Bouncy Nadder and WoR banners created by Rae

   Bouncy Whisper created by me

   Bouncy Scauldron created by me

    Banner and Gronckle created by Kaz

    Bouncy Toothless and Sparkle chickens created by me

    Grapple Grounder made by SleepyRaccoon

    Bee bouncy nade by OwlyDragons

   Warriors of Royalty banner by: aprikoze





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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....!!! OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!!! NICE ONE CHALK! *coughs* *falls to the ground laughing*

ahahahahhhhaah! XD





E X P L O D A N T O R -





- 10/09/2013Great Heights, Bandito Gang [1/5 Leaders] Clash Of The Clans Champion 2016; 2019 Thunder Run Racer -



(cr: Sigyn Strykana SilverWillowWing)


(photo edit of the event by ElectroShadow / LieutenantWiFi)


- Ninjago -



(cr: to the talented creators on Pinterest for these inspirational & wholesome edits <3)

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*whistles for ThunderOwl, hops on, flies to farm, gives yaks beans, commands dragon to spit fire, and enjoys the show*



Viking: Lunar Vixen

Clan: None

Main Dragon: Echo (Stormcutter/Male) 

Secondary Dragon: Toxic (Deadly Nadder/Female)

Alt. main: Eclipse (Nightstinger/Male)

My Website: https://beacons.page/lunarvixen


do not steal anything from this signature!!!





1. Echo = A large stormcutter, slightly bigger then Cloudjumper.  He is very strong and fast for his species. He is very loyal to his rider. He has a bit of an attitude, and doesnt show much emotion. He is a big sweetheart but finds showing it off to be embarassing. He is only goofy acting and silly when alone with his rider or Toxic. 

2. Toxic = my oldest and longest owning dragon.  She is more playful than even stormfly...and thats saying a lot.  She is just about as competitive and trains hard.  She is quite smart and very quick on her feet.  She is a great tracker and loves to take long, nighttime flights.  


3. Blackout = a rather bad boy character... well he tries to be. He is really quite lovable, but tries to be tough and brutal. He is very standoffish and doesn’t trust people easily. He mostly runs from them and will attack if they follow. He is wild at heart, but sometimes let’s his rider take him for a spin... but be careful of being zapped.


4. Eclipse = (a nightfury/speed stinger mix). despite being a fearsome dragon species, he is extremely playful and loves to be petted. His personality has two sides to it, the playful friendly side for his friends and children, then the deadly protective side when anyone is in danger. He has a slight fear of thunderstorms and prefers to be inside during them. He loves the rain, but not during thunder. He has all of the abilities of a nightfury and a speed stinger.

6. Nightwhisper = a female nightlight whom performs medical opperations in battle. She saves injured animals and gets them to safety.  She is very intellegent, wild, and creative.  She loves to draw on the ground and will get mad at you if you step on them.  If you try to get on her back she will buck you off, she hates being ridden by most people.  She loves to fly alone and do tricks in the sky. Whisper is mostly nocturnal, but will go out at daytime. She is the second generation daughter of Toothless and the Lightfury.  She is very rebellious, but loves her family dearly. She is very cat like but is as loyal as a dog.

7. Lucian = he is a lightfury/sandwraith/changewing hybrid.  His main firepower is a strong acid that can even go through metal.  He also has very weak plasma blasts.  He can turn invisible, swim well, and buries under the sand. He is overall very lazy and loves to just lay around and soak up the sun.  He will only attack if provoked.  He is overall quite friendly with humans, but can be a bit territorial.  He does often shed his skin to keep himself fresh and new.  He is a bit of a prankster when he wants to be.  He loves to also float in the water. If you wish to find him, walk along a beach during the day and you will prob find him there!


8. Caspian = night whisper's mate. He is an aquatic lightfury whom prefers swimming over flying. He is large for his breed and brave. He is also a bit wreckless and silly. 

9. Whirlpool = a scauldron whom loves to swim and help fisherman catch fish. He is very friendly and outgoing for his species. 

10. Frostflight = a very lonely lightfury. she lives a life of solitude and is too skeptical to let anyone into her life. Everyone she loved either died or abandoned her. She gets lonely often and spends her time drawing in the dirty, hanging out with animals, or climbing. 

11. Scorpio = a stubborn hard headed dragon made after the Scorpio astrology sign. He is everything that they are. 

12. Ghost = the son of Caspian and Nightwhisper. He is moreso a lightfury then a nightfury.  He has all of the abilities of a lightfury and can swim well like his father.

13. Adler = Toxic's mate. He is very hot headed, but kind and tempered around Toxic. He likes to always be in charge, and gets grumpy if he isnt. However, he makes a great leader when in charge. 


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The subject? I've sent it off, I know not where.



That's all I can say. But seriously, lol! xD


you can call me geek | she/her | est | local tax eater | discord: dm me for it



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Jajajajaja, good one *cries of laugh*





Thanks to Nessie for the gifs :)




Thanks to Nessie again for this banners :)



Here are my awesome dragons in birthday orther)

(Thanks to nessie for the name pictures XD)

(Im colombian, that´s why I put a "y" in my zippleback´s name but it means "and")

The next 2 banners were made by me, because Nessie teached me:


Im a proud member of the School of dragons anti-hacking team





Thanks to Nessie for the banner and thanks to Xelku9 for the class icons in devian art :)


Now lets play a game for little kids!!!!!... or for bored people XD...


Find the difference!!! can you find the difference between these two banners?

(If you dont wanna play, at least see the awesome banners!!!!!)


Yesssss!!!!! banner number 1 has two shields, while banner number 2 has four!!!!!


Thanks to Nessie again for the banners!!!!


Description of the banners: here you can see the colombian flag with a mesage and the shields in the corners are the colombian shield!!!!




Thanks to Nessie for this two banners, she is the best!!!!!



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(passes out from lack of oxygen)

OMG, that is priceless! XD








"There are many forms of crazy, it lives in all of us; but it's how and where our craziness comes from that determines whether we shift from crazy to insane..." ~ Dragonlover48


Hey, I'm Emma the Artistic! Don't mind the paint stains and soot-covered face, they're normal...


(Special moments from me and my dragons)

"If being crazy means having a good idea in a room full of bad ones, then sure, call me crazy: I actually kind of like it!"~ Emma the Artistic

"I could light the world with my fire, but I'd rather watch you try and do it yourself. Less work for me, more learning opprotunities for you." ~ Peony

"Before you can learn courage, you have to learn about fear. Any other order, and courage just wouldn't make sense." ~ Spindleheart

"It takes strength to fly, dear cousin, but it takes grace to float!" ~ Crysanthemum



My character:


Emma Strongarmor

Titals: Emma the Artistic, Emma the Insane

Age: 15 (almost 16)

Gender: Female


Long golden brown hair, tied back into a tight ponytail, with large hazel eyes and long eyelashes. Her skin is tanned, and almost always stained with soot, paint, or gunpowder. Out in public, she wears a pink t-shirt with an armored fur skirt and brown fuzzy boots, and has a surplus of satchels and belt pouches, along with a battered black helmet with curled horns. When working, she wears a leather apron with her hair tied into a bun and a white tunic with leather breeches under it. Has a black tattoo shaped like a celtic knot on her left collar bone.


One part genius, two parts mad scientist, and all artistic curiousity, Emma is nothing if not interesting. When she was little, she had a fascination with how dragons breathed fire, even when they were attacking the village. When her parents were killed in the Red Death attack, it only served to stoke the fires of her inventive mind, leading her to invent near impossible machines so to better defend her home and everyone she holds dear. Unfortunately, Emma is also a bit of a pyromaniac, and has a dangerous attraction to explosives. This causes her Fellow Berkians to give her a wide berth, and ultimately leads her to isolate herself entirely from the village. She wants to be accepted for who she is, and not ridiculed for creative impulsives she cannot always control.

Abilities: Swordsman, scientific genius and stratagist, dragon trainer, always keeps explosives on hand.


Try reading my fan fiction: Toothless' Kingdom!


                                         Please comment, I'd really like to hear what you guys think!

Bouncies by Hattori!

My dragons, Peony and Spindleheart!

Name: Peony

Breed: Monstrous Nightmare (Southern)

Age: Broadwing

Level: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Chocolate brown, with Hot-Pink details and a pale pink underbelly. Has a small scar at the end of her tail from Dagur the Deranged's axe.


Was born on the Island of Crete, but escaped when Drago Bludvist took her flock. Eventually made her way to Berk, where she was captured and put in the Academy. Emma was the only one who could get through to her, after one of Hiccup's attempts at training her went wrong. Ever since, the two have been like sisters. She is hot tempered, stubborn, and ferocious, giving her a rotten reputation amoung the villagers, but she also hides a nuturing and over-protective maternal instinct when it comes to her rider and her adoptive "Nephew", Spindle. She and Nina Haddock's Deadly Nadder, Darrien, have a competitive friendship, but she distrusts any other dragon or rider, especialy Stormfly and Astrid. She also has a grudge against Hiccup, but she'll follow his orders when they make sense.

Abilities: Copy-Cat fighting, glowing pink patterns, the usual bursting into flames

Status: Warrior of her small flock

Hiccup attempting to train Peony in the Arena. Peony: "Not happening, Twig Arms..."

(Edit by Sephira)

Name: Spindleheart, though often just Spindle

Breed: Whispering Death

Age: Shortwing

Level: 12

Gender: Male


Stormy gray scales, with turquoise spines and a sunset orange underbelly. Wears a set of headgear that resembles goggles.


Was found underneath Berk as an egg, along with two other eggs. Hiccup, knowing Emma had little to no fear of Whispering Deaths, entrusted one of the eggs to her, after much reassurance that she'd take good care of it. Spindle's personality is shy, sweet, and adorably awkward, with little to no social skills. He often has trouble speaking to the other Whispers he was found with, and is deathly afraid of Hiccup's new Whisper, Shredder. Not knowing any other family, he maintains a stubborn belief that Emma is his mother and Peony his aunt (though he can't really say her name right, so he always calls her "Auntie PeeNee"), even as he discovers his past and lineage. Being slightly more sensitive to sunlight than most, Emma made him a pair of tinted goggles so he can fly during the day. He's an overachiever, and always gets depressed at his poor racing skills, but excells at target and shooting games, thank's to Peony's patient training.

Abilities: Spine-Shot, Tail-Whip, Drilling, very good swimmer

Status: Scout of his small flock


Name: (coming soon)

Asian dragon by Glacecia!


Hong Taiyang (紅太陽), or "Red Sun"

This dragon is very proud, strict, ordered, and often acts like a bit of a snob... okay, maybe a lot of a snob. But he's also very willing to learn, and knows how to read and understand several languages. He enjoys watching things be created, and loves the structure of the scientific process. He will sometimes give you a message written in a foreign language and watch intently while ou try to puzzle out the translation.

Oriental Serpentfang by NightmareRebuff!



Cold and emotionless, Deathknight is a sadistic maniac who makes Dagur look like Sigmund Freud. He doesn’t care about anyone or anything except inflicting suffering and sustaining his own existence. He’s become a bit of a boogeyman: a nightmarish creature that stalks the deep forests in winter, toying with it’s prey, then ripping it to shreds or dragging it back to it’s lair to kill slowly and painfully. It’s hard to believe such a vicious dragon could have a shred of honor, but he does. If someone manages to defeat him in battle, Deathknight actually won’t attack that person/dragon again if they venture into his territory, but don’t expect him not to destroy you if you try and take him on a second time…

Speed Stalker by NightmareRebuff & goldenfury360


All things not School of Dragons:



I'm a serious Bookworm

Series I love: Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, Warriors, the How to Train Your Dragon books, Wings of Fire, The Lunar Chronicles, the Temeraire books, the Inheritance Cycle, Harry Potter, The Beka Cooper Trilogy, Bliss, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, The Last American Vampire, The Dresden Files... bascily, any fantasy novel I can get my hands on XD.


Favorite shows:

Agents of Sheild

Gravity Falls

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Legend of Korra

Once Upon a Time

Transformers Prime

House of Anubis



Blue Bloods

X-men: Evolution


Musicians I idolize (I sing a lot):


Imagine Dragons

One Republic

American Authors

The Script

Matt and Kim

Maroon 5

Flourence + The Machines



My biggest fandom of all time (to date) is:




(but I can't play it... DX)





To Be Continued...

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Aerodactyl at my subject.WHY DO MY POKEMON DO THAT

*My shiny charizard is behind a yak* *the yak farts* Charizard: *smells the fart* "What is that smell??" "FIRE!!!!!!!" *faints


Mystery the night fury by tildenwolfgirllBrambletail the nadder


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Ohh...now I know how hiccup

Ohh...now I know how hiccup made his flaming sword LOL


"I'm sorry, the old noble can't come to the phone right now.


Oh, cause she's dead."

Currently known as Azulean

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA(falls on flor)HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

                                               =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D


                                                   WELCOME TO MY SIGGY!

You may call me Esp, DragonRiver, or Sommer.

My in-game name is Lsara


                                                                     My dragons:


Name: Opal

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blue with green

Personality: Like a mother to my other dragons.

Type: Monsterous Nightmare

History: I walked into the hatchery. There were so many eggs to choose from! Gobber had said a Gronkle, but they just didn't feel right. A Nadder was okay. But Zipplebacks loved to fight, and I couldn't handle that. I came around a corner and saw the Nightmare nest. On the edge of it was a shiny, blue egg. That was the one. I carefully picked it up and carried it over to the lava pool. I dropped it in and waited. It didn't take long for a pedestal to rise from the lava with the egg on it. The egg cracked, and then burst open. In the center of the shells was a tiny blue nad green dragon. It looked at me, and I knew I had chosen the right egg. "Your name will be Opal." I whispered.


Name: Glacier

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dark teal with lighter teal

Personality: A bit evil, sinister.

Type: Whispering Death

History: "Well this is creepy." I said. My Nightmare, Opal, let out a soft roar and blasted out a bit of flame to light the tunnel up ahead. We were in the Whispering Death tunnels because Hiccup had wanted us to check them out for anything. We turned a corner and came to a lake. A real underground lake with a waterfall, and fish leaping from the murky water. We stopped to get a fish and were about to go back up when I saw a box with an Outcast crest on it. "What's this? What do you think, Opal?" I asked the blue and green dragon. "We could take one back to show Hiccup." I said to myself. I picked up a teal egg and hopped on Opals back. We flew out of the tunnels and showed Hiccup. "Hmm. Outcast crest, you say? I'll look into it. Hey, maybe you can keep the egg?" "Really?" I asked Hiccup. "Sure. it needs a home with a good dragon trainer." He said. "Oh wow!" I raced to the hatchery and put the egg in lava. I watched it crack and a dark teal head poked out. "What will your name be, little girl?" I asked. The baby looked up at me and bared its teeth. "Haha, you're an angry dragon aren't you? How about....Glacier?" I said. "Yes. your name will be Glacier."



Name: Evergreen

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark green with lighter green

Personality: Angry all the time. Likes to follow Glacier.

Type: Whispering Death

History: "We'll get someone for you to be with, Glacier!" I said. One of the other Whispering Death eggs hadn't been taken by anyone when Hiccup put them in the store. I had taken the egg and was now hopping around the lava pool as I waited for the egg to hatch. Glacier seemed..Tolarant of my antics. "Oh! It's hatching!" I said. I looked at the egg as it broke open. A small green head snapped out and growled at me. "Woah, boy. Calm down. Must be a Whispering Death thing, huh?" I said to the dark green dragon glaring at me. "How about your name be.....Green? No. Way to simple. Evergreen!" I said. "Hello Evergreen."



Name: Sasha

Gender: Female

Appearance: Red with purple

Personality: Cheerful, but, as with all Storm Cutters, proud.

Type: Storm Cutter

History: I rushed to the traders shop. Storm Cutter eggs had just come in! I ran in. "Hey there! Do you have any Storm Cutter eggs left?" I asked. "Well there is one. No one wanted it so I was going to put it back where I found it." Trader Johhan said to me. "Oh no! I'll take the egg." I said. "Ok. I'm glad someone wanted it." He handed me a purple and red egg. I took it and ran outside. I rushed to the hatchery and put it in the lava. I watched as a tiny red and purple head covered in frills came out. "You are one lovely girl!" I said softly as the Storm Cutter ruffled its four wings. "Hmm. Sunset? No. You don't have those colors. What will be your name then? Ooo! Sasha?" I said. The baby almost seemed to nod its head. "Ok, Sasha. Welcome to the world!"



Name: Lilac

Gender: Female

Appearance: Light purple with dark purple belly

Personality: A prankster that will do anything to get metal. 

Type: Smothering Smoke Breath

History: "I'll never get one, I guess." I said sadly to Sasha as I watched a Smoke Breath fly over me. I had always wanted one, but I was a few gems short. The Storm Cutter looked at me sympathetically. "There are so few ways to get gems." I said to myself. I turned away and walked toward my house. I opened the door, went up-staires, and got it bed. I soon fell asleep. The next day, Hiccup had a job for me. "I need you to get these things for me. I can pay you gems for it!" Hiccup said to me. I looked at the list. Gems! That was just what I needed! "Ok Hiccup!" I snached the list and ran off. I took the entire day to find the things needed, but I finally got them all. "Thanks. Here you go!" Hiccup handed me a pouch of gems. "Thank you so much!" I said. I ran off yet again. This time it was to the store. "Here are the gems." I handed the gems to trader Johhan. I flew to the hatchery and put the egg in lava. Smoke filled the room and I looked down at a pale purple baby. "Lilac!" I blurted out. It seem right. "Your name will be Lilac. You like that, right?"



Name: Orca

Gender: Female

Appearance: Black with white belly and spots

Personality: Friendly, LOUD.

Type: Thunderdrum

History: "What do you think I'll get out of it?" I asked my dragons as they crowded around me. I had saved enough gems to get an egg box and I was about to open it. I slowly lifted the lid and looked inside. A crackling pale blue egg was inside. "A Thunderdrum!" I said. I lifted it up and carried it inside the hatchery. I put it in the Tidal Class hatching place. It was a pool of warm water. I looked on as the crackling surface of the egg broke open and a black and white head popped out and sent and gentle sonic blast playfully into my face. "Nice to see you too." I said, laughing. "How about we call you Orca?" I asked the baby. She sent another blast into my face. "Ha! Orca it it then!"


Name: Sila

Gender: Female

Appearance: White with light teal fins and barb

Personality: Fierce, but has a small soft side. Is very lonely, because her pack abandoned her.

Type: Speedstinger

History: "What? There is no way an entire pack of Speedstingers could be here without us knowing." I told Hiccup. "It's true, Lsara. I saw something around here that looked like a Speedstinger, so there must be a pack." He replied. "I need you to look for it." I stared at him. "And where should I go first?" I asked. "Try around caves, and places for them to get food. Near a fishing pool." He told me. "Ugh! Fine. But if I don't find anything then I get to tell you "I told you so."" And then I got on Sasha and flew toward the nearest cave I knew about. But the longer I looked around it, the more it felt wrong. "I can't think today. Of course Speedstingers would go to a place where no one could find them so easily." I scolded myself. Sasha nodded. "Okay. Lead the way to the place you want to go." I sighed as I got on the Storm Cutter. She shot in the air and headed towards the icy glaciers that were at the very far side of Icestorm Island. "And why didn't I think of this?" I asked Sasha as I looked around. There was an overhang, and a pool of fish. Perfect for a pack of dragons, no matter if they were flightless. Sasha curled up to sleep. And then I heard a growl. A white Speedstinger was standing on a ledge above me. I slowly started creeping towards it. I looked around for signs of a pack. A small pile of fish there, scrapes in the ice for nests here. But no sign of any other Speedstingers. "Uh..Hi there." I said. The Speedstinger roared, but didn't move. "W-why are you all alone here girl?" I asked, mostly to myself. When I said this, the Speedstinger made something that sounded almost like a whimper, and flattened her crest down, something that was a sign of peace. "Why don't you have a pack?" I kept talking in a soothing voice as I slowly inched closer and closer. And then I was right next to it. It made another soft growl, but didn't stop me as I reached out to touch it. I ran my hand along her back, and watched her. "Sila." I whispered. The Speedstingers head shot up, and she looked at me. "Could I name you Sila?" I asked. She narrowed her eyes and growled. I backed away, sensing it was time to go. I woke up Sasha and started to get on her. I heard something behind me, and saw the Speedstinger had walked right up to me. She seemed lonely, but not sure what do. "Y-you can come, Sila." I told her. And then I started walking back. She followed.



Name: Tsunami and Typhoon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blue with sea green belly and gray-blue details.

Personality: Typhoon likes to fight a lot, and is rather hot-headed. Tsunami is more polite, but is really still the same.

Type: Hideous Zippleback

History: "Wonder what we'll get this time. Another Thunderdrum?" I asked my dragons. I had yet another egg box on the table, and was ready to open it. "Okay..Ready!" I lifted the lid. A blue and gray egg was there. "A Zippleback!" I cried. I had never liked Zipplebacks. They were always fighting. "Well, I will love it anyway. Come on." I carried the egg to the hatchery and popped it in the lava. "I hope it will be nice." I said to myself. It cracked open. A blue, blue-gray, and sea green Zippleback was there. They were already tangled in one another. I sighed, but I already kind of liked them. "Okay. I have the feeling you might fight. So something fierce. And you have the colors of the ocean, or maybe sky, so that helps. What though?" I wondered out loud. "Well. You will be Typhoon." I said, pointing to the head that was snapping at the other. "And...You could be...Wave? Just no. Ooo! Storm?! Nah. Wait, didn't Hiccup tell me about those...Storms at sea once? They were big waves-Tsunami!" I shouted to the more quite looking head. Not quite by much, anyway. "I'm alread having fun with you guys." I said.


My OC's


Coming Soon!


I am against hacking!!!





  I am leader of the clan SkyLeapers!


Clan banners/home page is coming soon!




Nice of you to make it to the end!

I will give you a cookie as a gift!








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I think my favorite's lunch

Taco Bell... never again


Um I kinda wanted to try this?: http://pfq.me/Nadderstrike