Xeno's story (my sand wraith's back story) part 2

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this is the back story of my very first sand wraith that i have had for over 3 years now, all shown in screen shots i edited.



find the rest of it on my profile.






The mysterious man and the deadly nadder take off with xeno still inside the cage.



The man and the nadder appear to take him to unknown lands and soon travell into a dark cave.


Now inside the caves the nadder swoops and twists through many tunnels that seemed to never end. until they came to a sudden stop.



Infront of them stoof a larger cage and they threw xeno in before closing the cell doors behind them. 


Xeno had no way out, and so...he lived for many years in these deep dark caves.




Xeno, now a fully grown sand wraith at the age of 13. Still lived in this very cage he was put in many years ago. Through these years he had been used to fight and capture other dragons under the power of the dragon hunters/trappers.




When one day when xeno was resting in his cage a loud crashing sound awoke him. then moments later a louder crashing sound filled the caves. and  before xeno could even realize it, an explosion occured just outside his cell. opening a hole into it.



Xeno now stood staring into the hole in the wall, he hadn't been free in so long, he didn't know how to react at a chance of escape.


Me and xeno!