Wrek it Ralph 2

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Im so excited about wreck it Ralph 2 coming out iin theatres! I may be old but no one's to old for disney. Anyone else excited about this? I mean there on the internet, I cant wait for all the funfunny references.


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Cheesecake and Chill.

I'm a huge Disney Animation fan, but I must admit, the fact that they are constantly promoting the Disney Princesses cameo is making me nervous.


I mean, they are only going to be in the movie for seven minutes (or so) and we've seen whole scenes of them. And yet we have yet to even see Felix and Calhoun, who apparently have major roles in the movie.


I'm still on the fence for this one.

I just hope the movie will have more substance than a cameo with the princesses. 



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Disney is pretty good at

Disney is pretty good at keeping stuff hidden so I wouldn't worry. I mean they haven't had a big flop since the wild. I mean cars 3 wasn't that good, but yet... It wasn't that bad. I'm also anxious to see what there going to do with toy story 4. I don't think they have ever done a fourth movie before. But there movies still seem pretty good when it comes to sequels even if it's straight to DVD//vhs. 

That princess part is hilarious. Also love the part with the bunny and kitten video game . ^_^

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do you know what was funny about the trailer

You know what was funny about the trailer when the rabbit seemed to say what is happening, that is too much pancake!


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i laughed for hours

Yes, I thought that was funny too, I laughed for hours.

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November 21

The movie is coming out of November 21 this year right?


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True, November 21 is it.

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sleep party

It's nice that all princesses are together and woohoo sleep party.





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I also like that they are all together and certainly a slumber party.

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I am also excited, they are

I am also excited, they are going to break the Internet and no one is too old to watch disney :)


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