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Lately when I've be playing the Wrath of Stormheart expansion I've encountered a game breaking glitch. It happens during the Trouble with Lumie mission. I'm able to swim but when I go to refill my oxygen in the clams the button to exit the clam is gone. Can you please fix this? I don't like leaving things unfinished. I have the iOS version of the game. I play the game on my iPad Air.



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It's a known issue.

It's a known issue. Supoosedly, they're working on a fix. My suggestion is to keep swimming as far as you can, then relog as typically the game saves a checkpoint everytime you hit a quest marker (you hit a quest marker each time you stop and you see gears spinning. I could be wrong, though.

If that doesn't work, your only option is to wait it out and move onto something else while the devs fix it.


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Same Problem

I had the same problem, and the solution GamerkidYT described is what worked for me.

I hope you get past the problematic point!


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subject disappeared like the deathsong armour

Hey folks!!

  Yeaaa lotsa topic on this issue at the moment heheh. But yep GamerkidYT's fix seemed to work for others in completing the expansion!

Here's the link to the other threads and also the fix that should appear soon!




TLDR: The fix should hopefully come in the next update ^^

  Cheers, hope this helps

   Tin :)


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