Wrath of Stormheart: Consecutive glitching across all devices

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Joined: 08/29/2015

So, I started playing on my laptop (windows) and, on the Impossible Island, Fishlegs was in the middle of the water and the Leviathan is swimming around. (See the 'Fishlegs goes for a swim' thread)


I downloaded SoD on my iPad and tried it there. Fishlegs and the Leviathan were outside on the left coast, as per the quest, but the following quest- where you follow Snotlout to Stormheart- is glitching across both of these devices.

On the Laptop, the Stormheart ship is there, but no sign of Dagur's ship.

On the iPad, there is nothing there but the quest arrow, pointing me to a sea of nothingness.

(As I medium, I also downloaded the game directly from this site, but that didn't work either.)


Anybody else experiencing these problems?