Worst SoD Support Ever!

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I've seen better "Forgot Usernames" support like Animal Jam but I never seen a support like this. I emailed SoD like 2-3 times and still no replies. My question for them was that I forgot my username and they won't replied back. I am tired of these customer support. I message an SoD admin but they won't replied either.

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I feel you

I have been trying to reach them for over a year about a glitch I have on my second viking, and still no response..





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They're pretty good at what

They're pretty good at what they do :P




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yeah ? and what are they

yeah ? and what are they doing ? not helping us, that's for sure



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Yeah,so annoying...

Yeah,so annoying...


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yea I've been trying for

yea I've been trying for almost two weeks to fix a glitch that isn't taking my payments for gems and won't let me even try a different payment method. And now my dragons are spinning around like that car in the pic above. Let's see if they can fix this glitch anytime soon. I can't even play right now

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Guys send one, only one, long

Guys send one, only one, long message about your problem. It works greatly when you have proof of the problem.


*Construction noises*

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Aww man, I came here

Aww man, I came here expecting a Simpsons joke. Oh well.


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