Worst Customer Service Ever

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I have played many games over the years, but this game takes the cake for the worst support.


I have two ongoing problems and I can't find anyone that is willing to work with me fixing it.


My first problem is that my child's farm is missing well over half of the animals and items that were paid for with gems I bought using REAL money. I've submitted multiple requests for help even directly to moderators, and all they do is about a month after submitting it, respond saying they are "sending it on" to someone else - who I never hear from! (2 months now!)


I am now unable to log into the Parental Controls and have tried numerous times to reset my password - but I can't even get an automated email! (Yes, I've checked my spam folder, its empty). I've finally sent an email to "customer support" time will tell if they will get back with me.


I couldn't even cancel the subscription myself - I had to contact support to get that canceled - I've NEVER seen a game where the customer has no control over their own subscription!


However, when it comes to taking your money, they're right on top of it! I immediately received an automated email confirming the moneny I spent to buy some gems for my child.

I definitely would NOT recommend this game, and we're about to walk away from it and find something better with a company who VALUES it's CUSTOMERS.

I am NOT a happy customer!

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calm down they do care about

calm down they do care about you. but now there is a little problem more important called the hackers. they wont awnser right after you send them a message. it could take some time to fix everything

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Hackers have absolutely nothing to do with customer support. Developers are the ones who are supposedly dealing with them. Admins are the ones working on customer support. Now, I don't know if they're slacking off, or just understaffed, but they are barely doing ANYTHING to improve the situation.


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I am not sure if am just lucky, but I have actually found the admins being quite helpful and active lately. Sometimes even prompt. But they cannot help with everything and they cannot magic things to go faster.



True, there is a lot wrong with how things are run in this game - membership management is really shocking. 

But I believe that they are working to the best of their abilities and resources. Try contact the admins via Private Message on the forum  - their names are Brynjolf and Siren.


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As I said before, I have

As I said before, I have contacted those two and nothing has been done. I've even sent a message directly to "customer support" and have yet to receive anything other than an automated message from the system.


But wow, do those "come spend money in our game" emails keep rolling in! They're all too happy to take your money - but make you a happy/satisfied customer? That's asking FAR too much!


Honestly none of it would be so bad, if I at least had SOME communication from customer support/tech help. but I have received NOTHING, and half the time I don't even get an automated message. How anyone can expect to keep customers treating them this way, I have NO idea, but eventually they're going to make more people mad than happy. MAYBE then, they will wise up and LISTEN to customers and DO something!


Sad part about it is, that it's my child that is suffering due to the negligence on the game operator's side. All my child wants to do is play a game and enjoy it, but when half the purchased items go missing, and the gems I've purchased are "spent" but no new character slots are opened, some of that joy is lost.