Worst Annoying glitch

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When I join game and it pop up and said "crate new Viking" but I already have my old Viking what the! I can't get in Viking... 






Skrill is my most fav :)


Im Main an Strike Class!


My First Dragon is Skrill his name is TalonClaw and he is titan :)

(Name from Inspector Gadget 2015 and he like purple lol)




Credit by: OutsiderBlack

Credit by: Orcawave101


Phantom Shadow & Lord :) ROAR!




Credit Artis: Wutend Bonfire (Titan Skrill)


Credit Artis: Nessie (TalonClaw Gif ^_^)




Edit credit: Frytha (I love it!)



Credit Drawing: ScarfyWings (Talon and baby Skrill)

Drawing credit: Vanilia Viking (Tysm I love it!)




Credit Drawing: Umbreon027 (omg I love it!)


Dragon Skrill Gif







This is Rainbow Skrill and his name is Rainbow :)



Rainbow Skrill! (Credit Artist: Chameishida)


(This is Maxwell my Oc)


Artist Credit: Zikta (TYSM I LOVE IT)



Talon and the Skrill (credit: Lilystark)(TYSM!)


Credit Artist: FireFlash (OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH TYSM ;-;)

(Talon as Titan Skrill Artist Credit: TosiLohi)

Credit Artist: Madoka Miyazono (Moon The Light Fury!)

Credit Artist: Fireflash (I love it!)

Credit Artist: ImDerpySheylaYT (Love it!)

Credit Artist: RedHoodJason (wow)

Base Credit: ??? (New Oc YinYang)

Credit Artist: ZestyDragonWing (LOOK GOOD!)

Credit Artist: ImDerpySheylaYT (Ricky the Mirage Fury)

(This is Male Light Fury His name is Drake)

(This Is Male Light Fury His Name Is Eclipse) 

(Eclipse Headshot Artist Credit: Kaydejesus)

(David The Nightlight Artist Credit: StellaMontague)




Credit Artist: Dyliehldo1214 (Thx u! And this is spike)


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Hello! Sorry to hear this, have you tried login out and clearing your browser and unity cache before login in once again? Do let us know. Thank you! 

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I have that glitch too!! I'm using the mobile version. I also can't find the expansion in the store!




SoD and mainly art Instagram account, this is not my private account https://www.instagram.com/everinthenightfury/?hl=en


Name: UntamedPhoenix

Age: Unknown

Eye colour: Golden fiery yellow

Hair colour: Blonde

Favourite Dragon(s): Windwalker, Woolly Howl and Razorwhip

Clan: The Phantom Lords

Position in clan: Member

Most known place of sighting: Hobblegrunt Island 

Personality: Bubbly, fun to be around, defensive of my pack, loyal and mysterious.

Stuff I do in my free time: Climb the silver white trees on hobble, banter around with the pack and fly with my second in command. Idk if she wants me to write her name XD


Main Dragons:


DuneDancer and Carmen (both titan Sandwraiths)

Nightfleck and Blossom (both titan Razorwhips)

Angel of Light (Woolly Howl)

(I couldn't be asked to write down all my dragons as I have too many lol)