Won't let me create new viking

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Hi. I bought a new viking slot and I went to create my viking and when I try to choose a name it says either this name is already taken or there was an error loading this account try again later please. I have had really bad luck with new vikings the last one I bought I never recieved. So now I am down almost 2000 gems because of faulty vikings. I have been trying to solve the first problem with the missing viking and I have been waiting almost 3 weeks for the tech team to reply to me. I have called Jumstart about this and they are no help either. Can anyone out there help me with my problem? If so please help me.




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Clean your Unity Cache browser . Then take a name that nobody have .  Your problem  will be done.



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Contact Brynjolf if you

Contact Brynjolf if you havent already because he is the school of dragons admin.

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Hello Flashwing, are you

Hello Flashwing, are you still having trouble starting a new viking?