Wont let me assign my 2nd dragon to a stable

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I was under the impression that you had two stables to begin with.  I have a zippleback and then I hatched a monstrous nightmare, but it is stuck in the hatching spot.  I wont let me assign either of my dragons a stable.  It keeps telling me I dont have any available stables and wanting me to purchase one.  So my nightmare is just sitting there useless.

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Not neccisarily! I know of an

Not neccisarily! I know of an AMAZINGLY useful glitch when I hatched my first fireworm queen. Here's what you do: Go to any location (Berk or something like that) and click on your dragon's picture in the top left, when the list opens up quickly click from one dragon to the other one you just hatched. If your quick enough, you can make the dragon that does not have a stable active. I raised my first Fireworm Queen to adult size without it even having a stable! PM me if you have any more questions


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