Wolf's Nitpicks & Ambitious Wishes!

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just a post about my nitpicks, and ambitous wishes. i dont expect most of this stuff to be added or fixed but theres no harm in just mentioning them.

• Fixed eyes on dragons (& farm animals) that don’t blink for no reason or are glitched
• Tactics vs mode
• Private party race mode code/ friend list based
• Un ignore friends options
• Player blocking that prevents them from seeing & talking to you in game
• New music for maps, race corses, and mini games
• More skin and saddle options for older dragons lacking them
• Correct bone stormer class skin
• Allow selling unwanted items (maybe for less than shop price if that’s what you want to do) either via shop or maybe auction island
• More environmental sound effects: birds, crickets, walking in shallow water, through grass , on wood ect
• Clan hideouts cause why not
• For those who have completed events a limited shop where you can by limited items with extra event currency (maybe run by Ruff & tuff) eg. glow potions
• An overhauled and improved farm because it deserves it
• Put Armour wings on armour wing island
• Return of alchemy adventure because it’s died being a separate app.
• Berserker island (how have we not gotten it yet)
• Non main cast dragon amour for deadly nadder, nightmare, zippleback, and gronckle. Have them be customisable like hobgobbler amour

• day/night cycle for most maps & islands

• changing weather on some islands: rain, snow, sunny, cloudy, foggy ect
• give lab heather a new model
• place windshear on top of lab roof if completed call of the deathsong
As said above this is just my abitious wishlist, but it would neat if some of it happened in one way or another. feel free to add onto this if you like. i might add more later idk.

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saddles pls

More skin and saddle options for older dragons lacking them


^ this! there's so many good dragons without even basic saddles :( I know it's not that important of a feature but I really like them.


I'm also shocked that there's still no skrill hero skin?



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Lightning thought the subject was trying to attack me... RIP
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I agree with all that! They

I agree with all that!

They also need to fix the Seastormer's eyes, because it doesn't have pupils. (At least mine does, and it looks po.sse.ssed.)


And definitely agree with fully blocking someone from seeing you.

This girl pretty much befriended my friends to get to me, and I found it unsettling.

Plus she followed me everywhere, so blocking her from seeing me would be perfect!

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