The Winter Rider: chapter Twenty: King of the Dragons

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Hello again fellow dragon riders, & welcome to the newest chapter of The Winter Rider! :D  After a slight delay, working on other writings projects & such, I was finally able to finish this chapter for you all!  So sit back & enjoy.  I hope you all love chapter twenty of The Winter Rider, King of the Dragons! :D  Remember to leave nice comments!  Every nice comment & praise keeps me writing! :D  And here are the other chapter's to the story if you haven't read them yet:



"Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end."

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Life is gray & dull, & all i see is dark,

stay by my side & i'll be there no matter what,

though the snow falls faster, & the wind blows louder still,

i'll be there by you're side, to blow away the chill.

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Winter can be unforgiving

Hard, evil, and cold.

But if you stay with me,

I promise you'll never be alone.

~Poem by me for Pearl & Snowdust





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Pearl looked inside & gasped.  Sitting there in plain view, was her father's map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hands &.  She scanned it, her grip shaking h .  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

~Quote from my fanfic, The Winter Rider



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"It was vicious, relentless, and impossible to see in the white out. The Snow Wraith."

~Gobber translating Gothi's text


"This dragon has notoriously poor eyesight and uses thermal censors to locate its prey.

It camouflages itself in the snow because if it can't see you, it doesn't want you to see it!"

~Dragons: Rise of Berk





"Snow Wraiths have no known vulnerabilities, making them 

supremely formidable force to be rekoned with during battle."






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Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

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Donut reply! XD

A sweet soothing melody drifted through the air, filling the entire cavern with song.  Pearl smiled absently to it.  What a wonderful little melody.  It was the sweet harmony of a flute, with high, yet slow & calming notes.  The flute music reminded her faintly of birds that always sang outside her bedroom window, only better.  It made her miss home all the more.  Pearl closed her eyes & began to hum along with the music.  “Hmm hm hmm hm hmm hm.”  The hymn was so comforting to her, she momentarily forgot where she was or what she was doing, & lost herself in a world of thoughts & the wonderful melody.  However, a familiar baying sound awoke her from her momentary daydream.  She jerked forward, a bit startled, & glanced to her right.  Snowdust shuffled along at her side, her head turned to study her adopted mother.  She tilted her head slightly to the other side, letting out a confused gurgling murmur.  “Huh?  Oh, sorry Snowdust, I kind of forgot where I was for a second.  I was just….. thinking, that’s all.  Wow, its usually you who’s the absentminded one girl.”  She playfully scratched the soft spot below Snowdust’s chin.  Since their conversation with Shielle, the Winter Rider, Pearl & her friends had spent three refreshing days in her dragon sanctuary, rejuvenating for their long ride back to Berk.  It had to have been the most relaxing three days of Pearl’s life.  Not only was everyone in a good mood, but they were finally eating good food again.  Even the dragons seemed a little plumper then before.  Pearl shook her head to clear it.  Wait a second, what was she going to do again?  Wow, she was out of it.  All this laying around had really taken its toll on her usually organized mind.  Let’s see….. oh, thats it!  Pearl suddenly remembered what she had set out to do in the first place.  She clicked her tongue to get Snowdust’s attention.  “Come on girl, lets keep going.  I wanted to get a bath in before we have to leave.”

The pair continued their leisurely stroll down a wide gravely path.  A few minutes later, they came to a large gap in the ice that opened into the main area of the sanctuary.  It was warm & humid, as usual, which gave a slow, lazy sort of air to the room.  Pearl didn’t feel like flying Snowdust down to the shoreline, so instead they followed the twisting path that wound down somewhat that way.  Pearl gazed absently around as she walked.  Maybe she could spot her friends.  Perched up high on one of the many ledges, close to the path she was on now, sat Carl & Zander, with Carl sprawled out over his dragon’s side.  From their unnatural positions she guessed the two had fallen asleep.  It didn’t surprise her though.  They had all been catching up on sleep ever since they decided to stay, so It wasn’t uncommon to find one of her friends asleep.  She could spot a few of her other friends as she & Snowdust plodded down the path to the water.  Henry was swimming in the shallows with Windhurtle, laughing as his Thunderdrum splashed wave after wave of water on him.  Ida & Water Phoenix were no where to be found, but Pearl could just make out Robin’s small form & Cackatoo’s colorful pelt on the far side of the cavern, strolling through the fruit trees.  Pearl smiled to herself.  “Ahhh, its so peaceful.  Sometimes I wish it could be this way more often.  It would be much better then disagreeing all the time.”  Snowdust sneezed out a cloud of snow in agreement.  Her friends had been pretty overworked during their search for Shielle.  It was good to see them unwind, at least for a short time.  By now the gravel path had ended.  To her left was a steep rocky slope that slanted right down to the shore.  Pearl stopped in front of it.  “Well, I guess this is our stop.  Come on Snowdust, this way!”
Pearl half climbed, half slid down the steep incline next to the path.  When she was close enough to jump, Pearl leapt off the rock she had been standing on & landed with a plop in a pile of warm golden sand.  She dusted the golden dust from her pants.  “Wow!  Now that was a climb, wasn’t it Snowdust?”  However, poor Snowdust was still figuring out how to climb down.  But Pearl was too busy looking around to notice.  It seemed that where ever she went, she was able to find a new part of the Sanctuary she hadn’t known about before.  Instead of being connected to the shore like the rest of the beach was, this part was separated from it by a huge boulder that had fallen from the cliff years ago.  A few yards away from her spot on the beach lapped the lazy blue water, & just beyond, Pearl could see & hear the great rushing of one of the crystal waterfalls that dotted the cavern.  “Alright Snowdust, I think this is the place!”  She turned just in time to witness Snowdust tumble down the incline & land in a large pile of sand.  Pearl laughed.  “And here I thought you tried to avoid taking bathes.”  Snowdust sniffed, annoyed, & shook off the golden dust.  “Its alright girl. you can wash it off in the water.  Without me trying to cover you in soap.”  She walked over & pat her dragon on the head playfully.  She then reached into her dragon’s saddle bag, & pulled out a bar of soap, made from yak fat & an assortment of other things, along with a comb & a grey linen cloth.  “But before you jump in, lets take off your saddle first.”  If there’s one thing Snowdust loved, it was getting her saddle taken off.  Even now she pranced anxiously from wing to wing as Pearl knelt down & tried to unstrap the leather saddle.  “Hold still.”  Pearl muttered through clenched teeth.  “Only one more strap…….got it!  Hey!”  As soon as she had the last strap undone, Snowdust barreled forward, bowling Pearl clean over!
A huge “splash!” followed.  Pearl stumbled back to her feet, laughing.  Snowdust floundered around in the water, trying to swim, before gaining her balance just enough to shoot her mother an adorable smile.  “Oh Snowdust, what am I gonna do with you?”  Pearl scooped up her stuff, now scattered all over the beach, & walked up to the water.  Snowdust bayed happily & flicked her tail, spraying water over her face.  She laughed.  “Alright Snowdust, thats enough.  You go play.  I’ll be right here if you need me.”  Her Snow Wraith frowned a bit, but swam out a little farther anyway, if not to give her rider some space.  Pearl set her things down in the sand next to her.  This bath was going to feel so good after weeks of not being able to wash.  She glanced to her right, then left.  She didn’t want anyone to witness her bathing.  The huge rock slab that separated this part of the beach from the rest would act as a barrier between her & anyone flying by.  On the other, towered a huge cliff of ice & moss that the waterfall gushed out of.  From her position beside the rock, no one would be able to see her in her little cove.  Perfect.  Pearl slipped off her shoes, then her wool socks.  She dipped a toe into the water.  Then the other.  Then she submerged her feet fully in the crystal blue water.  The water was warm, & felt good on her swollen feet.  “Ahh.”  Pearl sighed to herself.  “This is just right.”  “Hello Pearl Garmadon!”  Pearl jumped.  “Wha!  Who is that?”  She glanced upward.  Perched on top of the large rock sat Shielle, flute in hand, with Jubilee, her blind magenta Windgnasher at her side.  “I am sorry to startle you.” Shielle apologized.  “I was playing some music when I noticed you heading down here.  I thought I’d join you, if you don’t mind of course.”
“No no, your fine.  Have a seat.”  Shielle smiled.  “Thank you, you are most kind.”  She hooked her staff around Jubilee’s neck, who lowered her rider gracefully down onto the beach.  “You know.”  She commented as she slid down next to Pearl.  “I have never met anyone in my entire life quite like you & your friends Pearl Garmadon.”  “Well, were not exactly what you would call average vikings.  & as I’ve said, its just Pearl.”  Shielle nodded.  “Oh, yes, I apologize.  Well, your friends seem…. interesting.  They all seem very nice. Well, everyone except that auburn haired girl.  Wait, which one is Carl again?”  Pearl laughed.  “Carl is my best friend.  He’s the one who rides the Sweet Wraith.”  “Ahh you are right, he is the skinny one with the annoying smile, am I right?”  Pearl laughed even harder.  “Well, thats one way you could put it.”  Shielle leaned back against a rock & fingered the wooden flute in her hands.  “I am sorry if I said something offensive.  I am not very accustomed to talking with other vikings.  For as long as I can remember it had only been me & the dragons.  And, well, dragons are much harder to offend then people.”  Pearl glanced down at the wooden flute her friend was holding. “Hey, is that your flute?”  Shielle looked down at the flute in her hands, as if for the first time.  “Oh, yes, yes It is.  It was my mother’s, or I think it was.  You see, I used to have a normal father, & a normal mother.  I don’t remember them well, but I know I did.  My mother would play this very flute to me every night when I was little.”  Pearl bit her lip nervously.  She had a good idea of what was coming.  “Well, what happened to them?”  Shielle looked down, a far away look crossing her eyes.  “My village were healers.  They weren’t normal vikings; they preferred not to fight others.  They were a peaceful, loving tribe, at least to other vikings.  At least from what i’ve been told.  However, some people thought otherwise.  All I can remember of what happened is smoke & fire & shouting everywhere.  I assume marauders came & burnt my village down, but I was so young I don’t remember why.”
She pulled back her fluffy white hood to show a faint scar running from her cheekbone all the way down her neck.   “I was hurt when I fled from my village.  Bumbles, my adopted father, rescued me in the forest close by.  I wouldn’t have survived the night if he hadn’t saved me.”  Pearl looked away.  She didn’t exactly know what to say. Instead she gazed into the deep blue water.  It lapped lazily at her dirty ankles & threatened to dampen her pants.  “Um, I’m sorry about your parents.”  She finally answered.  Shielle pulled her hood back up to hide the scar.  “It is alright Pearl G- I mean Pearl.  It was not your fault.  In a way, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.  If my village had not burnt down & Bumbles had not rescued me, I might have never been able to rescue & save as many dragons as this.”  Pearl glanced over at the center of the Sanctuary as she spoke, where many of Shielle’s rescued dragons flew.  “You helped all of them?”  She shrugged.  “Not all of them.  Some of them were already here, under Bumble’s care.  Others I rescued.  Some just came of their own free will.”  Jubilee bent her head downward between the two as she spoke.  Shielle smiled & stroked her long pale nasal horn.  “But all of them are my friends.  No matter what species, healthy or injured, they are all equal & each deserve the same amount of tender loving care.”  Pearl nodded.  “I agree.”  Shielle stared out over the water.  “You are very strange to me Pearl.  You are unlike anyone I’ve ever met before.”  “Well, as I’ve said, me & my friends aren’t exactly your average vikings.”  “Yes so you’ve said.  I’ve been watching you closely these past three days.”  Pearl stiffened.  She had been watching them?  “And you are not like most vikings.  Most i’ve seen chase each other about, weapons & teeth bared.  But you, you care for your dragons.  Your kind to each other, & you actually seem to share a bond with them.  How is that so?”
Pearl smiled & glanced back to where Snowdust was still trying to swim.  “Well, we didn’t always get along with dragons.  Our chief discovered we don’t need to fight dragons after he trained one of his own.  We’ve all been friends ever since.”  Shielle seemed to think deeply about what she just said.  “Is your chief much like you & your friends?”  “Yes, almost everyone on Berk is.”  Shielle sat silently for a few moments.  “You know how I told you why I couldn’t meet your chief?”  “Yes.”  “Well, that wasn’t the only reason I stayed up here all this time.”  Pearl stood up.  “Really?  Then what is it?”  Shielle’s eyes twinkled mysteriously.  “Meet me at the base of the sanctuary & you’ll see.”
“Alright, explain to me why we’re waiting here again?”  Ida sighed.  “Seriously Carl, can’t you remember anything?  Pearl told us Shielle wanted us to meet her here so she could show us something.”  Carl yawned.  “Are you sure about this Pearl?  I mean, do you trust her enough to show us this, ‘secret’ of hers?  What if its a trap?”  Pearl shook her head.  “I doubt it.  Shielle seems to trust us a lot to show us this secret of hers.  From our conversation, she didn’t sound like she was lying at all.  In fact, she doesn’t seem like the lying type to me.  She seems genuine enough.”  Henry seemed a little on edge as well.  “I sure hope your right Pearl.  At least we have our dragons in case of an emergency.”  He reached down & pat Windhurtle firmly on the back as he spoke.  Robin threw her arms around Cackatoo’s chubby neck, who rumbled & laid her colorful blue head on top of her rider’s.  “I sure hope so.  I don’t know what I’d do if something bad happened.”  Ida snorted.  “You’d probably end up running away.”  “Shh!  Shielle’s coming!”  Just as Pearl spoke, a shadow crossed over the group of riders.  Shielle’s Windgnasher, Bumbles, soared high over their heads & landed heavily on a protruding ice spire just above them.  “Hello!”  Shielle chirped from atop his back.  She slid down the ice spire & landed gracefully in front of them.  
“Thank you all for coming.  I hope it wasn’t too inconvenient.”  Ida grumbled a bit, but didn’t say a word.  Pearl smiled.  “We wouldn’t miss it.”  Shielle smiled.  “I’m glad.  I can assure you this won’t be a waste of your time.  Come with me.  & you might want to leave your dragons behind.  They can’t follow where we’re going.”  Pearl looked over at her friends.  They all glanced nervously at their dragons.  Shielle seemed to sense their nervousness.  “There is no need to be worried, I promise.”  Pearl nodded.  She trusted her.  “Its alright guys.  Come on, lets go.”  They all shot worried looks at each other, but her friends reluctantly left their dragons to follow Shielle.  Pearl walked forward to follow, but was stopped when something lurched forward & grabbed her pant leg.  She whirled around to look down at Snowdust.  Snowdust stared up at her, her face resembling a scared puppy dog that had been left out in the rain, her eyes big & saddening.  Pearl sighed.  “Snowdust, I need you to stay here with the other dragons until I come back, okay?”  Snowdust’s eyes widened.  She whimpered & tugged harder at Pearl’s pant leg.  She seemed to be pleading “Please don’t go!  I need you!  Please!”  Pearl sighed.  She reached down & stroked her rough scaly head.  “Its alright girl, don’t worry.  I’ll be back in a few minutes.  You can manage for that long without me.  Just make sure all the other dragons keep in order, alright?”  Snowdust whimpered & tried to look as pathetic & innocent as possible, but in the end she just sniffed & let go of Pearl’s now slobber drenched pants.  “Thats a good girl.  I promise i’ll be back soon.”  She gave her dragon one last affectionate scratch before standing up & dashing after her fellow riders.  As she caught up with them, Shielle, flanked by Bumbles, led them across the swishing grass to the giant icy pillar that held up the entire Sanctuary.  
It was huge & incredibly wide, so wide it would be a hike just to go all the way around.  “Wonder where she’s taking us.”  Carl whispered in her ear.  Pearl shrugged.  “Don’t know.  But it must be close, otherwise we wouldn’t be walking there.”  Shielle led them straight up to the side of the giant pillar & stopped in front of it.  She glanced to the right, then the left, as if to check that no one was watching.  “I must ask you, what I am about to show you is of the upmost secrecy.”  Shielle whispered to them in a quavering, hushed voice.  “Do you promise never to tell anyone what I am about to show you?”  Everyone seemed chilled by her words, but all solemnly  sweared to never do so.  Shielle smiled, relieved.  “Then follow me.”  She picked up her staff, & using the longer hooked end, pulled back a portion of long dripping moss.  Behind it, completely concealed from view, yawned a huge tunnel cloaked in thick darkness.  Pearl gasped.  A secret passage!  Shielle took something from under her cloak, a smooth tube shaped object, & shook it.  Suddenly, the object began to glow an eire sapphire blue.  “Quickly.”  She whispered.  “follow me.”  She rushed through the gap & into the tunnel, the tube clasped firmly in her hand.  Pearl glanced over at her friends.  They all seemed nervous at the prospect of entering a forbidding tunnel, especially Robin, but no one objected.  Pearl took a deep breath.  “Here we go.”  She walked confidently forward & stepped through the shadowy entrance.  Instantly an icy cold engulfed her, chilling her to the bone.  It made her shiver nervously, not just from the cold.  The tunnel, as Pearl had thought, wasn’t a tunnel at all, but a large shaft that led upward.  Just ahead of them, stood a staircase severed from thick turquoise ice.  
It wound in a steady spiral upward, but it went so far, that Pearl couldn’t see the top.  “Are you coming?”  Shielle was already five steps up the stairs.  Pearl swallowed & nodded.  “Don’t worry, we’re coming.”  And so the riders followed her, single file, up the slippery spiral staircase.  Once or twice, one of them slipped, but no one dare say a word, or they would break the eire silence that seemed to hold them all captive.  The only noise made was the sound of them breathing & the squeaking of Henry’s wet shoes.  They went up, & up, for what seemed like an eternity.  They went so far, Pearl was sure they had climbed far enough to touch the stars in the sky.  Just as the bluish light from Shielle’s tube was beginning to di.e out, a flicker of light appeared at the end of the staircase.  “Finally!”  Carl exclaimed.  “I was beginning to think we’d never get there!”  They picked up the pace, & soon were engulfed in a sudden bright flash of light.  Pearl had to shield her eyes from the sudden appearance of daylight, but as soon as her eyes adjusted she was able to look around the area they had just emerged into.  It was a large roomy cavern made out of ice, with high vaulted ceilings, greasy moss, & beautiful flowers bursting from every corner.  A waterfall trickled down from the ceiling near the center of the room, pooling out into an indent on the floor.  Bottles & herbs hung from the ceiling, filled with poultices & mixtures of every color.  An old tattered bearskin was laid out in the corner, while a table hewn from rough oak planks stood up against the wall close by, scattered with different herbs & flowers.  Pearl gazed around the curious room.  “Is this where you live?”  She asked.  Shielle blushed.  “Well, yes, but that’s not what I came to show you.”  
Shielle walked swiftly over to the gurgling waterfall.  She lifted her hood over her head, ran forward, & jumped straight through!  “What the..”  Ida gaped.  “Where did she go?”  Shielle poked her head back through the waterfall, water streaming off her fluffy white hood.  “Come on!”  She called them.  “We’re almost there!”  They all cautiously approached the waterfall & one by one, jumped through.  They all groaned when they reached the other side.  Another set of stairs loomed ahead of them.  “Not more stairs.”  Carl moaned.  Shielle laughed.  “Well, don’t worry Carl, these are much shorter then the first.”  And so they began to climb again.  Shielle had been right; the climb took them only a couple of minutes.  When they arrived at a landing at the top of the steps, Carl had to lean against the wall to catch his breath.  “Well -gasp- that was certainly -gasp- a climb.  Wouldn’t it have been a bit easier to just -gasp- fly?”  Shielle shook her head.  “No, that would make it easier to get to him.  Besides, there is no other way to access this room without destroying the pillar that holds up the entire sanctuary.”  “Oh -gasp- I guess that -gasp- makes sense.  Wait, did you just say him?”  Shielle’s eyes twinkled in the gathering gloom.  “Yes, yes I did.  This way.”  Shielle used her staff yet again to pull back some hanging ivy.  She stepped through, followed by Pearl, Henry, Robin, Carl, & Ida.  Inside it was extremely dark.  It was so dark Pearl could barely tell how large the room was.  The light from Shielle’s strange object had grown so dim they could barely see the icy walls on either side of them.  A croaking sound, much like a toad, moaned as they filed in.  Shielle silenced the noise.  “Hush Gargoyle, these are friends, not enemies.”  She turned to Pearl & the riders.  “Gargoyle is the guardian of this room.”  As she spoke, she held the glowing tube up to a torch imbedded in the wall.  
Perched on top was one of the most hideous dragons Pearl had ever seen.  It was a Night Terror, at least she thought, with shriveled, ash gray skin.  It’s scales were cracked & flaking, & as it turned it head to look at Pearl, it stared at her with bulging, bloodshot eyes that made her skin crawl.  The poor thing was ancient.  The Night Terror looked so old & sick, that it looked like he’d keel over & di.e at any minute.  Shielle ignored his disgusting appearance & instead lovingly scratched the bottom of his grizzled chin.  “Gargoyle may be old, but he’s still strong & reliable.  I couldn’t think of a better Cave Terror for the job.  That will be all Gargoyle, you can leave us alone for a minute.”  Gargoyle hacked a thank you before getting up & flying unsteadily out of the room.  “Alright Shielle.”  Ida exclaimed, stepping forward.  “What is this ‘secret’ you want to show us?”  Shielle ignored Ida’s rude comment.  Instead, she took the torch down from the wall & lit it with a piece of flint.  “Well, you can see for yourself.”  The room now clearly visible by the light of the torch, Pearl gazed around.  It was small, as she had suspected, with really nothing in it, except for a few branches of hanging ivy & a large pillar in the center of the room.  Resting on the bowel shaped top sat something wrapped in a small white hare skin.  The bundle moved slightly, & a small whimper escaped from below it.  Pearl froze.  There was something moving underneath it.  But what?  Shielle walked calmly over to the bundle cradled in the pillar.  She picked it up, murmured a few soft words, then pulled the blanket off the wiggling beast.  Pearl stood rigid, as if attached to her spot on the floor, as she stared wide eyed at the beast in front of her.  The white scales, large frill’s surrounding its head, & nubby tusks reminded her of a dragon so rare, she’d only seen once in her entire life.  “No, it couldn’t be.”  Shielle smiled.  “Yes it is.  Pearl Garmadon & the dragon riders, meet Makaidos, the king of all dragons.”