The Winter Rider: chapter three: Chasing Ghost Stories

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Holy Thor, this is the most i've ever writen in three days before XD  I'm really enjoying writing this fan fiction!

Anyway, here is chapter three, Chasing Ghost Stories! (post if you liked it please!  I love when people post to my chapters :D)

And here is the link to the other chapters if you haven't read them yet:




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Pearl looked inside & gasped.  Sitting there in plain view, was her father's map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hands &.  She scanned it, her grip shaking h .  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

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Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

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do NOT reply! (Or else >:D)

Pearl stared, confused at Snotlout.  Had he finally gone mad?  "What in the name of Thor is he talking about?"  Ida whispered.  Pearl shrugged.  "I have no idea.  Hopefully we'll find out."  Snotlout was breathing fast & hard.  It looked like he had raced all the way back to Berk.  But what interested Pearl most was the snow.  His hair, clothes, & even his helmet were all covered in the white powder.  Sure, everyone knew there were nine cold months on Berk, but this was one of the warm months.  It wasn't supposed to snow for another three weeks!


"Hes got them!'  Snotlut repeated.  "We were just about to rescue those poor dragons when i heard this strange sound.  Then a snowstorm came out of no where & then..."  he stopped.  "I saw him."  Poor Robin was quivering.  "Who?"  she asked in a shaky voice.  "The rider!"  he exclaimed.  "He was huge, at least eight feet tall, surrounded by swirling snow.  He was dressed in white clothes & a hood that covered his eyes, but i saw them."  he whimpered.  "They were ice blue, & blazed like a fire!"  He began to run around the room.  "& when the snowstorm disapeared, the rider was gone, & so were the dragons!  Hes coming!"  he threw his hands up in the air.  "Hes got them, & hes going to take ours next!"


"Ok Snotlout, thats enough."  Pearl turned to see Hiccup & the rest of the riders walking into the hall.  They too were covered in the same powdery white snow.  Hiccup waved his hands to get everyones attention.  "Its ok everyone, Snotlout doesn't know what hes talking about."  "But i do!"  Snotlout pushed Hiccup out of the way.  "He had claws like a dragon, & he was menacing & evil!"  Hiccup was beginning to look annoyed.  "Snotlout, we all know you just saw a shadow.  Sudden snowstorms always happen on Glacier island."  Snotlout was also annoyed.  "Fine 'chief' but i know what i saw!  When all our dragons go missing, you can't come begging to me to help save them!"  And with that he stormed out of the hall.


Hiccup was rubbing his temples.  It was clear they had all had a hard time on the island.  "I'm sorry about him everyone."  he apoligized.  "Snotlout hit his head pretty hard while we were there."  "But what about that rider?"  Robin asked in a quavering voice.  "Will he really come here & take our dragons too?"  Hiccup shook his head.  "No.  There was no rider.  Just Snotlout trying to get some more attention.  No one has to worry.  There is no rider.  Just go back to your party.  I've got everything under control."  Pearl let out the breath she had been holding.  Hiccup had said there was no rider.  That was conforting enough.  But for some reason one minor detail kept eating at her the rest of the night.


Later that night while she was sitting outside with her friends, Ida asked a question.  "So, do you think Snotlout was telling the truth?" Henry shook his head.  "Of course i don't.  Snotlout has told a couple whoppers before.  And even if he did see something, Hiccup assured us the situation was under control."  He shrugged.  "besides, it could have been one of the hunters who was helping transport the dragons, right?  Wouldn't that be more logical then some masked rogue rider?"  Robin nodded.  "yea, Henry's right.  There couldn't have been a rider."  she shivered.  "At least, i hope not."  All the while Pearl stayed quiet.  That one little bit of information had finally formed in her mind.  Carl elbowed her.  "Pearl, you've been quiet ever sense Snotlout started ranting.  Whats wrong?"


Pearl shook her head.  "Its probobly nothing."  She stared up into the night sky.  "But there couldn't have been a snowstorm, at least not one that could have happened that fast."  Ida looked confused.  "Why not?  Snowstorms happen on glacier island all the time."  "you're right, but they aren't sudden anymore.  Hiccup & the rest of the riders relocated the wild snow wraiths, remember?"  Henry nodded.  "Yea, i remember.  But what has that got to do with it?"  Pearl looked grim.  "if they're wern't any snow wraiths on the isand to cause a sudden snowstorm, where did the storm come from?"




THUMP!  Pearl groaned & rolled over.  "No Snowdust."  She murmered.  "No early flying today."  the thump came again, this time louder.  Pearl rolled over & opened her eyes.  Out on the landing, a flat landing pad she had built outside her room to land Snowdust, was Carl, banging on the door & peeking through the small glass windows.  Pearl groaned.  She rolled out of bed & unlocked the doors.  "Flew!  Thanks Pearl."  Carl stepped inside, followed by Zander.  "That rumblehorn down there was eyeing me like he wanted to eat me for breakfast."  Pearl rubbed her eyes.  "Carl, what?  Why are you here?  You know i don't do well with mornings."  She yawned.  Carl rolled his eyes.  "Yea, yea, i know.  But i just had to tell you something."  He pulled her closer.  "I was up early today, & guess what i heard?"  Pearl rubbed her eyes again.  "What?"  "You remember last week, when Hiccup & the riders went to glacier island to rescue a bunch of dragons from some dragon hunters?"  Pearl yawned again.  "Yea, so?"  "well, it turns out those same hunters are up to no good.  It turns out they've caught some more dragons & are camped out on Hobblegrunt island."


Carl rubbed his hands together.  "Were going to go over & rescue those dragons!"  Pearl just stared at him blankly.  "Carl, i have no idea what you are talking about."  Carl smacked his hand against his forehead.  "Mental note, don't ever wake you up early again.  But do you know what i'm getting at?"  Pearl shook her head.  "No idea."  "Well, if that rider is real, he would have heard about the dragons too.  And if we go there to rescue those dragons..."  "We might see the rider & find out if Snotlout was telling the truth!"  Pearl hugged Carl.  "Thats brilliant!"  then she stopped.  "Wait a minute, how did you get us to go?  There are tons of other riders who would hideto go on a mission to rescue those dragons."  Carl smirked.  "I have connections.  And besides, the twins owed me a favor."  "When do we leave?"  Pearl aksed excitedly.  "Tonight.  Then we'll see if Snotlout's mystery rider is a fact or a fake."

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