The Winter Rider: chapter Eighteen: Nothing to Fear

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Flew!  I finally found the time to finish chapter eighteen!  i've had so much work to do, from other stories, to the clash of clans, to schoolwork, i've had no time to work on this!  Well hopefully now that i've finished this chapter i'll be able to finish all the others too! ^^  Well anyway, I hope you enjoy chapter eighteen, Nothing to Fear!  Please feel free to post your comments below!

And here are the other chapters if you haven't read them yet:



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Life is gray & dull, & all i see is dark,

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Winter can be unforgiving

Hard, evil, and cold.

But if you stay with me,

I promise you'll never be alone.

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Pearl looked inside & gasped.  Sitting there in plain view, was her father's map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hands &.  She scanned it, her grip shaking h .  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

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"It was vicious, relentless, and impossible to see in the white out. The Snow Wraith."

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"This dragon has notoriously poor eyesight and uses thermal censors to locate its prey.

It camouflages itself in the snow because if it can't see you, it doesn't want you to see it!"

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"Snow Wraiths have no known vulnerabilities, making them 

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Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

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Donut reply! XD


Pearl’s jaw dropped.  The winter rider wasn’t a man at all, but a girl!  The girl, or rather Shielle, had beautiful light ginger hair with piercing ice blue eyes & a pale complexion, with the exception of her cheeks, which were a bright rosy red.  She was dressed in head to toe in lush white fur, with a thick leather wrap that went all the way around her waist.  Two faded blue sashes stood out against the dull colors of her garments, one tied around her waist, & a thicker strap going across her tunic.  She was thin, & at the most only a little over five feet tall, so that Pearl stood nearly six inches taller then her.  She gripped a long curved staff in her hands, held out in a defensive position, her breath billowing in the cold frosty air.  Though her body showed no hesitation, her eyes darted back & forth, glistening brightly with fear.  “Who are you?”  Shielle repeated, louder this time.  Pearl realized she hadn’t answered, & was still holding the rock shakily in her hand.  Pearl slowly lowered her arm, stooped down, & placed the stone gently on the floor.  The rider didn’t budge, but kept holding her staff out in front of her.  Pearl slowly stood up again & unstrapped her helmet.  Pulling off her head, she spoke.  “My name is Pearl Garmadon.  I’m not here to hurt you.”  Shielle stared at her nervously.  “W-Why have you come?  Why are you following me?  I have done you no harm.”  “I’m following you because you stole all the cargo from a ship.  My father’s ship.  I’ve come searching for you to reclaim my father’s cargo & to talk to you personally.”  Shielle shakily lowered her staff.  “um…..alright.  Are you sure you don’t mean me or my dragons any harm?”

Pearl nodded.  “I swear by Odin himself.”  Shielle relaxed & let out a breath of relief.  The dragons surrounding them also relaxed, as if her actions affected their own.  The rider stooped down gracefully.  “Thank you for vowing to not harm my friends.  As I said, my name is Shielle, & these are my dragons.”  She gestured to the unusual crowd.  “I’m sorry for your..…er….unexpected flight.  Mammoth’s job is to protect the nest, & he can take his job a little too seriously sometimes.”  She playfully rubbed the giant Woolly Howl under his chin, & he purred in delight.  Pearl smiled nervously.  “Heh heh, yeah, that.  Look, i’m sorry for following you & invading your….whatever this place is.  I just came to collect my father’s cargo & to talk to you.  You’ve been causing a lot of trouble for Berk & the merchants.”  Shielle nodded.  “Very well.  We can talk.  But….I’m confused.  I remember there being more of you.  Where are the others?”  Pearl stopped.  Others……Yaknogg!  She had forgotten about her friends!  Pearl nervously fiddled with her long black braid.  “Yeah, well, my friends, er, their….I have no idea.  I lost most sense of direction after your friend dragged me here.  Last i saw hem they were searching for you on the Islands of Misery.”  Shielle looked unsettled.  “Then we must find them.  I don’t want them disturbing the nest, or any other dragons.”  She climbed up onto the green Windgnasher, who gave a hearty sneeze.  “I’ll go look for them.  You can stay here &….”  She stopped.  Pearl looked at her, confused.  “What’s wrong?”  The green Windgnasher lifted his head & breathed in a long hearty sniff.  Then his yellow eyes grew into slits & he let out a growl.
Suddenly there was an ear-piercing explosion, & a large ice spire fell from the ceiling.  The dragons previously surrounding them erupted into a frenzied array of dragon wings & panicked shrieks. Pearl gasped & fell back as the force of the dragons knocked her to the ground.  Just then the ice spire hit the ground & exploded into a thousand tiny shards of ice.  Pearl covered her face to shield herself from the spray, then looked up into the panicked face of Snowdust.  “Snowdust!”  She exclaimed & threw her arms around her dragon’s neck.  Snowdust, her eyes heavy with concern, lit up at the sight of her rider safe & sound.  She wrapped her wings around her & nuzzled her cheek, then regained her goofiness & began to cover her in kisses.  “No Snowdust, stop it, stop it!”  Pearl laughed & tried to push Snowdust’s head away, but it was no use.  Finally she stopped, but only to let out an angered growl.  Pearl turned & saw that most of the dragons had settled down, & were all standing behind Shielle & her infamous Windgnasher.  It was at Shielle Snowdust originally growled, which made Shielle flinch & stray a little closer to her Windgnasher.  There was a flapping sound, & as suddenly as Snowdust had come, Windhurtle, Zander, Water Phoenix, & Cackatoo flew into view, bearing her friends on their backs.  “Henry!  Ida!”  She exclaimed when she saw them.  “I’m so glad..”  But she didn’t finish.
Instead, Henry jumped off Windhurtle, bearing her own long gleaming sword.  Ida did the same, wielding her favorite axe.  Shielle whimpered & slowly began to back away.  “Pearl!”  Henry exclaimed.  “Thank Odin you’re still alive.  When Snowdust came back without you, we thought you were a goner.”  Pearl shrugged.  “Why wouldn’t I be?  Hey, do you guys mind putting those away…”  “That rider brought you here, didn’t he?”  Ida interrupted.  “He kidnapped you, didn’t he?  Where is he?  Tell me where he is & i’ll have Water Phoenix blow his brains out if i don’t do it first!”  She whipped around, as if the rider would be standing right behind her.  Pearl pushed Snowdust’s head away & waved her hands in the air.  “Guy’s, its okay!  Shielle’s a friend!”  She gestured to Shielle, who shrunk back against her Windgnasher’s side, but managed a tiny wave & a nervous smile.  Henry & Ida took one look at Shielle & dropped their weapons, their faces full of utter astonishment.  Pearl laughed at their expressions.  “This is Shielle, the infamous winter rider, who’s been causing so much trouble around Berk.  She’s been living up here with her dragons &…..”  She stopped when she noticed something, or rather someone was missing.  “Uh, guys?  Where’s Carl?”  Instantly both Henry & Ida went pale.  They moved aside, along with their dragons, to show Robin holding the limp body of Carl.  Pearl’s eyes widened & she let out a shriek.  She didn’t remember what happened next, but suddenly she was knelt beside Carl’s limp form.
He was deathly white, his lips were blue, & his thick coat & clothes were all dusted with white powder.  His leg was bent in an awkward angle, & it was clear he was unconscious.  Pearl stared in horror at him.  “No, this can’t be happening, not again!”  She brushed the snow from his face, then turned to Robin.  “Is he?”  She swallowed, her voice faltering, not sure if she could go on.  Robin, pale as she was, shook her head.  “No, he’s alive.  He fell into a cave & hurt his leg.”  As she spoke, she gently shifted his leg.  Instantly Carl’s face distorted in a pained grimace & he let out a low groan.  Henry & Ida came up behind her.  Henry bowed his head, looking fairly defeated.  “I tried to save him from falling, but it was too late.”  Zander whimpered at the state of his beloved rider.  he moved up behind her & rubbed his head against Pearl’s arm.  Pearl stroked his forehead to substitute for Carl.  She knew exactly how he felt.  She was so distracted by her friend, that she didn’t notice Shielle walk silently up next to them.  “Is he still alive?”  Pearl jumped at her suddenly appearing next to her.  “Yes, he is.”  “What’s wrong with him?”  “He hurt his leg somehow.”  “And it’s bent right, not swelling anywhere or bleeding?”  “I don’t think so.”  Shielle seemed to think this over for a little bit.  then she knelt down next to him & studied his leg intently.  Pearl felt a bit annoyed by her constant questions.  Her friend was hurt!  Couldn’t she see that they were all upset?  Shielle took no notice of Pearl’s spark of annoyance.  Instead, she grabbed his leg, & suddenly yanked it.  Carl instantly let out a moan.
Pearl’s temper flared.  “Why did you do that!  You just hurt him!”  “I was only trying to put his leg back in place.”  Shielle answered coldly.  “What?”  “Yes, thats right.  Your friend badly dislocated his leg when he fell, knocking himself out in the process.  But now that his leg is back in place he shouldn’t be in anymore pain, & from the looks of it should wake up any minute now.”  Just as she predicted, Carl soon began to move.  He groaned once more, then his eyelids fluttered open. He looked confused for a few seconds, then cringed & asked in a quiet voice.  “Am…am I dead?”  Pearl, relieved that her friend was okay, threw her arms around him.  “Carl!  I’m so glad your okay!”  She turned to Shielle.  “Thank you so much for helping him!”  Shielle just nodded in return.  Zander yelped happily & curled up around Carl’s shivering body.  Carl licked his lips & looked up at her.  “What happened?  Are you alright?”  “Am I okay?  Are you serious!  I’m fine!  Your the one i’m worried about!  You nearly died!”  Even though he had just woken up, Carl’s blue eyes twinkled mischievously.  “So, that means I’m not dead?”  Pearl scowled at him & immediately retracted her hug, not in the mood for his dry humor.  “Of course you’re not dead you fox!  Now you’d better get up before I smack you so ha.rd you go unconscious again!”  Carl leaned back & smiled wearily.  “Thats the cranky Pearl I know.”  He then noticed where they were & sat up.  “wait a sec, where are we?”  Pearl answered for him.  “We’re in the Winter Rider’s ice…thingy.”  “What!?!”  Carl suddenly sprang into the air.  “I knew the rider kidnapped you!  Where is he?  I can’t wait to get my hands that dirty, no good…”  “Carl…”  Just then he noticed Shielle.  “What!  The rider is kidnapping other people too!”  
“Carl!”  Pearl interrupted.  “Stop jumping to conclusions!  I’m fine!  Shielle didn’t kidnap me!  & she certainly didn’t kidnap herself!  It was all a big misunderstanding!”  Carl suddenly stopped & stared at her in bewilderment.  “Wait, did you just say she?”  Shielle, who had finally figured out what was going on, laughed softly.  “I believe you mean me.  I’m the Winter Rider you’ve been looking for.”  Carl stared at her, opened mouthed, speechless for the first time in his life.  Then he sat back against Zander’s back & clapped a hand to his forehead.  “The winter rider….a girl!  I can’t believe it!  This whole time… was a girl!”  Shielle laughed, her sweet voice drifting through the lofty cavern.  “I’m so sorry for all this trouble.  I’m Shielle, & these are my dragons.”  She gestured to the dragons who were still assembled silently behind the green Windgnasher.  “Me & your friend Pearl have already settled this petty dispute.  There will be time for discussion later, but i believe we’ve all had enough excitement for tonight.  You’ve all traveled very far, & I think your all very tired.  You can rest here in the sanctuary tonight, & tomorrow after everybody is well rested, we can continue our introductions.”  Pearl glanced at her companions.  Shielle was right, they were all tired, & a terrible mess.  Carl was shivering uncontrollably, Ida’s cloak was torn, Robin was smeared with dirt, & Henry’s clothes were ragged & torn.  
She wasn’t much better.  Her usually perfect shiny helmet was dented & dirty.  Her hair, which she normally washed, combed, & braided every morning, had grown messy & was filled with twigs & burrs from sleeping on the ground.  Even the dragons were a mess, with their dirty frayed scales & dusty saddles.  Pearl nodded & answered for all of them.  “That would be great, thanks.”  Shielle smiled & clapped cheerfully.  “Good.  I’ll help you find somewhere to sleep comfortably.”  And with that she waved a hand & walked softly away.
It took awhile, but finally, fifteen minutes later, Shielle had found them a small comfy area, thick with moss & alcoves to sleep in.  Everyone had been relieved at a nice place to sleep for the night.  Robin & Cackatoo collapsed near a moss sodden spot in the little room & fell asleep instantly.  Ida found a spot next to her, curled up beside Water Phoenix, & soon was snoring away.  Henry was still unsure about this Shielle & the dragons that constantly roamed the ice fortress, & instead sat near the entrance beside Windhurtle with the intention of keeping watch. But he failed miserably, for he fell asleep a few minutes later, still propped up against Windhurtle’s side.  Snowdust had stuck like glue to Pearl’s side the entire night, but now she collapsed with a huge toothy yawn in a patch of moss.  Pearl, even as tired as she was, giggled at her puppy-like dragon.  “Your right girl, its late.  Baby dragons & their riders need their sleep.”  She stretched & laid down on her dragon’s side.  Snowdust yawned again, then smiled down at her rider & wrapped her wing around her.  Pearl smiled as her eyelids began to droop.  “Goodnight Snowdust.”  Snowdust cooed a goodnight as well, then laid her head down on the ground & closed her eyes.  She was just drifting off to sleep when something interrupted her thoughts.  “Psst, Pearl, are you awake?”  Pearl blinked open her sleepy eyes & looked around.  She couldn’t see much, except Snowdust, who had fallen asleep.  “I am now.  Who is it?”  “Its Carl.”  A dark shadow flitted at the edge of her vision, & soon morphed into the pale freckled face of her friend Carl.
Pearl pushed aside Snowdust’s wing & yawned, rubbing her eyes once more.  “What is it Carl?  I’m really tired, & you know how I am on no sleep.”  “I just wanted check on you.”  He slid silently in next to her.  “I was pretty worried when Snowdust came back without you.  I thought you’d gotten into trouble again.”  Pearl shrugged.  “In a way I did, but it was unintentional.  Its not my fault a giant Woolly Howl came out of no where & threatened us.  I had to distract it for Snowdust to get away.  I don’t know what I would have done if it had hurt her.”  She bit her lip at the thought of what might have happened. Even though it was dark the concern on Carl’s sympathetic face was clear as day.  He clasped his cold thin hands in hers.  “Are you sure you’re okay?”  Pearl smiled, touched by her friend’s loyalty.  “I’m fine.  I’m sorry I gave you a scare.  Again.  Speaking of that, how are you feeling?  I don’t think banging your head on a rock is a comfortable experience.”  Carl rubbed the back of his forehead.  “A dull ache.  Nothing serious.  The rider….I mean Shielle told me that I should feel better soon.  By the way….”  “You want to know if I trust her, don’t you?”  Carl shrugged a bit.  “She seemed nice, but I don’t know what to think of her.”  Pearl shook her head.  “Me neither.  She seems kind of…off to me.  Nice, but very nervous, like she didn’t trust us, though I don’t really blame her.  I wouldn’t trust someone if they chased me either.  Hopefully she’ll explain everything tomorrow.”  Carl nodded, then yawned & stretched his arms out in a wide arch.  “Wow, all this talk is making me tired.  We’d both better get some sleep before morning.”
Pearl agreed.  “You’re right.  We should all be on full alert, just in case.”  As if to add emphasis, a yawn escaped her lips.  Carl smiled & in return gave her a small hug.  “Goodnight Pearl.”  He told her before standing up & slipping back off to find Zander.  Pearl smiled at her friend.  It was nice to know she had such a caring person in her corner.  “Goodnight Carl.”  She whispered back.  She pulled Snowdust’s wing back over her body, & settled herself comfortably against her flank.  Slowly, the sweet musky scent of Snowdust, mixed with the crisp, mountain air, lulled Pearl into a deep, dreamless sleep.