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I recently upgraded my computer to the Windows 10 operating system and ever since then I have had trouble playing the game. After a short time of playing, the game freezes and turns itself off. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to make that stop happening because it is rather annoying.



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Also having possible Windows 10 prob.

I also am having problems after upgrading to windows 10, though unfortunately not the same as yours.  I have little problems playing the game once it is up and running-other than the persistant corn glitch I am having on my main account (I always have 3 corns once leaving my farm, no matter how many I just finished growing).  My problem comes once I close the game down and use the shortcut to reopen it.  I have the game downloaded on my computer, yet can never access School of Dragons via my desktop shortcut!  The only way I am able to do so. short of logging in online via, is by reinstalling the game and selecting the "run school of dragons now" option.  When using the shortcut, my game ends up freezing halfway through the first loading screen and I am forced to close the program.  It may be worth noting that I had not had School of Dragons previously installed on my computer before upgrading to windows 10, as it is a brand new laptop and I was given the option to upgrade it after my purchase was complete, however I did have this game installed on my previous laptop and had no issues getting the shortcut to work.

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Windows 10 Issues

Hi All,


Sorry to hear you are having issues with Windows 10 on your computer. We are sending all this information along to our team to see what is going on with Windows 10. While it sounds like it is a general issue with Windows 10, I do not need your account information.


However, if Emma183 wants to get her corn glitch fixed, you can privately send me your in-game Viking name and account username and I can help look into your account to fix that. 


If there are any other specifics or issues you have, feel free to send them along! 

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Are you using one of the clients? If so, which one?


Try running it as an administrator and in compatibility mode. Change the compatibility mode settings to your last-working setup. Does that fix it?


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School Of Dragons is not working on Windows 10!!!!!!!!!!!!

I updated my PC to Windows 10 and installed SoD but it does not work. Someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!