Will We Ever Get A New Model For Toothless?

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Hello everyone! i just wanted to quickly bring up something up that i think most of us might have a small problem with, or maybe just me in this case. I haven't played SOD that much recently, but from what i know toothless is still in a similar mess where he was 5 years ago- and i still have the same exact feelings about it as i did before..


He REALLY needs new animations or a new model.

i know this might seem a little demanding, but its honestly the best that they can do for toothless since the light fury and the nightlights follow the movies themes and have beautiful models that fit with there character. Toothless just sadly doesn't have that, since he is stuck in his 1st movie form when he was a teenager. 
Again i have a soul connection to the model since i have grown with it, but after the years its been bugging me to the point where its very hard to ignore it. Especially the up animations and when he glides. the wing tips go downwards, when they should be going upwards, he literally spazzes out like a chicken when he goes up, and the feet just.. droop out weirdly when they should be like the night lights / light furys leg positions or tooken like the movies. 

But i do get where the up animation comes from as its when toothless went up in the scene Test Drive before they both fall down which is fair. but the stiffness of it is starting to hurt. i wouldn't be this critical if it was something new, but this has been.. like 5 years? i don't know.. i just think its best to honestly make a new toothless.


i also watched Silver's video and what she said is honestly very on point also, since i honestly do agree that if he gotten a better position or model, or had a huge release sale or with other items, it could increase the sales of membership since some users i have met don't get membership due to the lack of a new toothless model, even myself. 

but neither from this, i really enjoy the game and its community. I am still so happy that they still update and try to fix old errors even now, it gives me hope for the future. 


I hope everyone in the department working for SOD is having a great christmas / snoggletog. Because there health is more important than spam updates. 


And same to the people who read this! I really hope everyones having the best time they could have, because it means so much to see everyone happy. I just hope they could take the idea into consideration. Thank you for being you sod team / httyd fans! 

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I may not be that fond of Silver, but I agree with all her points made in that video.

While I personally think they should prioritize hotfixes over other kinds of updates, I can't stop believing that Toothless is bloody DUE for an update whenever possible. It's a shame to see him like this, seeing as he's 'everyone's' favorite. He doesn't seem elusive in-game, but rather a stiff, and biologically awkward model. (those wings... that middle tooth... etc)

Personally, I'd also really like to see an animation that puts his retractable teeth to the test! It can probably add to the cute charm he has if designed correctly.


Happy Holidays!





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Honestly the best they could do is scale the nightlights model, turn it black and make the legs longer while giving him a different tail and making the eyes green. or well thats the more lazier way to do it.. but i highly thinl they should just restart, make new skins and remake the whole entire model and animations with similar elements with the light fury rig so it could have her animations. thats honestly all i hope for sod aaa!! 

And yeah i don't really like her either but she has a point lol. and happy holidays to you to