Will we ever be free?

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Sadly, while I was taking a break from my classes, i logged onto the game and every where I looked there were hackers . I know we won't ever really be free of hackers but come on! This is to the point of ridiculousness how desperate for attention these people are. Just give up, you aren't a "thing" anymore, you're just annoying..

Hopefully these are the last we ever see, but I'm not holding my breath.


Good morning. In a short period, people from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest online battle in the history of the Internet. We will be united in our common interests. Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution... but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to play this game EQUALLY AND FAIRLY! To exist in its online world. And should we win that day, it will no longer be known as any other in the week, but as the day the world declared in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! On that day we will celebrate our Independence Day!

I AM AGAINST HACKING! Fight for your right to play this game along side us and cast out the cheating aliens we know as hackers!




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im gonna drown in hate from this reality check




hackers are part of every mmo there is NO MMO ON THE PLANET without hackers if you would like a hacker free experence then the client computer games like sims are there for you 



no moo is 100% hacker free even if it looks like it is 


and this game is only like a year old its not gonna immediately be the master of programming because they may have made the programming but that dose not mean they automatically know how to fix everything and just don't 



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Cat thought my subject was a scratch post ._.

I'm highly aware that every MMORPG has hackers and from what I've been seeing, this game is probably over a year old if not at that marker. I'm also in tune to the fact that games are never perfect and horrible people find horrible loopholes. It does take time to upgrade and update software, and I'm grateful the Admins are working towards making this game safer for its members, I'm not getting onto them. Quit the opposite. I'm ticked at the fact that hackers think we're still hyped up over them and they take advantage of it, only they don't realize we're bored and tired of the ridiculous notion. We screen shot and report instead of chasing and firing at them (which is a better proposal then giving hackers the attention they want in the game. They want to be noticed there and don't care about forums). The point I was getting at is its sad such a fun and wonderful game was drug into this turmoil. I said I'm not holding my breath because I know reality and it's not sweet. Just trying to show that there are still bad people out there that slip up occasionally and when they do I hope people are there to watch, because it'll be the last thing that hacker does on this game. Thank you though :)

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You're giving the hackers

You're giving the hackers more attention in this topic, which is exactly what keep them hacking.

We'll be free when people stop feeding the trolls. 

As for hackers that aren't trolling, they just want the free stuff so they don't care about these useless "Oh no hackers still exist" topics.

(I'm not trying to be insulting, just blunt. These kinds of posts are useless, as explained within my post.)


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Whoa, some one gets it

Thank you!

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Agreed!  :) 





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Potatoes :3

I still have hope. I will just keep reporting them!

(btw , there is a document in google docs , where you can actually report hackers -> here)

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I don't think the last one is

I don't think the last one is a hacker. What is the adoption date of their Toothless? If it's before October 16th, then they were one of the players who could continue using Toothless after their membership expired. If it's after October 16th then they would still have their Toothless listed on their profile but wouldn't be able to use him after their membership expired.  They are only a hacker if:

  • they are not a member
  • the adoption date was after October 16th. 
  • they were seen riding Toothless 



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Idk, I very rarely play with

Idk, I very rarely play with mmo on, and really - hackers don't mess the game up that much. They mess up the multi-player part of it, that's for sure, but gameplay-wise... It's the bugs and glitches that mess everything up. Hackers just want attention. If hackers just wanted the goodies they would never appear on multi-player. I'm sure there's lots of hackers who never show themselves. But these guys people keep reporting - they just want people to notice them.
OK, I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me now, but I think that we should just quit fighting with these guys. I mean, the ones that show off. You see a bright pink Nadder- just ignore it like it's any other dragon. They don't mess up the game, they just show off! The trophy, utd and Toothless hackers are a completely different deal, but leave that to admins.
(Since I'm really bad at starting and ending stuff I'll just leave it here)


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So Yeah :D

I forever will hope they in one they will be missing from our game. But you guys know why they do this to SoD, right? This is so very good game and they are bad. And bad things or ppl attaking on good items. But like players what lost all dragons never stop playing. I know it's hard, but. We. Can. Do. This!!

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We're probably stuck with

We're probably stuck with them for a while. Or forever. Hacker problems just get worse, then a bit better, then level off, and suddenly get worse again. I'm not expecting change any time soon.


Also, I'm confident the last one isn't a hacker. I don't know them, but there's no indicators that they hack.


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I like how the groncicle is just called "nb"


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