Why do we have 6 limbed dragons? How would they have been seen that way?

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It says that dragons could only exist in our world if they had 4 limbs like a bird or bat. So why is it that many of us see dragons with 6 limbs consisting of 4 legs and 2 wings?


I'm curious to know what you guys think because in  my mind perhaps a dragon's brain has evolved to be capable of handling the extra set. Most people say dragons are superior to us after all ;) So post your ideas down below and let's hear it for our lovely high flying friends!  

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Because wings == arms! You can't really put wings and arms on one creature because the skeletal structure won't allow for it. I don't think I've ever seen an anatomically plausible skeletal drawing of a dragon that has both wings and arms.


An exception to the whole thing, of course, are animals like insects.


I think that people just really want a dragon to have arms/legs/graspers, but wings as well. Plus, more painful, dangerous claws and the ability to fly? That makes a dragon all the more terrifying!

People who 'humanise' dragons a lot tend to go for claws and sometimes w/ opposable thumbs because the dragon in question should be able to grasp and use items, but taking away wings just for that isn't really what they want because they want their dragons to be able to fly, so they just add both :D


The cool thing about dragons is that they don't exist, so people can do whatever they want with them, which opens op so many creative possibilities. I love it hahaha

On the topic of how a dragon can control many limbs? The idea that they just evolved like that would make sense. They probaby evolved wings over the course of a huge amount of years (somehow!), and their brains evolved with them.


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Uh, technically.....

.....  A dragon like what you described with only four limbs, (two legs and two wings), would be a Wyvern, not a dragon.  The two are commonly referable to as the same thing, with wyverns being considered by many to be a type of dragon.  However, wyvern is a separate specie and actual dragons are supposed to have six limbs, (four legs and two wings).  As such, dragons such as Nadders and Nightmares are both technically wyverns, not dragons, whereas dragons like night furies and Zipplebacks are technically dragons, as there is no definition of how many heads a dragon may have, although it is common to refer to a dragon with multiple heads as a hydra.  Thus, I hope this helps with your classification of dragon, and for the record, although there are no known dragon fossils, they could still have existed, with their bones being made of a similar compound to that of deer antlers, (which deteriorate quickly, leaving no trace).  Rockatoa, Brickticks out!

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There are some dragons that only have 4 limbs, Deadly Nadder, Monsterious Nightmare, Speed Stinger (no wings tho, unless those back fins count), and a couple more, also there are dragons with more then 6 limbs, but they take on bug like features so I guess it's a bug thing, fireworms, thunderpede, idk think there is more. (Edit) ooo somebody got more info above me.



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