Why do people ship best friend youtubers? Lets look ^^

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I know this one is popular.

*Beginss epic music*



Lets analyze the ship.


Phan started when they first made, "Phil is not on fire." Because the cat whiskers began a trend, more people watched. They are pretty cute, a lot of people say sooo. Cute + Cute=Ship. Even though Phan is not a real thing, and they usually mess around with us to make fans go crazy with Phandoms, they are obviously best friends... (Maybe) It's not exactly right to ship best friends due to this being peer pressure. Phil and Dan have stated, "Phan stresses them out." Even though people say they are together sometimes they think so too. 

List of popular Phan moments.

1: Tackle hug (When Phil tackles Dan with a hug at the end of Phil is not on fire) It takes the cake.

2: When they stare at each other (A lot)

3: When they hug each other

4: When they joke about "Your mum" 

Most friends who are dudes like to play fight and be "rough" with each other. Phil and Dan are quiet gentle with each other, which also causes ships. Phil never swears, he hates to while Dan overwhelms everyone with swear words. 

Thats probably why people ship Phan.

(I don't ship it, I find it weird to ship real people. I only do it when I'm being sarcastic.)




Anthony and Lan...



Lanthony started when the fortune cookie happened I believe. Even though Anthony had a girlfriend. (Not sure if he still does.) Reason they ship them is because they are both adorable (I think) and both are quiet similar personalities. Because their food battles became quiet popular, with Anthony trying to kill Lan...And the other way around... They have found tumblr posts of being shipped, and videos.  They act like they are friends, but in actual videos "Smosh2ndchannel" they are quiet real with each other. 

List of popular Lanthony moments.

1: When Lan asks Anthony to marry him on the main channel due to a fortune cookie.

2: When Anthony sleeps with Lan in search of a ghost. First night: Fully clothed. Second: No shirt. Third: Only underwear. XD

3: When Anthony tries to cuddle with Lan...A LOT.... Like a lot...

4: When they both look at each other.

5: When they carry each other around.

6: When they attempt to kiss each other in black in white...They were almost about to when water spilled on them, then they just laughed. 

7: In tumblr videos Anthony usually tries to put his arm around Lan.

(I sorta ship it due to Anthony literally doing this a lot, "friends" don't do that)


Joey and Shane.


Oh dear lord lets skip this one.

I don't watch to even list their moments, because Joey has a boyfriend so..

Barf that.

Those are the most ships.



Thats why people ship it...

How creepy, I'm kidding I understand why people might ship them.




Artemis and Cole by Sprixern

Info about myself:

Pronouns: they/them

Age: 16

I am a chill dude and own 2 leopard geckos.  I just come on here to stalk really. Slide into my dms if you ever want to chat. I'm socially awkward and cannot compliment. I'm also a sarcastic and ironic person.  ALSO TRANSFORMERS IS MY THING MAN. 


Phan, Destiel, Yuri x Victor, Bughead, Jikook, Sope


- Char

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*burp* by Sprixern


Main human OC:


Class: Assassin

Age: 21

Parents: Arnold & Precila

Weapon: Axe staff

Gender: Male


Cole is an assassin who kills war criminals and dragon hunters. His weapon of choice is a axe staff designed by himself for easier throws and reaches his enemies quicker. He's quite blunt and sarcastic if talked to, and is socially awkward. He wants nothing to do with human interaction unless it's something for him to gain. His sardonic humor makes him unrelatable for most Vikings, due to the things he can say is just frankly quite scary to hear from a twenty- one year old. 


(Done by Arrow!)


Main Dragon:


Species: Night Fury

Age: 50


Artemis has a personality to a leader. He considers all beings deserve a chance and mercy. He despises anything to do with cruelty, and hatred. He makes sure to keep situations into calm hands, and he'll never lose track of being a humble and intelligent dragon. After he was betrayed by his closest brother, who then made his other brothers betray him, he vowed he would not become the evil they had.



Artemis and Cole's Size Comparisons by Sprixern









Fanart of Artemis:



(made by me, artemis once more)


Wow so scary! by Sprixern


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Don't know what Phan is?Here

Don't know what Phan is?
Here is a video to cry over: FEELSSSS:



Go ahead enjoy.

Want more feels?


Stop begging for more-_-