Who's qualified to be a Pokemon Professor?

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I'd love to train under a Professor's wing if anyone wants an unpaid intern. I can tell you pretty much everything about all 721 on screen pokemon. I'm really just bored and looking for something to fill some time /:)




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I would help, but my Kanohi Dragon ran away.....

..... Hopfully Firespitter get's back soon....  Anyway, I would call Master Zonsious, but he ran away to study wild Lethifolds and hasn't resturned.  I told him to take a Lightsaber, I TOLD HIM!!!!  Did he listen?  NO!  JUTS LIKE ALWAYS!!!!  Little goth-head, hmph.  Oh well, sorry I can't be muich help.  Rockatoa, Brickticks out!

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Well, I know a lot about Pokemon, especially after playing through ORAS and XY last summer. I'm not a competitive player but I do know the best nature for each Pokemon, preferable EVs, and preferable movesets. I'm still learning the pros and cons of items, however, since I rarely use them. I lean more into balance, therefore my Pokemon team has a diversity of typings and each Pokemon has moves that'd make them even against a Pokemon with a type advantage. I'm not sure if you're more interested into contests or battles, but for your information I, myself, am still learning in contests. Also, I specialize in Ghost-types.


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