Who else want's typhoomerangs to be able to eat EEL?

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One day your out there and you catch an ell, you have nothing to do with it, it wont so any good for your dragons...

Who wants typhoomerangs to be able to eat the ell like any other fish that gives happyness and energy for your typhoomerang!!! :D


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I think that would definitely be a fun feature to add, and other people have suggested it before, but the one objection I have to it is that it wouldn't be fair to the other dragons for only the typhoomerang to have a special skill like this. But then, they did make that gronkcle's only fishing spot...



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It would make the dragon unique :)



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I do!


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Me! ^___^

Me! ^___^



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YES. They should try to be

YES. They should try to be more accurate to the movie and GIVE US A WAY TO GET RID OF THE DARN THINGS!!! I have like, five right now.


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Defintely!  If we have to pay

Defintely!  If we have to pay for the typhoomerang egg to begin with then why not make the game accutate to the show and allow them to eat eels!  The only way to get rid of the things currently is by selling them and it would be nice if they could be a little useful, even if just only for one dragon!  If the groncles can have a special fishing spot then I see no reason why those paying for a Typhoomerang should be allowed to feed them eels!  They could even make a new quest out of it if they wanted, something like: It's said that there's actually a type of dragon that enjoys eating eels, research the matter further and report back to Hiccup with your findings.

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*Waves hands

*Waves hands around*








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