The White Wolf - Narnia Fanfic

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Written by yours truly and Dauntless

Loosely based on "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe"

Will be posting chapter-by-chapter and updating when each is finished. Due to being busy and/or lack of inspiration, chapters may be few and far between, for which I apologize.



1. As always, please be courteous to myself and other forum users.

2. Constructive critism is appreciated, but be sure to keep it kind and encouraging.

3. As this is a work in progress, please do NOT reply to the chapter posts. I may want to change them, but I cannot edit after it has been replied to. I will create a safety post under each chapter for feedback.


Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy!


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Ready? Set? Go! Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Meeting

The night was clear and the stars were bright as a single gray Wolf paced before an assembly of ten others of his kind.

“We need a leader to take my father’s place.” the Wolf proclaimed.

“Agreed.” murmured all but one, who remained silent. “How shall we choose?” queried a third.

The assembly fell silent, pondering this problem. Everyone knew that Aslan, the great Lion, had appointed past leaders. But, Aslan had departed to unknown worlds long ago and never returned.

The first Wolf bared his teeth in a fearsome smile. “A contest of strength. Only the strongest can lead us into our glorious future!”

Kenson could no longer remain silent. “Father wouldn’t want this.”

The lone Wolf paused before turning and stalking towards the challenger. “Have you forgotten, Brother?” he growled through clenched teeth. “Father. Is. Dead.” Maugrim punctuated his last sentence by snapping his teeth together inches from the white Wolf’s neck.

Kenson didn’t flinch, only stared into the rage-filled eyes of his brother. Despite their being twins, he didn’t recognize his littermate. Not anymore. “It is still not our way.” he said firmly. “Aslan said-”

“‘Aslan said?!’ You would stake our survival on Aslan, who has disappeared? He could be dead for all we know!” Maugrim roared. Satisfied that he had silenced the opposition, he resumed pacing before the assembly and outlining his plans for the pack’s future.

“Aslan’s not dead.” Kenson muttered before slipping away into the night.


Kenson watched the snow fall softly, erasing any trace of his tracks from the pure white canvas that stretched over the land. Just like the White Witch, he thought. Always trying to bury any opposition. It was true; anyone caught denouncing the actions of Queen Jadis was promptly awarded a trip to her House. After that, the poor creature was never seen again, although someone might later remark that a new stone statue in the House bore a striking resemblance to the missing party.

Thankfully, he’d never been caught, but it was due to vigilance and quick thinking rather than luck, a fact that he’d best remember. He carefully scanned the horizon, checked the wind for foreign scents, then left his temporary shelter. Although he hated the reminder of the Witch’s power, he welcomed the snow’s protection against trackers. As long as the snow fell, he could travel freely without having to worry about covering his trail.

A familiar smell awakened old instincts in him. His ears pricked, his body tensed, and his eyes blazed. A measured spring just missed the unsuspecting Rabbit’s back. Kenson rolled in the snow, but was on his feet in a moment and hot on the trail.

“Please! Stop!” the Rabbit panted out. Kenson only snarled in response. He was on a one-track mission. Kill. Destroy. Take. 

The Rabbit tried again. “Re! Mem! Ber! Your! Pa! Rents!” A sharp zigzag sent Kenson rolling in the snow again. This time he rose much slower. He stood still, head drooping and eyes closed. He managed to push down the killer training, and his eyes were clear when he opened them again.

“R? Is that you?” he asked.

The Rabbit turned, studied him for a moment, then came close. So close, that his whiskers tickled as he whispered the password, “Spring is coming.”

No agent of Hers would ever say that. A curious mixture of fear and adoration for the White Witch ran too deep. The mere mention of Spring or Aslan before Her brought certain death. The very fact this Rabbit dared say that to Kenson made them co-conspirators aligned with the rebel movement.

Kenson nodded and whispered back, “Brought by the Lion.” Together, they turned toward the north-west. The Robin had brought them the news. Beaver had called for an emergency meeting. Why, no one could guess. Communication was scarce as the silent, ancient war raged. And he had almost ended up on the wrong side.

His parents were respectable, the grandchildren of the pair Aslan picked. He could still remember the stories, rhymes, and warnings his mother taught him as a cub. But there was a menace in the family no one expected: his brother.

It started small. Maugrim taught him the art of tracking and hunting. Yes, Maugrim’s prey was always more mangled than everyone else’s, but that was dismissed to young age. He began to stray further from home and for longer. Then came the unthinkable: he killed a Talking Animal. Only Kenson saw it, but that was enough. Maugrim was rebuked before the Assembly and banished.

His last words still haunted Kenson. You are more like me than you know. Remember your training.

Kenson hated those moments. The moments when his training took over and he disconnected from reality, inflamed with a deep rage and desire to tear to pieces anything in his path. Because then he wondered. Wondered if Maugrim was somehow right. Wondered if his cubhood was all a lie. Wondered if all that was left was to kill and be killed.

And yet, something inside him rebelled against everything he had been trained to stand for. Maugrim would turn him in in a heartbeat, just like he did to their parents. So he was running, to protect himself from his brother, and the evilness that followed him.

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Safety First!

Safety post - What do you think about chapter 1/the whole concept?

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Oh nice

This sounds like an interesting concept indeed, can't wait to read the rest of it :)


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Thank you :)

Glad you liked it! Be on the lookout for chapter 2 soon.

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I love this concept! Always found it a shame that the books didn't talk more about Narnia from the perspective of Narnians as much. The first chapter is nicely written too, keep it up!


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Thank you :)

Thank you! Right? Everything is through the kids' perspective, never the animals'. So there plenty of gaps for creative thinking to fill in. Glad to see the interest, and the second chapter should be up soon!

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Nightwatch ate my subject

Ooooh. I'll be waiting for the next chapter!



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Chapter 2! DNRD

Please, I beg you...Do not reply to this post directly!


A/N: Ahhh, I'm so sorry for promising Chapter 2 soon, and not following through till a week later. I already had this chapter written up (which is why I promised it "soon") so I really have no excuse...

Without further's Chapter 2!


Chapter 2: The New Hope 

Kenson listened to the howls in the distance. Maugrim’s followers were strong and young. They followed him completely, without question. There was no fighting, no winning moves. They were simply too strong.

Though they tried to keep it secret, he knew who they were. At first, he only caught glimpses. A conversation broken off as he passed here, a flash of disrespect there. Nothing serious.

Time passed. As he grew stronger, Maugrim grew bolder. He often appeared on the fringes of the pack’s territory, befriending the younger wolves. He told them of the power that lay in them, and the power that could still be taken. He told them of the White Witch and the power she wielded (Empress Jadis, he called her). He told them of the promises to those who abandoned Aslan and sided with Her.

All this time, Kenson had known. He had known, and done nothing. He had sat on the sidelines, watching as Maugrim destroyed his pack, his family, his life from the inside out. The only way to bring healing now is to turn back time. If only…

A soft rustle behind him broke into his thoughts. “Mother,” he said, turning towards her, then stopped short. “Where’s Kioko?”

“She’s off playing, probably chasing butterflies.”

A spark of anxiety kindled within him. “But- I told her to always stay with you. She shouldn’t just run off without someone watching her!”

Sadness flickered across her face as she caught his meaning. “Kenson, someday she will have to choose for herself -”

“No! She can’t…” Kenson hung his head, overwhelmed by fear and doubt. “Not now. I can’t lose her too.” he whispered at last. 

“I know, son, I know.” A sweet mixture of sadness and love graced her features as she came close to offer the comfort only a mother could. "Losing one sibling was hard enough..."

Echos of the distant pack roaring in approval reminded Kenson of his thoughts before the conversation was sidetracked. “Mother, I-I think you and Kioko need to leave tonight.”

Surprisingly, she did not seem surprised. “Why?” she asked.

“I sense evil at work. It has been there ever since Maugrim returned, and it has grown since. Tonight it is almost stifling.”

A gentle, but sad smile stretched across her face. “I feel it too. Your father did too, but was blinded by his love for Maugrim.” She looked him in the eye, locking him in a fierce stare. “You have the instincts and love of your father. Never forget that.”

With that, she disappeared through the trees, leaving him to wonder how she had known his deepest struggles.

“Maugrim summons you.” A wolf stepped out from hiding. Benjamin, Maugrim’s son and favored student.

Kenson gritted his teeth. He should have known. Maugrim had spies everywhere. “Coming.” he growled. Rising, he followed Benjamin.

What could Maugrim want with him? Nothing good at all.


Kenson broke the trail with the Rabbit following behind at a distance to avoid suspicion. The snow was falling again, blanketing nearly every landmark in a soft coat. This was his element. He ran easily, lightly, a motion of grace and precision.

Finally, he reached the hardest part of his journey. He slunk along, almost belly-crawling, where his coloring would have the best effect. Even then, he could hide from creatures, but not from the trees. He had been skirting the inner ring of trees, knowing that their alliance still lay with Aslan. Now, he would have to venture into the newer woods.

Light streamed in from the clearing ahead. He picked up an old scent and instantly froze. Wolves. At this point, the snow had mostly covered the tracks, but the smell still lingered. Ever so slowly, he scouted around the clearing. Satisfied, he began to decipher the track’s story. 

Something was…different. For one, Beaver’s dam was finished. He hadn’t talked about fixing the leaks and fitting a gate in forever, so he probably hadn’t worked on it. Certainly that couldn’t be why the meeting was called. And telltale sleigh tracks marked the snow over the wolf tracks. Someone had been here, and whoever it was had left Mrs. Beaver a sewing machine. Kenson sat inside the door, trying to make sense of the signs.

Beaver and several strange creatures enter. Strange, I’ve never smelled anything like them. Almost like two-legged deer, with a hint of bear and some other unidentifiable scent. Anyways, Beaver and strange creatures go into the house, but not out. Wolves come, surround the place, tear into the house…Then a stranger comes, leaving presents…Could it be?

Off he went, chasing the rising moon. Something new had entered Narnia, and all signs pointed to it being for the good. The time for hoping and hiding was over. Here was the birth of everything they longed for. Aslan was near; he could sense it.

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Safety First!

Safety post - please place comments for chapter 2 below.

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Another great chapter! Don’t worry about how quickly you post, take your time.
I hope Kenson's mother and Kioko made it out safely!