Whispering Death Egg

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Now I know there are many cases about this and I did the quest a while ago but PLEASE CAN YOU GIVE US THE EGG!!! Everyone knows that they completed the quest and it gave me the egg in the " Congrats you have completed the quest" but when I went to the bag it wasn't there. And as a non-member getting eggs isn't very easy... I know there is a lot of people who have had the same problem but can you please do something about it !!!!!! :)








Name- Jadeana West


Age    - 15


Member of the  Clan  Phantom Shadows!!!!


Bio-- You may not believe this but this is me XD

I am the cousin of Hiccup Haddock the third... Our mothers are sisters...

Just before Hiccup was born , father and mother moved away from Berk,  there was something going on  between our fathers ( which is what Mum says anyway). Anyways, they moved to an Village called Kalda. Then three years later I was well, brought into this world.. We too were friendly with the dragons. I loved it there. To us the dragons were sacred animals, and riding them was my passion, which I guess  hides in the mothers genes ;D... However when I was fifthteen an unknown army destroyed our home  taking my father who was chief , my mother and the dragons captive. However I escaped and found the map of Berk. By boat I sailed for Berk where I thought would be safe.

Wasn't till I realised that I had been there before three years ago when my aunt was I guess missing with my mother for some emergency. I don't remember much but all I could remember is that my cousin rode the amazing nightfury. As I pulled up on the docks, Hicccup and my Aunt came to us. Somehow my aunt recognised me instantly and I lived with Hiccup and her since. But hiccup was mostly lived on outpost island so I took his room. I guess I appear as a "nagging little sister" to Hiccup which in my defence I am eager not nagging.... So yeah, five years younger the cousin of the chief of berk!

  Overall nice to meet you and can't wait to fly or battle beside you !!!!

Best friend is Nathan Asvard who also managed to come to Berk from Kalda. He says he always seems to keep saving me from troublsome situations I get us in however we are always even in those things XD





Shadow- Nadder

Hailstorm- Gronkle

Impulse- Dervish

Mystique- Thunderdrum

Quill- Whispering death

Totoro- Hotburple

BlueMoon- Flightmare

Terra- Snafflefang

Peter and Parker- Zippleback

Pyro- Nightmare

BlockBuster- Gronkle

Astra- Wooly Howl

Blizzard- Gronicle

Song Bird- Deathsong

Quicksilver- Razorwhip


Static- Skrill







Plagg- Nadder

Poseidon- Thunderdrum

Canary- Deathsong