Whisper and Winterwind: The Dragon at Dreadfall

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The Wolf and the Howl: The Dragon at Dreadfall


Chapter 1: To Be or Not to Be

 photo HalloweenConceptShots_05_zps3b0ce01a.jpg

The harvest was coming up, and with the newly created Dreadfall holiday in full-swing, Berk and the school were decorated accordingly.


 photo HHEnd1_zpsfe2f592b.jpg

Whisper always loved holidays. Snoggletog was her absolute favorite, but she had a feeling Dreadfall was about to become a close second, and she couldn’t wait for it! But her dragon Winterwind, who disliked violence and scary things, was not a fan of the holiday, and it was showing.


Whisper: I’m thinking we need to go to Berk and buy some things. Decorations for the farm, maybe?

Winterwind: Do we have to?

Whisper: Oh, come on! Please? I know! What should we get for trick-or-treat candy?

Winterwind: I hate trick-or-treat candy!

Whisper: Oh, surely there’s something you’d like as a treat?

Winterwind: Ginger snap cookies.

Whisper: I mean harvest treats. I was more thinking candy corn, chocolate, maybe some pumpkin-flavored things…

Winterwind: Yuck, yuck, and yuck!


Whisper: Oh, come on! How can you not like any of that? Especially chocolate! Everyone loves chocolate!


Winterwind: Chocolate is nasty!

Whisper: You’re the worst picky eater I ever met! Look, it's not like the treats are for us, anyway. It's for trick-or-treaters. We can just pick some up.


Winterwind: Check out this flower!


Whisper: Hey, pay attention! If you don’t want treats, maybe we can move on to costumes.


Winterwind: I want cookies.

Whisper: Costumes it is!


A little later…

Whisper: What do you think?

Winterwind: I think I found a four-leaf clover!

Whisper: Wrong holiday, Winter. Over here!


Whisper: A Snow Wraith! I just need a mask and wings!


Winterwind: No.

Whisper: But—

Winterwind: No.

Whisper: Come on…

Winterwind: No.


(Winterwind has an ongoing rivalry with a Snow Wraith named Avalanche. Avalanche wants her dead and is not afraid of threatening Whisper to get her. Understandably, Winterwind is not a Snow Wraith fan.)


Whisper: You got to admit, it would be scary.


Winterwind: NO!


Whisper: Alright, alright, I guess it is a bit of a sensitive topic…How about something spooky-looking?

Winterwind: Spooky? Like a Flightmare? Smothering Smokebreath?


A little while later…


Whisper: A Boneknapper!


Winterwind: …You going to do the bottom?

Whisper: Come on! Even this much was hard to make! Are you determined to suck the fun out of this?

Winterwind: This is supposed to be fun?


Whisper: Oh, wait, I got it!


A little while later…


Winterwind: Absolutely not!

Whisper: Oh, come on! It’s better than a Snow Wraith!

Winterwind: Hardly!

Whisper: Winter, I worked really hard on this one! I have a mask and everything!

Winterwind: No!


Winterwind: You cannot dress as a Skrill!


Winterwind: Icebones will never let me hear the end of it if he finds out!


(Icebones is Whisper’s wild Skrill friend. He and Winterwind don’t usually get along.)


Whisper: So what? Icebones can think whatever he wants! It’s not like I’m dressing up as him specifically!

Winterwind: Pick another dragon! Deadly Nadder! Try that one.


Whisper: No! I like this costume! I worked censored this costume! And you know what? I like chocolate and pumpkin flavored things and all those sort of treats. And farm decorations! I can get them if I want to!


Winterwind: But I said no!

Whisper: Well, guess what? I’m the rider, and you are the dragon! Guess who’s in charge?!

Winterwind: You did not just go there!

Whisper: You bet I did!

Winterwind: You’re impossible sometimes, you know that?!

Whisper: I’m impossible?! You just don’t want to have any fun at all! You don’t care that I worked for hours on this, do you?!

Winterwind: No, I don’t care about your stupid costume or your stupid holiday! Happy?!

Whisper: No, I’m not! And you know what?! You’re the one who’s stupid!

Winterwind: Oh, real mature!


Whisper: ARGH! I’m going to go find someone who appreciates the work I put into this! I bet Norbert will love it! And you can just stay here if you’re so determined to be miserable!


Winterwind: Well…fine!

Whisper: Fine!


Meanwhile …




Queen of the Winter Wind (Gif) by WhispertheWolfie


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School of Dragons Info


Main Viking: WhispertheWolf


Starter Dragon: Brightclaw (female Deadly Nadder)


Main Dragon: Winterwind (female Woolly Howl)


Main Racing Dragon: Frostclaws (male Shivertooth)


Main Battle Dragon: Thistle (female Prickleboggle)


Main Dragon Tactics Dragon: Shiver and Shake (male Titan Wing Zipplewraith)


All My Dragons


*Dragons of My "Main Team"


File:Strike Class.png

Strike Class

Woolly Howls

*Winterwind: female Woolly Howl

*Bifrost: male Titan Wing Woolly Howl

Dasher: male Woolly Howl (Snoggletog Wraith stand-in)

Solstice: male baby Woolly Howl (Winterwind and Dasher's son)

Mistletoe: female baby Woolly Howl (Winterwind and Dasher's daughter)

Ivywine: female baby Woolly Howl (Winterwind and Dasher's daughter)

Snow Wraiths

*Avalanche: female Snow Wraith

*Doomfang: male Titan Wing Snow Wraith


Toothless: male Night Fury

Light Fury: female Light Fury

Dart: female Night Light (Toothless and Light Fury's daughter)

Ruffrunner: male Night Light (Toothless and Light Fury's son)

Pouncer: male Night Light (Toothless and Light Fury's son)

Triple Strykes

Slashtail: male Triple Stryke (Stormheart's Triple Stryke's son)

Venomtwirl: female Titan Wing Triple Strike


Interceptor: male Deathgripper

Blackwidow: female Titan Wing Deathgripper


Icebones: male Skrill

Galewing: female Titan Wing Skrill


Draughoul: male Skrillknapper (Icebones and Scourge's son)


File:Boulder Class.png

Boulder Class


*Icevein: male Groncicle

Warmheart: female Groncicle (Icevein's mother)

Northbright: female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Hoarfrost: male Groncicle (Icevein's brother)

Snowblast: male Groncicle (Icevein's brother)

Shivershy: female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Coldnip: male Groncicle (Frozen Groncicle stand-in)


Stonemaw: male Gronckle

Jordbringer: female Titan Wing Gronckle

Whispering Deaths

Sawfang: male Whispering Death (Groundsplitter's son)

Bramble: female Titan Wing Whispering Death

Furious: male Screaming Death (Groundsplitter's son)

Merciless: female Titan Wing Screaming Death


Silhouette: female Sentinel

Monolith: male Titan Wing Sentinel

Comrade: male Elder Sentinel

Crimson Goregutters

Dayspring: female Crimson Goregutter (Daybreaker's mother)

Elkhart (in-game name Elkheart): male Titan Wing Crimson Goregutter


*Endeavor: male Hushboggle

*Duskrustle: female Titan Wing Hushboggle


Hollowfiend: male Humbanger

Minemuncher: female Titan Wing Humbanger


Meteorblast: male Eruptodon

Ironmaid (in-game name Honormaid): female Hotburple

Boulderdash: male Catastrophic Quaken

Redwolf: male Grapple Grounder

Stonefist: male Thunderpede

Gemtooth: female Snafflefang

Charity: female Shovelhelm

Other Hybrids

Macemaiden: female Ridgesnipper (Silvershard's daughter)

Daybreaker: male Gruesome Goregripper (Dayspring's son)

Burrowight: female Graveknapper


File:Sharp Class.png

Sharp Class


*Frostclaws: male Shivertooth

Chillbreath: female Shivertooth (Quiverpain stand-in)


Silvershard: female Razorwhip (Windshear's daughter)

Swiftslice: male Titan Wing Razorwhip

Speed Stingers

Fleetsteps: male Speed Stinger

Quickflash: female Titan Wing Speed Stinger


Spitfire: male Scuttleclaw

Jadeheart: female Titan Wing Scuttleclaw


Windrider: female Stormcutter

Owleye: male Titan Wing Stormcutter


Oakthorn (in-game name Oakclaw): male Timberjack

Sprucewing: female Titan Wing Timberjack

Grim Gnashers

Cindertooth: female Grim Gnasher

Vultureclaw: male Titan Wing Grim Gnasher


Rainshed: female Raincutter

Shadowhunter: male Devilish Dervish


Scensoredhimmer: male Deathly Galeslash (Brightclaw's son)

Skeletreat: female Bonestormer (Windrider's daughter)


File:Mystery Class.png

Mystery Class


*Thistle: female Prickleboggle (tiny Prickleboggle stand-in)

Yarrow: male Prickleboggle


*Forethought: male Dramillion

*Miracle: female Titan Wing Dramillion

Slithersongs/Death Songs

Nightingale: female Sithersong

Evermore: male Death Song (Melody Island Death Song's son)

Valkyrie: female Titan Wing Death Song


Augury: female Hobgobbler

Demonspawn: male Titan Wing Hobgobbler

Lovestruck: male Smitten Hobgobbler

Cavern Crasher

Catacrawler: female Cavern Crasher

Rubblewriggler: male Titan Wing Cavern Crasher


Wyrmsbane: male Slitherwing

Vipershood: female Titan Wing Slitherwing


Scourge: female Boneknapper

Wishbone: male Titan Wing Boneknapper


Professor: male Flightmare

Starshine: female Titan Wing Flightmare

Hideous Zipplejacks

Double & Trouble: female Hideous Zippleback

Set & Match: male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback


Fortitude: male Buffalord

Horrorcow: female Titan Wing Buffalord


*Mosaic: female Titan Wing Chimeragon

*Stormfuse: male Chimeragon


*Tundra and Taiga: female Zipplewraith (Avalanche's daughter)

*Shiver and Shake: male Titan Wing Zipplewraith


Bandit: male Armorwing

Merrigold: female Golden Dragon

Faith: female Changewing

Sneak, Snip, Snap & Trap: male Snaptrapper (Leafy Snaptrapper stand-in)

Honey: female Sweet Death

Mistwalker: female Smothering Smokebreath


Candycrusher: female Dreadstrider (Professor's daughter)

Trophy & Laurel: female Ghastly Zapplejack (Oakthorn and Double & Trouble's daughter)


File:Stoker Class.png

Stoker Class

Monstrous Nightmares

Firegale: female Monstrous Nightmare

Ridgeback: male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Terrible Terrors

Sparrow: female Terrible Terror

Odinsfang: male Titan Wing Terrible Terror

Night Terrors/Fire Terrors

Eclipse: female Night Terror

Cavetorch: male Fire Terror

Ghost: male Fire Terror (Night Swarm stand-in)

Silver Phantoms

Legacy: female Silver Phantom

Stratosfire: male Titan Wing Silver Phantom


Brightsoul: male Singetail

Scout: female Flame Whipper

Sunheart: female Fireworm Queen

Fireflight: female Hobblegrunt (Threadtail stand-in)

Lionheart: male Moldruffle

Cyclone: male Typhoomerang


Bobbletail: male Abomibumble (Stonemaw and Firegale's son)


File:Tracker Class.png

Tracker Class

Deadly Nadders

Brightclaw: female Deadly Nadder

Horntail: male Titan Wing Deadly Nadder


Bullheart: male Rumblehorn

Leafshade: female Titan Wing Rumblehorn


Echo: female Mudraker


File:Tidal Class.png

Tidal Class


Seacry: female Thunderdrum

Darkbreather: male Titan Wing Thunderdrum

Sand Wraiths

Fjord: male Sand Wraith

Shorewind: female Titan Wing Sand Wraith


Sparky: male Shockjaw

Stormsurge: female Titan Wing Shockjaw


Riptide: male Scauldron

Backbiter: female Titan Wing Scauldron


Splashwing: female Sliquifier

Wavedancer: female Tide Glider

Freyasfang: female Windwalker


Brack & Brine: female Seastormer



Original Characters

Through the Winter Winds by WhispertheWolfie

Artwork by Arrowalker


Profile Links


Trainer sprites by Blackwolfen

Links are in blue, all open in a new tab


The Wolf and the Howl Characters:

Whisper Norling




Ylva Norling



Norbert Haugen







The King

Other Characters

More Characters


Son of the Sea Characters




Extra Winterwind Links

Winterwind Artwork

Winterwind Banners

Whisper and Winterwind: A Poem by Wolflight



Links to My Screenshot Comics



The Wolf and the Howl: The Song of Death

The Wolf and the Howl: The Dragon at Dreadfall

The Wolf and the Howl: Dragon Sledding

The Wolf and the Howl: A Winter's Ride

The Wolf and the Howl: Matchmaker

The Wolf and the Howl: The Mysterious Chicken Caper

The Wolf and the Howl: Terror Loose on Dreadfall


Extra: Dasher's Snoggletog Countdown


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funny thing is me and tropical, had the same argument, he  does not apreciate harvest haunt as much as snogglrtog


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Image result for i looked at him and i saw myself

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'A simple moment,

And he saw such wonder,

A thing of beauty,

A leaf framed in the golden rays of Autumn light.'







Single book of matches is gonna burn what's standing in the way,

Roaring down the mountain, now they are calling on the fire brigade,

Bury all the pictures and tell the kids that I'm okay,

If'n I'm forgotten you'll remember me for today,


I won't ever be your cornerstone,


All the black inside me is slowly seeping from the bone,

Everything I cherish is slowly dying or it's gone,

Little shaken babies and drunkards seem to all agree,

Once the show gets started it's bound to be a sight to see,


I won't ever be your cornerstone,


I don't want to be here holding on,


I won't ever be your cornerstone,


Watch her roll, can you feel it?,

Watch her roll, can you feel it?,

Watch her roll, can you feel it?

Watch her roll, can you feel it?


I won't ever be your cornerstone,


I don't want to be here holding on,

(Watch her roll, can you feel it?)


I won't ever be your cornerstone,

(Watch her roll)









'An ya know I'd never hurt you,
But I jus' sometimes can't control,
The fire in ma heart and the pain in ma soul.'
'Hugs n' kisses.'
'Me and my boy Py, with his lit'l baby, Desert.'
'My li'l bro Fred with his baby Zippleback, Dawn and Dusk, on left. Me, Pyro and my Terrible Terror Darrow on the right.' 
'My shining star.'
'Pyro,battle ready!'
'Jus' banter, Pyro, Daisy, Darrow, Freddy, Dawn n' Dusk.'
'All those times in the sunshine.'
'So Cute.'
'A sketch of Py and Me.'
'Mortal Enemies: Pyro and Rafal.'
'Py in the Surf.'
'Say Cheese!'
'Hey Py, it's okay.'
'Pyro and Colt; watch it.'
'Wyvern: Awake the Morning.'
'They are not what we think they are...'
'They will always be wild...'
'But always there for us.'
'I am a fire starter,
A twisted fire starter.'
What a night for a dance,
Ya know I'm a dancin' machine,
Wit' the fire in ma bones,
N' the sweet taste of kerosene.
I get lost in the night so high I don't wanna come down,
To face the loss of the good things that I had foun'.
Woohoo, ooh.
In the dark of the night I can hear ya a callin' ma name,
Wit' the hardest of hearts I still feel full of pain,
So I drin' an I smoke and I ast if your e'er aroun',
Even though it was me wh drove us right in the groun'.
See the times we shared they were precious to me,
But all the while I was dreamin' of revelry.
(Woohoo, ooh, oh, woohoo)
Gonna run, baby run like a stream down a mountain side,
With the win' at my back  won' ever even bat an eye,
Jus' know it was you all alon' who had a hold of ma heart,
And the demon on me was the best of friends from the start.
See the times we shared they were precious to me,
But all the while I was dreamin' of revelry.
(Woohoo, ooh, oh, woohoo)
Dreamin' of revelry.
An' I told myself, oh the ways ya go,
It rained so hard it felt like snow,
An' everythin' came a tumbling down on me,
In the black of the wood in the dark of the night,
Palest pale of the old moonlight,
Everythings just felt so imcomplete.
Dreamin' of revelry.
'Baby Pyro and Hookfang'
        'The Best Weapon In the World of Vikings EVER!'
'N' ya know when you found em'
They'll always stick aroun'
Cos' a friend that stands beside ya
Will never let you down.'
My Adoptables And Art Thread



My Dragon Stables Thread:



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My Monstrous Nightmare Request Thread (OPEN):


~  Credit to Royal Fury for the red Pyro sketch, 2 Recolours by Elsa II,  credit to Ender AKA Queen Of Darkfire for Chibi Pyro, Credit to Misty Night for the chibi Daisy pic,  Credit to Candyblast for the Pyro gif, Credit to Nessie for the forum pins, Credit to Grumpy Cat Lover and Skyler Smile for the bouncie, credit to the owners of the gifs and such (I found them on Google) and credit to KOL (Kings Of Leon/ THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!) for writing the AWESOME songs Pyro Cold Desert and Revelry, Ian the Very Disturbed AKA the most powerful weapon EVER Made by DragonLover43 ~
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Bumbles the candy loving Lazersight Vesperwing who likes to stalk me for my food.

Adopted from goldenfury360 who made the species.

Lineart done by NightmareRebuff




 Flint the over curious gluespit.

Adopted from chameishida.


Chelsy, the least frightening indominus rex there ever was. Color shifting joke charicter extrodinare. Art by TosiLohi.

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Eh, Forgot

Eh, forgot the forum censors the word "h.ard". Oh well. I guess this first chapter still came out well.

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Tracking. I bet Majesty would agree with Winterwind on the subject of costumes and the like.


Let's get right to buisness, with...

My Dragon Cave



"Are you, are you.

Coming to the tree

Where they stung up a man, they say he murdered three

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree.


Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

Where the dead man called out for his love to flee

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree


Are you, are you

coming to the tree

Where I told you to run, so we'd both be free

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree


Are you, are you

coming to the tree

Wear a necklace of rope, side by side with me

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree"

When a math quiz is announced.

And then I get the paper back and I'm all like.

And my friends are all like

And the teacher's all like



Since the first three of these seven dragons have been stolen, I'm leaving Anduril (Drawn by The Ecliptic Eight) to watch them.

Natt Mord the Hypnotic Night Catcher adopted from Golden Scarlet. I wrote my butt of trying to adopt this, so there will be salt if this get's stolen.

Same for Advarsel. Except she's an Ominous Storm Rider, still from Golden Scarlet. Again, if she get's stolen, it will be Saltageddon 2015.

Vindfjaer by Goldenfury360! PS. It's a Windsong ;)

Simon the Screeching Hunchback by Chameishida! He's so adorably deadly, ain't he?

Canopy the Spacial Beauty adopted from KrazyKira. His nickname is the Einstein dragon.

Aang the Legendary Air Jabberjaw adopted from The Ecliptic Eight. Wow that's a mouthful!

 Sirius the Star Fury adopted from goldfish50!

 Electrifier spore-ized, made by BeaReptileLover!

Don't Eat My Back/Yellow Snow/ Sub-Zero adopted from Iron Man 2000! And I bet you can guess where I got all those names from!

 Darude the Paranoid Sandskritter made by NightmareRebuff



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Sparky DON'T do tthhaa... *sigh*

Tracking :-)


(Profile Pic by Colress)

     A Little About Me:  First off feel free to call me Cooler. :-) I love to role play and draw. My favorite color is pink, if you can't tell. :P My favorite animal is a giraffe. Although I love all types of dragons, my favorite is the Monstrous Nightmare. I love Marvel comics and super heroes, especially Spiderman and Iron Man! My favorite TV series are Bones and Scooby Doo. My favorite books are Wings of Fire, The Dragon Keepers Series, Scorched, The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf, Dork Diaries, The Last Synapsid, The Boxcar Children and many, many more. Basically I love most of the books I read, and I read a lot. I'm a crazy cat lady who's got four cats, Rio, Slick, Stormy aka Derpy, and Sweety Pie- who is not very sweet.  I'd like to have more... :-D If you want to know my OC Cooler's back story go ahead: Click here I'm obsessed with dragons, the HTTYD movies, and the series. Why else would I play this game or be on the forum, right? XD


(Top two by me)

(By WolfLight)

Main Dragon: Sparky

   Personality: Fierce, protector of all my dragons, the alpha/leader of all of them (no matter how much Queen dislikes it), a little hot headed, stubborn at times, sarcastic, silly at times, and most importantly: very loyal

      Back Story: When I first came to the school, I was allowed to choose one dragon just like everyone else. But I felt like something, a dragon, was calling me. I wondered around the hatchery for a while searching for the perfect dragon companion. Then my eyes  laid on the monstrous nightmare eggs. At the very bottom of the bin was an odd color for a monstrous nightmare egg, it was pink. Of course I picked up that one 'cause it's my favorite color. The next thing I know is that I feel my arms tingling, like this was that moment you know when something is right. This is what was calling me. I hatched the egg and a cute, pink, little monstrous nightmare hatched. I named her Sparky because of she seemed to have a fiery personality. I knew right then that Sparky was the perfect dragon for me! The two of us, after long days of training, enjoy exploring, racing, and fishing together.

Every time we explore we almost always find a new dragon which I train with the help of Sparky. Out of the fifty times we have explored we have found forty five dragons. She mainly likes to explore to find more dragon friends. I just explore for the fun of it. I'm starting to run out of room in my stables. Guess I'll have to build more!

When we race sometimes she runs into the walls. Then blames me for making her run into the walls and smacks me with her horns. She then runs into the wall so I hit the wall as payback! I've tried to help her with the turns but she just ignores my "training" and reverts back to her old ways. (Sparky just read this and smacked me in the head with her wing.) Fine, fine Sparky doesn't run into the walls I do (If that makes any sense). I don't she does. She can't read it this small. Haha. -Yes I can, Cooler! Grrr, you better run when I find you!- Oh sure of course I will... y-YIKES H-HELP!!

And Sparky trying to fish haha... it's hilarious! She shoves her head into the water and tries to bite at the fish when they are to far away and then she blows bubbles angrily when she doesn't catch them. Not only does she do that, but when she gets really annoyed she flies into the sky and dives down into the water. Then she freaks out when fish swim under her belly. She takes off saying, "Nope, nope, nope. I'm done with fishing! I'm out, peace!" Then she flies off and leaves me behind. She usually comes back but only after she raided my fish stockpile. -Ah, yes I do do that. Fish may be tasty but they're slimy!-

Extra: I adopted her on June 15, 2014. She and I have been together for more than three years now. She's my first and most favorite dragon, just don't tell the other dragons about that. Sparky loves to eat salmon, it's her favorite, and occasionally a perch. Sparky loves Snoggletog so much that she wears antlers and jingle bells all year long!

My In-Game Dragons:

Bouncies/ Gifs/ Pictures others made for me:

Storm                                         Storm Bringer                                        Scauldy  

(Raincutter bouncie made by bubbles5498)(Scauldron and Stormcutter (1st one) bounces made by TimberJackGirl) (2nd Stormcutter Bounce made by ThunderRider19)

Sparky                          Temperance            Queen's Banner                 Icey      

(Nightmare by Amerissa2890)(Boneknapper Bounce made by LisieChap)(Banner made by Wutend Bonfire)(Nadder Bounce made by Autumn5467)


Flame                      Icey                    Freeze                        Ella                 Gemstone

  Zoom                  Beauty            Cloudchaser               Storm Bringer         Digger


Midnight                  IronMan                      Cotton Candy                  Flare                    

(Everything above made by hot lava girl 29)       

Flare                                         Neon                                   Stella Star

(Typhoomerang Bounce made by NightFuryLover)(Flightmare Bounces made by 1flower aka Spy)


(By Amberleaf, my secret Santa! Thanks SOO much!)

Awesome Image of my Stormcutters, Cloudchaser, and Storm Bringer By Gigimon! Thanks!

Adopted Dragons:


(Dazzle adopted from 1flower aka Spy)(Dazzle- Night Fury Titan Glow Gif made by Fury of the night)


(Blaze adopted from chocolate24)(Blaze- Night Fury Bounce made by Autumn5467)

(Nightingale adopted from Reiraku)(Nightingale- Night Fury Titan Glow by Fury of the night)



                Misty                                                               Belle                           Emerald

(Dewmist adopted from Cerebellum)(Death Wing adopted from kimbenoso)(Terrible Terror adopted from 1flower aka Spy) 

Jewel                             Venom                                     Primrose

(Pebble-Shooting Speed Demon by xXHallaXx)(Both Velociraptor Draconis adopted from DuskDaybreak)


(Dewmist adopted from Cerebellum)


Night Fury OC: Plasma

      Personality: Independent, free willed, exclusive most of the time, almost too trusting, laid back, and very stubborn (even more stubborn than Sparky and trust me, Sparky is VERY stubborn)

        Back Story: One sunny day not-so-long-ago, I was walking through a forest, feeling the breeze in my hair and having fun on my Alone Time. I like to have an "Alone Time" at least once a week, for about an hour, so I don't go insane (Some would say I am but I beg to differ) and today was one of them. I was alone or so I thought. The whole time I felt the hair on the back of my neck standing straight up as if someone was watching or even following me. But there was no one with me at that time. I would turn around frequently, checking to see if anyone was following me or to see their eyes in the darkest corners of the forest.

At one time I thought I heard a whoosh sound from a tree's leaves. Then I thought of something: What if it's not a person but a dragon?! Slowly I sat down and pretended to rest. Slowly but surely, something can up behind me and nudged me on the shoulder. By now I am already used to things nudging me so I turned around and saw a night fury behind me. She was missing her left tail fin. It was as if she had gotten in a fight with another dragon because her tail fin was all slashed and she had bloodied slashes on her (all are healed now and you can't even see scars). But she was not like a normal night fury, she had blue on the back of her wings, two front legs, ears, and back of her body. I knew she was hungry why else would she be following me. I gave her a fish I had brought with me and she looked at me with her big eyes. She beckoned me to get on her back and was very trusting, almost too trusting, and laid back when I finally did. But we couldn't fly yet not matter how much she wanted too.

I knew I to get a tail fin for her so I decided to make one. I based it on Toothless' but with one change I made it so she could fly where ever she wanted without a person on her back. I didn't want her to be dependent on a person. Unfortunately the only fabric I had at that time was pink so that was what I made it out of. (Which is why one of her tail fins is pink.) I put it on her, with a descent amount of struggle, and when I did it fit like a charm. She immediately wanted to fly and so she did. Soon I was joined by Sparky, whom I mounted to get ready to fly, and the rest of my dragons who wanted to fly along side Plasma. They seemed to have already know her cause she didn't mind when they flew beside her. Apparently they had they were secretly protecting her from dangers and watching her to make sure she was alright.

I never did find out which dragon she fought and lost to. I just assume that it was against a monstrous nightmare or skrill. I do have a saddle for her if she wanted me to fly with her. Plasma is independent most of the time and prefers to fly by herself. But on occasion she lets me ride her and when she does she chooses where we go. Which is fine by me. I may be her trainer but I know she's independent and doesn't need no human. Plasma usually stays with my other dragons but other times she goes off and leaves to go on her own adventures. Where? Well I don't know but she always comes back within a week or two.

Gifs/Bounces of Plasma:

(Night fury bounce by TimberjackGirl)(Second Night Fury bounce by hot lava girl 29)(Night Fury Titan Glow Gif by Fury of the night)

Death Song OC: Siren's Call

Base by: Autumn5467

Dragons by me:

The Shimmering SeaScales: Click Here to get one of your own!


The Male: Ocean             The Female: Rainbow              The Baby: Coral

The Ferocious FourEyes: Click here to get one of your own!


Thank you to everyone who made something for me!! :-)


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Charge! For the hairbrush!

(Shadow-whispering death, dark purple. Candela- flightmare, white with a bit of golden on the edges. Crypt- bonenapper, yellow)

In contrast, several of my dragons love Harvest Haunt/Dreadfall, and they keep wearing the creepiest warpaint they can find and jumping out at me from-


AHHH IT'S A- Shadow!


You know what! You make me think of the jumpscares in the maze...

That was the idea.

You know how I feel about those little guys. Anyways, I'm used to you doing in in all-over white paint, but a sheet? That's a little much.



Oh, you're no fun.

(Highlight if hard to see)


Crypt, they both already tried that.

Oh. Drat.

Between the three of you- oh, never mind. I'm going into my farm, because you guys can't come there.

*enters farm*

*farm is dreadfallized*


Really, guys?

Your face was awesome.



You can call me Geek or Geekdom for short. I'm a girl, by the way.

Thank you, AllyNadderRider, for my profile picture!

My fandoms include *deep breath* Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, MLP, HTTYD, Marvel, Ranger's Apprentice, and Narnia.

Here are my OCs and adoptables:


First up is Allie, my main OC.

Her dragon is Excelsior, a stormcutter. The picture of her and Excelsior is by Scorpio Kardia, and the one of just her is by Pixel.

Allie's organized and practical, but still really absentminded at times. She's awkward around people she doesn't know very well and when it comes to muscles she's pretty wimpy, but she can whip up a pretty great strategy. If only people would listen to her when she tried to explain it. She really doesn't like hurting other people or animals, and that's not even including the fact that she feels queasy around blood.

Her weapon of choice is a hairbrush. Why? Even I don't know.


Then there's Kara.


Kara was an Outcast, but now she lives in Berk. It's a long story. I might write a fanfic about it... eventually. The razorwhip edit is by NadderMeGood. Drawing of Kara by MistyNight.

Kara is spunky and stubborn. She's tough as nails, and she's suspicious of any kindness. She grew up in a very dog-eat-dog world, after all. Her weapon is a warhammer, and she primarily rides a razorwhip named Shine, though the armorwing from the Battle for the Edge expansion and the singetail from the Return to Dragon Island expansion are also her dragons.


Next up we have Starr.

[No pictures of Starr currently]

I use her for next-gen roleplays. Starr has long, blonde hair and dark green eyes. Her bonenapper, Crypt, is still young and doesn't have a full armour. This picture of him is by TosiLohi.

Starr is shy and quiet. She really loves maps and mapping, and she's good at rock-climbing. Crypt is cocky and stubborn and refuses to listen to a word Starr says. She found him as an egg, which is why I have this awesome picture by Gorginia47:


Finally, there's Lissa.

[No pictures of Lissa currently]

She's another one for next-gen things. She's short and kind of pudgy, with black hair and grey-blue eyes. Her dragon, Santa Claws, is a battered red/white/green groncicle.

Lissa is really good with animals. She's kind and compassionate. Santa escaped from Drago a while ago, but his experience there left him scarred both emotionally and physically. Lissa was able to help him work through his trauma, and the two forged a powerfully unbreakable bond.


Here are my adoptables. On the newer ones (as of 10/17/16) the dragon species name is a link to the adoptable thread. If I get around to digging up some of the older threads I'll link them too, but that may not happen.



These are Ithil, Anor, and Earendil, my Spacial Beauties. They're siblings: moon, sun, and stars.

Ithil is named for the moon in Elvish, from The Lord of the Rings; he's playful and always ready for a romp and a good time. When vikings around him are drinking mead, he likes to take a sip, and he becomes very goofy and then falls asleep, soundly and for a long time.

Anor, on the other hand, is the sun. She is quieter and more reserved. She's very observant and sees a lot of things that go on in Berk. She likes napping in the sunlight, which her scales reflect blindingly. She loves plants and everything that grows, and often tries to help them along, with varying success.

Earendil's namesake is one of the brightest stars of Middle-Earth; she's shy and reserved. She loves to explore and find places where nobody's ever been before. She likes boats, and never gets seasick. Earendil can make the parts of her that look like stars glow brightly, even blinding those who threaten her or her friends. She hates spiders.

Name: Anuniaq

Species: Keelut


Starr was exploring the north with her boneknapper, Crypt, mapping the scattered islands. After she made camp one night, however, she discovered a lot of stores were missing the next day. She found doglike tracks running through the snow, but after she followed them for twenty yards, they disappeared. When she studied the depth and angle of the last tracks compared to the previous ones, though, it looked like it had taken flight, like it was a dragon--but what dragon had prints like a dog?

She sketched the prints in her notebook and set off through the air with Crypt to track the dragon. Though Crypt was not an exceptional tracker, he was able to follow the scent of the stolen food fairly well. They landed near a hollow, where Starr saw a smallish dragon devouring the last of her stolen supplies.

Using the rest of her supplies, she lured the dragon back to Berk. She soon found it had a curious mind and was eager for adventure, much like herself. The two formed a bond as Starr took care of the creature, who seemed to have been fairly hungry up in the north. She named the dragon "Anuniaq", a name that to those of the north she came from meant "Hunts for Food". Another translation was "Hunts for Knowledge", which was also accurate. Starr took Anuniaq with her often on her exploring journeys up north. Not only did the dragon get to visit her homeland again, she was also excellent at navigating the area, and her uncanny ability to locate food meant they could travel lighter, packing fewer supplies.

Adopted from: ladybrasa

Name: Buckbeak

Species: Thorny Sea Hound


Allie enjoyed sitting down to fish, getting a chance to just relax. Today, she'd borrowed a boat and was out fishing on the open ocean. Excelsior was circling the area, flying around. Allie had caught a lot of fish and was getting ready to return home when suddenly, many dragons swooped in on her and began attacking. She pulled out her hairbrush (her weapon of choice, don't judge) and swung it, but it passed right through the creatures. She was confused, but the dragons soon disappeared again. Odd.

When she turned around, she suddenly realized her entire day's catch had been stolen! Through the water, she caught a glimpse of a long purple creature sliding away through the water. She called Excelsior to her and followed it. It looked like some kind of dragon. She called Excelsior, mounted, and followed the new dragon.

Before long they caught up to it, sitting on the shore and eating the last of Allie's fish.  It was a beautiful dragon, and Allie walked up to it cautiously, not knowing how it would behave. It fixed her with a stare of its eyes, and somehow she felt it was sizing her up, deciding if she was worthy. She trusted her instincts about this, and also about what he was looking for. She kept her eyes open, not blinking, and stared it in the eyes as she gave it a short bow. It paused for a moment, then lowered its own head, returning the bow. Allie reached up and stroked its nose. The nose felt hard, kind of like a beak. In her mind, Allie began calling the dragon Buckbeak.

It lowered its neck, allowing her to mount, then took her for a ride across the top of the ocean. It was amazingly fast, and the water splashing her was cool and refreshing. Before long, it returned her to the rocky area, where Excelsior was waiting.

She took off, and Buckbeak didn't follow, but she often returned (especially on hot days) to visit him and go for a ride.

(Okay, maybe this dragon reminded me a bit of a hippogriff.)

Adopted from: WitcherForever

Name: Forest Light (Light for short)

Species: Cave Raider (Hatchling)


Lissa and Santa Claws, her groncicle, were out scouting the forest. They were so absorbed in watching the wildlife on the forest floor that they didn't notice the clouds beginning to gather until, with a rumble of thunder, the clouds opened up and poured down on them. Soaked through, Lissa turned back, but soon spotted a cave. She'd much rather stop there until the storm abated than head all the way back to Berk, and Santa seemed eager to reach shelter as well. Raindrops were freezing on his cold skin, weighing him down.

They landed in the cave, and Santa began ridding himself of the raindrops with his claws and teeth. Lissa started heading towards the back of the cave to explore. She thought she saw a faint glow ahead. Interested, she moved closer, then realized it was a dragon, and not just any dragon, a mother with a nest! She knew better than to mess with one of those, but it wasn't a dragon she'd ever seen before, and she was absolutely fascinated. So instead of backing away, she walked forward slowly. The dragon turned and growled at her, and Lissa noticed the glowing spines--fascinating! Hiccup would never forgive her if she let an opportunity like that go to waste. She lifted a hand. "It's okay," she whispered. If you used a high-pitched, fast voice, animals would get riled up, but a low and slow one would calm them, a fact Lissa knew well and would use to her advantage. "It's okay," she said again, forcing herself to be calm, practically exuding calm. Carefully, she reached up and stroked the dragon's nose soothingly.

Lissa wasn't a very talented girl, but this was where the talents she did have lay, in calming and understanding dragons, or any animal, really. She rarely used dragon nip, which felt like cheating to her. But this dragon was fairly calm already.

She grinned and started to walk towards the eggs, but a growl from the mother alerted her that she wasn't trusted that much yet. She backed away from the eggs, which seemed to earn her some more trust from the mother.

She continued to stroke that dragon, running her fingers down the neck, along the back, across the wings, down the tail. The dragon seemed to like that a lot, so Lissa continued for a while. In fact, what she was doing was memorizing the dragon's curves so she could describe it to Hiccup.

She heard the rain outside start to lessen and turned to head back outside, but the mother dragon made a little rumble that clearly meant, wait just one second. Then she turned to the eggs and nosed one towards Lissa, a foresty green one with bluer and yellower patches. The yellow patches glowed. Lissa gasped as she realized what the mother was telling her. Tenderly, she picked it up. "I'll take good care of it," she promised solemnly.

The glowing egg lit Lissa's way back through the tunnel, and she found Santa all ready to go. The rain had stopped now, so she mounted up, still holding the egg carefully, and headed back to Berk to tell Hiccup. He was excited she'd discovered a new species, and when the egg hatched, he sketched it from every angle while Lissa tried desperately to convince the dragon (who she'd named Forest Light) to sit still. He was a curious, adventurous fellow, and he loved riding on Santa when Lissa went anywhere. He was incredibly loyal and never left her side, and though he was extremely reluctant when he first learned to fly, he got the hang of it more quickly than any other dragon Lissa had seen. She took him often to visit his mother, but the visits didn't usually last very long, as the mother dragon had plenty of other babies on her hands.

Light wasn't really Lissa's dragon, not fully. Hiccup had a large hand in his training, too, and he soon showed an affinity for herding both sheep and small dragons, making him invaluable around the village. Lissa liked to joke that once he grew up, he'd keep the entire village full of dragons under control.

Adopted from: Valoris620

Species: Wardenrain

Backstory: Starr was, as usual, exploring. Crypt, her boneknapper, was exhausted, so she was forced to land on the first island that came into view. He collapsed into sleep as soon as they touched the ground, and she knew she wouldn't be able to wake him up, under any circumstances, for several hours.

Unfortunately, he'd landed right next to a lake, and the lake was full of scauldrons. They weren't hungry enough to leave the water, but they were still eyeing Crypt. Starr noticed rainclouds approaching, and realized that if it rained, the water would rise up to Crypt, and the scauldrons would eat him. As the first drops began to fall, she prepared herself to fight the scauldrons, but not with much hope of success.

Suddenly, she heard wingflaps above her. A strange dragon she'd never seen before was flying overhead, basking in the rain, and somehow drawing it to herself so that little of it fell. To show her appriciation, Starr caught the dragon a large pile of fish, which it ate eagerly.  She wasn't able to convince it to return to Berk with her, but whenever she returns to that area, she can always find it, and it's usually eager to play.

Adopted from: chameishida

Name: Celestia
Species: Psyche Keeper
Adopted from: Krazykira24
Celestia watches over the element of light. As such, she is extremely attracted to shiny things.

Name: Revenge

Species: Ballistic Silentwing

Personality: Revenge is, as her name suggests, very vengeful. But that's not the only side to her nature. She's also very nurturing to younger dragons and more forgiving of them than of others. She enjoys flying and doing tricks, but she's very competitive. I don't let her compete, because she'll make it less fun for others.

Adopted from: chameishida

Name: Baby

Species: Starstruck

Backstory: I was walking by myself in the woods when I heard a keening yelp. I ran towards the noise, which sounded like an injured dragon. I burst into a clearing to see a baby starstruck being attacked by a boar. Knowing how rare they were, I wanted to save it, so I attacked the boar with nothing but a small dagger. Both I and the starstruck got pretty injured, but I managed to drive off the boar. The dragon and I had to work together to get back to Berk all right. By the time we were done, we'd formed a bond. I called her Baby while we were in the woods, just as a nickname, but she refused to answer to anything else later.

Adopted from: chameishida

Name: Countershade

Species: Boomballoon

Adopted from: chmeishida

(Picture approximately life-size)

Name: Juniper

Species: Woodland Sprite

Adopted from: Duskdaybreak

Name: Ceridwynn

Species: Deathwing

Personality: Ceridwynn is a Welsh name meaning "poetry" and it certainly fits this graceful beauty! She loves the sea, especially the waves, and she likes me to read her poetry. Her call is a series of rythmic clicks.

Adopted from: kimbenoso


Name: Mako

Species: Waverazer

Personality: Fierce, but with an insatiable appetite for fish. Kind of a loner, he usually hangs out by himself- or with sharks.

Adopted from: RaxForax

Name: Sanskrit

Species: Paranoid Sandskitter

Adopted from: NightmareRebuff (as a reward for participating in a challenge)

Name: Analog

Species: Banded Featherlure

Personality: Analog is artistic, drawing much better doodles than Toothless with her muscular tail. They're not as good as a human's, but the objects are recognizable. I've never understood why she was such a loner, since her species usually comes in packs.

Adopted from: Amberleaf

Name: Seafoam

Species: Smoothskin

Backstory: Seafoam was one of my very first dragons. I passed her beached on the shore, floundering around and trying to return to the water. It took me a long time to convince her to trust me and let me help her get back into the water, but after that she was always swimming around when I came into the water and bringing me fish to thank me. I'm not sure if this is quite a dragon bond or one of those life-debt things, but I love her all the same whichever it might be.

Adopted from: Maijic

Name: Opalescence

Species: Egg Biter

Personality: (In four words) Quiet, playful, cheerful, motherly

Adopted from: snowflake12298

Name: Rush

Species: Firefang

Backstory (short): Unlike some stories, in which people go out looking for dragons to train, Rush went looking for a human to train. He uses certain noises to get me to do certain things--so I guess I'm pretty well-trained!

Adopted from: snowflake12298


Name: Rowena

Species: Golden Snitch Dragon

Personality: Rowena is quiet, but not because she's shy. She's more... arrogant. She's highly strategic and constantly creams everyone at chess. She considers humans to be beneath her, but will deign to consort with a few she has deemed worthy.

Backstory: I was glancing out the window of my tower when I first saw her fly past. I was instantly in love with the shimmering swirls of silver on her body, the feathers on her elbows, and her elegant, floating wings. I saw the golden ball she was carrying, carved with words in an elaborate script, but before I could make out the words, she was gone.

It took me weeks to find her again. She was perched on top of the tower, where she apparently made her home, and it was quite a challenge to get up there. She flew away whenever I tried to approach her with a broomstick; she seemed to consider it cheating. So I had to climb. When I reached her, she wouldn't let me approach. She simply rolled the ball towards me, and I saw that every inch was covered in riddles, ones much harder than the ones the common room door usually gave me. She seemed to have collected the best ones for a long time, decades, maybe centuries. I examined them all thoroughly, until I could recite them backwards in my sleep, but I had no idea. Defeated, I was forced to retreat.

I spent hours every day in the library, reading every book remotely related to any of the riddles. It was hard work, but I'm stubborn. After three weeks of hard studying, I was ready. I returned to the tower, and when she returned the ball to me, I answered her riddles. She consented to allow me to come close to her and to touch her. She refused to let me ride her, though.

After that, she came down to the common room sometimes. Sometimes she'd curl up in front of the fire or sit next to me and read over me shoulder as I did my homework--that drove me crazy, because she was constantly making disapproving noises when she felt I did something wrong and always made me second-guess myself, but I got great grades on those assignments! Most of the time, though, she played chess with anyone and everyone who was willing to play her. After the first three times she creamed them, most people weren't willing anymore. But like I said, I'm stubborn. I read books about chess technique, learned from my mistakes, watched her technique as I played her time and time again, and one fateful day, I beat her.

She allowed me to ride on her back for the first time.

I'll never forget that day. It was different entirely from broomstick, hippogriff, winged horse, or any other method of flying I've ever tried, and it was better than any of them. The next day, as I climbed up to her tower as usual, I expected another ride, but I was wrong. She would only grant me a ride after I had beaten her at chess, which was a rare occurence no matter what I did. But it was worth being beaten a thousand times over just for one flight.

Adopted from: IisRandom

Extra facts: This is a Harry Potter-universe dragon. Thus, she belongs to my HP OC Zenna instead of any of my HTTYD OCs. Also, Snitch Dragons are usually much smaller, but Rowena is several centuries old. Future Ravenclaws may well find her atop the tower, but beware. Her riddles only get harder as time goes on.


Name: Nimrodel

Species: Shimmering Seascale

Adopted from: CoolerthanDragons

Name: Ozymandias

Species: Galedron

Personality: Ozymandias likes to think he's feirce, and no doubt he was in his younger days. Now, though, he's just a teddy bear. An elderly teddy bear. He hoards shiny things, and he'll do all he can in protection of them, which usually just means sleeping on top of them... very soundly. One time a herd of somethering smokebreaths came through and stole his entire hoard out from under him, and he didn't even twitch.

Adopted from: Ashley40

Name: Romphaia

Species: Frilled Parrotbeak

Adopted from: Cerebellum

Name: Equinox
Species: Dewmist
Adopted from: Cerebellum

Name: Snarl

Species: Skull Screamer

Adopted from: Golden Scarlet

Snarl is not tamed. He actually really hates my OC, Allie.

(before metamorphosis)




(after metamorphosis)
Name: Lena
Species: Outrageous Windshrike
Adopted from: NightmareRebuff

Name: Azmavarim

Species: Cyclonewing

Adopted from: Snowflake12298

Name: Altus

Species: Triple Stryke

(Short) Backstory: Altus saw Excelsior flying around one day and saw that their coloring was very similar. For some reason, he seemed inclined to trust her, so he followed her home. He was slower to trust Allie, but eventually the pair bonded, though Altus still seemed to prefer Excelsior, and took directions from her more readily than those from Allie.

Adopted from: donnala

Name: Orthanc

Species: This creature actually has no official name, but I call it a Flitterwing.

Backstory: I was walking in the woods when I found its egg. I took it back to Berk and raised it. It became very mischevious, and frightened me by turning into a cocoon for two weeks. I had never seen a species like it before. I suggested it be called a Flitterwing, but the Riders were doubtful.

Names: Nivelle and Solace

Species: Pollen Wing

Personality: Pollen wings are all about taking care of plants. This pair lives in an apple tree near the Great Hall and helps all the plants in Berk grow. Though they're siblings, these dragons are polar opposites. Nivelle loves winter, ice, and snow; Solace's favorite season is summer, the time of sun and warmth. 'Nivelle' means 'snow' in Latin; 'Solace' means 'sun'. Even so, the two work well together.

Name: Laurelindorenan

Species: Elemental Jabberjaw

Adopted From: The Ecliptic Eight

Extra: She's a kind of elemental drago. Her element is (obviously) earth.

Name: Umbra

Species: Jabberjaw

Personality: Umbra is a feisty little girl with a nose for trouble. She's also very curious and tries to learn more about everything. By destroying it. Which usually defeats the purpose.

Adopted from: The Ecliptic Eight

Name: Demeter

Species: Maned Stratofier

Personality: Demeter has a natural mothering instinct, but she doesn't have any children. Instead, her instinct is to protect and help everything that comes her way. She, like most of her species, has a deep-seated hatred for skrills.

Adopted from: mechfighter

Name: Lila

Species: Daggermaw Flamestalker

Adopted from: NightmareRebuff

Name: Alinari

Species: Crying Life Stealer

Adopted from: Golden Scarlet

Name: Fangorn

Species: Tree Eater

Adopted from: Murrish

Name: Valinor

Species: Bladed Sand Screecher

Personality: Valinor has a love of decoration.  She practically makes nests, but she does it using the most shiny and colorful things she can find.

Adopted from: Golden Scarlet

Name: Slash

Species: Saber-toothed horntail

Adopted from: Fury of the Night



This is Squee. She's a Pan Puffle, which is not a dragon- I'm not quite sure what it is. Squee is a real prankster. She likes even jumping out and scaring people, but she's adept at more elaborate pranks too. Being able to float around silently helps a lot with that. She can get carried away and hurt someone accidentally, but she would never do it on purpose... unless it was really, really funny. I adopted her from Sky and Ocean.

This is Tiger, a female teenage whale shark. She's a good friend of Mako's. She likes nosing around shipwrecks and looking at all the random stuff inside.

This is Jelly. Don't let her frighten you, she's really very friendly! She does have a bit of a temper, though, and sometimes when I look into her eyes, I seem to feel compelled to do what she wan- What's that, Jelly? You want me to tell them all how wonderful you are? And how amazing, and how... I don't know, that seems a bit excessive... oh, don't make that adorable face, you know I can't resist-

*monotone robot voice* Jelly is wonderful. She is amazing. I have never had a better pet. Jelly is my best friend.



Future dragons- planned to be in-game but I don't have them yet:


      Candela                      Frost                       Fiyera            Arathorn      Akari


                 Riptide                                 Sting (and his namesake)                    Crypt


                 Kara                       Woodsmoke                          Sunny                     Dash

Brought to you by Autumn5476, snowflake12298, mesaprncss, Yin to the Yang, Stiger23, Grumpy Cat lover, ToothlessNightfury, Basrolo, DuskDayBreak, and Dreamworks.


In-game dragons:


                Excelsior                            Anduril                                   Permafrost


                  Shine                                        Shadowfax                                   Gwihir


                 Alibi                                     Santa Claws                                 Jadis


              Sunrise                        Riddle and Enigma              Jewel                          Shadow

Also: Grass and Maud Pie (gronkles), Pinkie and Pie (zippleback), Cadence and Cosecant (deathsongs), Zoomy McZoom (mudraker), Tiger (armorwing), Firebolt (singetail), Rocky (eruptodon), and Incendio (devilish dervish). There might be pictures of these coming. You know, eventually. Once I get around to it.

MagicalPotato drew me this incredible picture of Shadowfax for Christmas:












































This is Clament, our mascot










In the Sisterhood, each of

us has a nickname and a

shell. My nickname is Pippin,

and my shell is that white spiral.

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Keeping an eye on this topic. Not literally. That would be messy and it's not that close to Harvest Haunt yet.


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Chapter 2: Why Fiery Masks are a Bad Idea

Chapter 2: Why Fiery Masks are a Bad Idea


Whisper: Norbert!


Norbert: Hey, Whisper! What’s up?



Whisper: Oh, I wanted to ask you about something—hey, where’s Frostclaws?


(Frostclaws is Norbert’s Shivertooth.)


Norbert: I have no idea.


Whisper: Probably causing trouble.


Norbert: Probably.


Cut to Frostclaws…


Frostclaws: Ha ha, I love Dreadfall! Scaring people and dragons is so fun! Should have seen the face on that chocolate flower monster, ha ha!


Frostclaws: Ah, a new ambush perch!


Frostclaws: The next person that comes by, I’ll pounce on them and give them a big scare!




Frostclaws: Ooh…that’s a big hole…


Frostclaws: No one saw that, right?


Back to Whisper and Norbert…


Norbert: So where’s Winterwind?


Whisper: Oh. She’s being so annoying today! Earlier she wouldn’t go to Berk to buy Dreadfall decorations and treats! She refused to think about getting all the treats I listed, including chocolate! And gresskar, the pumpkin! Pumpkin-flavored things are my favorite!


("Gresskar" is the Berk word for "pumpkin." See Dragons: Rise of Berk)


Norbert: You got that right. I never get to try your gresskar bread because you eat it all.


Whisper: But it’s not that she doesn’t like them, it’s that she wouldn’t hear of going to buy any. As if her tastes are the only ones that count! And then she vetoed all my Dreadfall costumes!


Norbert: Even the one you’re wearing now? A Skrill, right? I think it looks great!


Whisper: Isn’t it? I’m not even wearing the mask right now.


Norbert: Oh, man, speaking of masks, you got to see my costume! I’m going to be a Monstrous Nightmare!


Norbert: See, I got the helmet.


Whisper: That’s pretty neat!


Norbert: And check this out!


Norbert: I’m on fire!


Whisper: …Is that a good idea?


Norbert: Are you kidding? It’s an awesome idea!


Whisper: …You and Frostclaws are a perfect match, you know that?


Norbert: My face hurts.


Whisper: Hey, wait a minute. You smell that?


Norbert: Burning flesh?


Whisper: No…it smells like—




Norbert: …I don’t think a fiery mask is a good idea.


Whisper: *sarcastically* Oh, gee, how’d you guess?


Norbert: Hey…you smell chocolate?


Whisper: So you smell it, too?


Norbert: Yeah. Smells like someone is setting out Dreadfall candy early. Or selling it. Let’s find it!


Whisper: Great! I can get started picking up Dreadfall candy for the trick-or-treaters.




Whisper: …Are you going to keep wearing that mask?


Norbert: It’s growing on me.


Whisper: *sigh*



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This is awesome :)


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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

So I'm not the only one who noticed that the happy flame masks made it look like your head was on fire. I was actually planning to make a little one pic short about that. I still might. I also have Hypergoof dressed as a skrill for the Halloween screenshot comic I'm working on but it's just because I had her say she was going to dress up as that in one of my shorts that I made a while a go. Hope no one will think I'm copying you now. The uncomfortable coincidences continue. XD 




Don't think I'm asking you to change anything though. I'm just pointing some weird stuff out. :/



(I'll try to keep the costume as the only similarity)

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This is Dreadfall

Funny you should bring up the fiery masks...that's actually where this story came from. It just seemed fitting for Norbert to try this; they don't call him "Norbert the Nutcase" for nothing. (Frostclaws is probably my silliest character, but given his rider, he comes by it honestly.) So Whisper and Norbert have this scene. Well, where's Frostclaws? Probably causing trouble elsewhere. Where's Winterwind? Oh, she and Whisper fought over costumes. What trouble can Whisper and Norbert end up in when their dragons aren't present? And BOOM! A story idea!


But yeah, you should definitely make a short about the flame masks!


Ah, yeah, the Skrill suit for a costume! I don't mind you doing that at all. Honestly, I'm surprised you and I are the only ones who've done it so far. I mean, the Skrill and Deadly Nadder suits are just perfect Halloween costumes! It was only a matter of time before that caught on. Wouldn't be surprised if everyone used that, actually.

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Charge! For the hairbrush!

I'm actually wearing the flame mask because it looks like that... I thought it was funny.

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Sorry for not posting regularly. School is kicking my tail, and I haven't had time to do screenshots. I did take screenshots two chapters in advance before I uploaded the first chapter, however, so I'll go ahead and post the third chapter now. Chapter 4 (and everyting after) still needs screenshots; I'm hoping I can get to it on Friday.

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I hear ya

School and screenshot comics don't mix well.

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Chapter 3: Beware the Chocolate Flower Monster

Chapter 3: Beware the Chocolate Flower Monster


Frostclaws: Pretty sure no one saw the hole in the roof…


Voice From Behind: Hey, Frostclaws.

Frostclaws: Dah!


Frostclaws: Oh, Winter! *nervously* Hi! Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi!


Winterwind: Uh…hi. Listen, have you seen Whisper?


Frostclaws: Whisper? No. I haven’t seen her all day.


Winterwind: Really? She said she was going to find Norbert.


Frostclaws: Oh, I haven’t been with Norbert much today.


Winterwind: Then what have you been doing?


Frostclaws: *nervously* Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Definitely not scaring passersby and breaking holes in roofs. Eh heh.


Winterwind: Riiiiiiiiiigghhhht. Well, do you know where they might be?


Frostclaws: Nope, sorry, no idea. But I will tell you what I have seen today! A chocolate flower monster!


Winterwind: *disbelieving tone* A what?


Frostclaws: A chocolate flower monster! It was sneaky and smelled so good that I almost couldn’t think. But guess what? I scared it! I snuck up on a monster and scared it!


Winterwind: Frostclaws, it was probably just some person dressed as a flower for Dreadfall carrying chocolate. And you probably scared them half to death!


Frostclaws: Nah uh! It was a monster, I swear! Look out for flowers and chocolate smells!


Winterwind: I don’t even like chocolate!


Frostclaws: I know. Because you’re weird.


Headmaster: *distant voice* WHO BROKE A HOLE IN THE SCHOOL ROOF?!


Frostclaws: Oh, ah, good talking to you, Winter. Got to go!


Winterwind: …Well that was strange.


Winterwind: I suppose I do smell chocolate… But it’s almost Dreadfall! Of course I smell chocolate! Besides, it’s nasty! I don’t want to be anywhere near it!


Winterwind: Well, I don’t have to go find Whisper anyway. She’s the one who should be finding me! And if she thinks I’m apologizing for anything, she’s got another thing coming!


Winterwind: I can just sit here and wait for her to come crawling back to me. Yeah!


Winterwind: Being mad is exhausting. I don't like it.


Winterwind: I hate being alone. I hope she hurries.


Winterwind: *sigh*

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Charge! For the hairbrush!

Can't see your photos.

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They look fine on my end. Is anyone else having trouble?

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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

I can see it fine too.

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All good here.

I see 'em.

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Charge! For the hairbrush!

Fixed! Thanks!

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Hi! :)

*applauds* Keep writing! ;)

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Chapter 4: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Chapter 4: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark


Whisper: I don’t see anyone yet, do you?


Norbert: Nope, but we’re definitely closer! Chocolate yummies, here we come!


Whisper: Just make sure to hide it from Frostclaws, or he’ll eat it all.


Whisper: Hey, do you see that?

Norbert: What?


Whisper: There! Those beautiful flowers in that pile of fallen leaves!


Norbert: …I’m not really a flower guy.


Whisper: Oh, come on! Can’t you at least appreciate a flower that blooms this late in the season?

Norbert: No, not really. I thought you weren’t really into flowers, either?

Whisper: Because they usually make me sneeze. This one isn’t, for some reason. And it’s beautiful!


Norbert: Uh…Whisper…




Norbert: Whisper! Get out of there!


Whisper: Run!


Norbert: In here!




Whisper and Norbert: *huff huff huff*


Whisper: Did we lose it?

Norbert: I don’t know. You got a light? I can’t see a thing.

Whisper: Well, I have a flint stone and an emergency torch…






Whisper: AH!



Norbert: What?! What is it?!

Whisper: Norbert, your stupid mask!

Norbert: Oh. Sorry.

Whisper: Ooh, I’ve dropped the torch now!

1st Voice: *distant singing* I heard a scream of terror steep…

2nd Voice: *distant singing*…within this little cavern deep.

3rd Voice: *distant singing* They ventured to where light is stark.

4th Voice: *distant singing* It is only natural to fear the dark.



Norbert: Any ideas?

Whisper: *trembling voice* Not really

Norbert: …Whisper, are you holding my hand?

Whisper: Yeah, uh…scary things are happening, and…I’m just going to hold on to this for now.

1st Voice: *still singing* I smell your fear.

2nd Voice: *singing* We’re drawing near.

3rd Voice: *singing* Our way is clear.

4th Voice: *normal* …I’m sorry, guys, I’m done singing.

Norbert: They’re speaking Dragonese! They must be dragons!

Whisper: ……

Norbert: Whisper, you let go of my hand. What are you doing?

Whisper: Looking for the torch. Ah, found it!






Whisper and Norbert: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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That chapter was awesome.

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Hi! :)

I agree with you +100000! Good job Whisper!!!!! :)

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Aw, thanks, guys!

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Charge! For the hairbrush!

And again, I can't see them. This looks like a really neat plot. Also, "Sorry, guys, I'm done singing"... I laughed out loud at that and everybody looked at me.

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Probably the Device

It's probably your device, since you're the only one having trouble. I know my old computer had trouble loading posts with a lot of data. I'm on a new one now.


Hmm, it is a difficult problem to have. Perhaps I can make blog pages of my screenshot comic chapters for those whose computers have trouble with the data.

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Charge! For the hairbrush!

Okay, got it now. Maybe I just need to open it again to make it work?

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Tracking for sure! :)


I haven't used this account in ages. Trying not to scream internally as I look at old threads I've decided to post in.

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call me mae
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Chapter 5: Riddle Me This

Chapter 5: Riddle Me This


Norbert: What are those things?!

Whisper: What makes you think I know?!

Norbert: You practically know the whole Book of Dragons!

Whisper: I’m not Fishlegs, you know!


Middle Right Head: Do you have to keep screaming?! It’s annoying!

Middle Left Head: I think it’s kind of funny.

Far Left Head: I hope they’re as tasty as they are loud. I haven’t eaten in days!

Far Right Head: None of us have eaten in days, brother! And humans are never tasty!

Far Left Head: I’m too hungry to care!

Far Right Head: Give their fire-stick a little gas. I want to see them properly.




Norbert: Any ideas now?!


Whisper: Of course! A Snaptrapper! It’s the only dragon with four heads!


Norbert: Great. So what do we know about it?


Whisper: .Hmm…Snaptrappers…Attack 10, pretty dangerous…Speed 4, pretty slow…Armor 4, not particularly well-protected…Firepower 6, average…Shot Limit 4…Venom 18, don’t get bit…each jaw has a strength of 7, and it’s very stealthy…


Norbert: Anything that can HELP us?


Whisper: …lures victims in with chocolate smell…


Norbert: Yeah, I think we got that.


Whisper: …loves rain, plays in the mud…


Norbert: We’re in a cave! How’s that helpful?


Whisper: …has a lethal acid attack…


Norbert: Great, Level 18 venom and burning acid. Just great!


Whisper: Would you just shut up for two seconds?!


Norbert: Wait…why isn’t it attacking?


Far Left Head: Why does that one have a wooden face? What kind of creature is it?

Far Right Head: It’s a human.

Far Left Head: That can’t be a human.

Middle Right Head: The other one is definitely human, but why does it have wings?

Middle Left Head: It doesn’t seem to fly.


Norbert: …I think our costumes just bought us some time. Anything else you can remember about this guy?


Whisper: Usually attacks in spring…Wait a minute! Snaptrappers are spring lovers! *switches to Dragonese* What are you doing out here so late in the season? It’s fall!


Middle Right Head: A human that speaks!

Middle Left Head: How unusual!


Norbert: *in Dragonese* Well, speaking Dragonese isn’t that hard, fellas.


Far Left Head: The wood-face speaks, too!


Norbert: I’m a human!


Norbert: See?


Middle Right Head: Two humans who speak.

Far Right Head: It is a marvel. Worthy of study.

Middle Left Head: It’s downright unnatural.

Far Left Head: The wood-face took off its face!


Whisper: Yes, we speak. Can you answer my question?


Far Right Head: We—

Far Left Head: Don’t talk to our food!

Middle Right Head: It speaks! It is obviously intelligent.

Far Right Head: I think we should test it.

Far Left Head: But I’m hungry!


Middle Left Head: We’ve decided not to eat you yet.

Far Left Head: No we haven’t!

Middle Right Head: We’ve all decided.


Norbert: Um, thank you?


Far Right Head: We wish to challenge you. Each of us will give you a riddle. If you answer all 4 of them, we will answer your question.


Norbert: And let us go?


Far Left Head: No!

Middle Right Head: Brother!

Far Right Head: …Yes, we will…let you go…


Norbert: We accept.


Whisper: *in Norse* What?!


Norbert: It can buy us some time. Besides, you’re good at these things.


Whisper: Oh, boy.


Far Left Head: We’re going to say them all. Then you tell us the answers.

What swims in the ocean but does not get wet,

Can take any form but can never be met?

What follows a dragon but cannot fly

And disappears under a dark night sky?

Middle Left Head:

What is greater than any god

And worse than any demon?

Those lacking have it in plenty,

And if you drink it, you will die.

Middle Right Head:

What has no dragon ever yet seen,

Which never was but always is to be?


Whisper: These all have one-word answers, yes?


Middle Right Head: They do.

Far Right Head: But listen closely, speaking humans, for to answer my riddle, you will have to think differently than you do for the others:

What can be created from nothing?




Gentle readers, I ask you this,

Since I have left you so amiss:

Before I post the answers next,

How do you answer the dragon’s tests?

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Hi! :)

I'm not good at riddles but I'll try.

  1. Shadow
  2. Nothing
  3. Tomorrow
  4. Nothing
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This to you I must admit.

Riddles confuse me a little bit.

Golden Scarlet
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I'm guessing you want us to

I'm guessing you want us to try and answer those questions.

1: A shadow

2: Nothing

3: Tomorrow

4: It is logically impossible to create something from nothing, although there are several theories

HypergoofTheFriendlyBerserker's picture
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What can be made from nothing?

What about......NOTHING!  XD

Golden Scarlet
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That can't be made/created,

That can't be made/created, so that can't be considered as an answer.

HypergoofTheFriendlyBerserker's picture
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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

It can be if it's a riddle just about wordplay and not real logic.

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zero the ruthless
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'The wood-face took off its

'The wood-face took off its face!'

Lol XD


And yeah 18 venom thats actually the most poisonous dragon currently known and when all 4 heads work together there jaws are stronger than a screaming death!

so yeah I think you guys are in trouble.


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zero the ruthless
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dang 2x post


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Charge! For the hairbrush!

1. A shadow, particularly a dragon's shadow

2. Nothing

3. Tomorrow?

4. ...I got nothing. Except that I'm sure it's not tangible. Maybe an idea?

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Chapter 6: Types of Smart

Chapter 6: Types of Smart


Whisper: Greater than any god…


Norbert: Created from nothing…


Whisper: Oh, the torch’s shadows are freaking me out! It’s hard to focus…wait, that’s it!


Norbert: What?


Whisper: Snaptrapper, I know the answer to the first riddle.


Far Left Head: Yes?


Whisper: What swims but does not get wet, what follows a dragon but cannot fly, what disappears at night…it is a shadow.


Far Left Head: You are correct, girl

Middle Left Head: And what of the others?


Norbert: The second one…do you think it could be poison? Worse than any demon, and if you drink it, you die…


Whisper: Nope. The lacking don’t have poison. Let’s see…Oh, of course! It’s so simple! The answer is nothing!


Middle Left Head: Correct.


Norbert: So the next one…no one’s seen it and it never was but always is to be…


Whisper: The answer’s in the tenses! It’s tomorrow!


Middle Right Head: Correct. The girl is very clever.


Norbert: See? I told you you were good at this!


Far Left Head: Ooh, I thought we’d be eating by now!

Far Right Head: Patience. They still have my riddle to solve.


Whisper: Your riddle makes no sense! You can’t create something from nothing!


Far Right Head: Is that an answer?


Whisper: No! I want another riddle!


Far Right Head: You must answer the riddle you’ve been given.


Norbert: Wait, Whisper. I think you said the answer!


Whisper: What?


Norbert: Snaptrapper, I think I got it.


Whisper: Since when are you good at riddles?!


Middle Left Head: One false word, and you become our dinner.


Whisper: I swear, Norbert, if they eat us, I’m going to kill you!


Norbert: Wouldn’t that be kind of redundant?


Norbert: The answer is this: you can’t create something from nothing because there is no such thing as nothing; there is always something.


Far Right Head: Well reasoned. You have answered the riddle.


Whisper: …By Odin’s beard.


Norbert: What? I can be smart sometimes!


Far Right Head: There are different kinds of smarts. There is resourcefulness…

Far Left Head: …reasoning…

Middle Left Head: …knowledge…

Middle Right Head: …creativity…

Far Left Head: …cleverness…

Middle Left Head: …awareness…

Middle Right Head: …intuition…

Far Right Head: …cunning.


Middle Right Head: And we are the last.

Middle Left Head: Because we said we’d let you go.

Far Right Head: And by that, we mean we’ll give you a head start…

Far Left Head: Dinner!


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zero the ruthless
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This Comic is really

This Comic is really good

There may not be as much action right now as in the last comic with the death song but this one entertains me in a different way by using riddles. You are really good at these it sort of reminds me of the episode where they first see fireworms. Good Job. Plus we are starting to see more to Norbet and what he is like. 



(oh and by the way i am making a picture of shadow, shockwave, cutseepie and WinterWind I would use images form the show but unfortunatley with WinterWind not being in the actual show or movie I cant get an image from there so im forced to using RoB immages, just like my signiture.)