Which songs from disney descendants 2 do you like the most?

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Ways to be wicked
What's my name
Chillin' like a villian
Space between
It's going down
You and me
Kiss the girl
Poor unfortunate souls
Better together
Rather be with you

I like, chillin 'like a villian.


                                                             Nice that you want to read my signature :)





                                        Raf | Monstrous nightmare male

                                        Kol | Thunderdrum male

                                         Fang | Snaffelfang male

                                        Redwing | Changewing female

                                        Polky | Death song female

                                         Grei | Stormcutter male

                                         Tye | Whispering death female

                                          Dray | Fireworm queen female

                                         Sandlyo | Sand wraith male

                                           Rao | Boneknapper  male 

                                           Caoy l Tide glider female

                                            Kaz | Skrill male

                                          I have more dragons but i'm too lazy to name them all :D



                                                 My favorite class: Mystery class


                                                 My favorite dragons: Death song and night fury







                                                                About me (in real life)


                                                                Hair color: Brown


                                                                Pets:two cats





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I like all of them but my

I like all of them but my favourites are;
Ways to be wicked, What's my name, It's going down and Evil. I am really excited for both Descendants 3 and Descendants Under the Sea


Welcome to my Signature


My Dragons


Storm-Adult Nadder

Stormfly-Titan Nadder

Thornado-Titan Thunderdrum

Whispy-Titan Whispering Death

Troyfa-Adult Whispering Death

Roar-Titan Skrill

Dagur's Skrill-Adult Skrill

Meatlug-Titan Gronckle

Koytsoylia-Adult Gronckle

Bone Phantom-Titan Boneknapper

Cloudy-Titan Stormcutter

Barf Belch-Titan Zippleback

Fangy-Titan Nightmare

Hooky-Adult Nightmare

Fireglow-Adult Fireworm

Heatblast-Baby Fireworm

Spark-Baby Fireworm

Screamy-Titan Screaming Death

Charivdi-Adult Screaming Death

Venom-Titan Flightmare

Sand Wraith-Titan Sand Wraith

Toothful-Adult Sand Wraith

Snoggletog Wraith-Titan Wooly Howl

Benny-Adult Wooly Howl

Shocky-Adult Shockjaw

Gronci-Adult Groncicle

Night Light-Adult Groncicle

Speedy-Adult Speed Stinger

Icebreaker-Adult Speed Stinger

Deathsong-Titan Deathsong

Butterfly-Adult Deathsong

Windshear-Titan Razorwhip

Lucifer-Adult Devilish Dervish

Taxi-Adult Timberjack

Lump-Adult Snafflefang

   Axewing-Adult Armorwing

 Fourwing-Adult Singetail

Avocado-Adult Eruptodon

Potato-Baby Eruptodon

 Snowy-Adult Snow Wraith

Maleficent-Adult Moldruffle

Mal-Adult Moldruffle

Thredtail-Adult Hobblegrunt*

Kapnaw-Adult Smothering Smokebreath

Crocodilino-Adult Windwalker

Smidvarg-Adult Night Terror

Skullcrasher-Adult Rumblehorn

Snake-Adult Grapple Grounder*

Grump-Adult Hotburple

Shiren-Adult Tide Glider

Candy-Sweet Death

Pitchers-Adult Snaptrapper

Venus Flytrap-Adult Snaptrapper

Mudstorm-Adult Mudtracker

Rainstorm-Adult Raincutter

Chinski-Adult Changewing

Scauldy-Adult Scauldron

Uma-Adult Scauldron

Sharpshot-Adult Terrible Terror

Toothless-Adult Night Fury

Tailchanger-Adult Flame Whipper

Sleuther-Adult Triple Stryke

Harry Hook-Adult Triple Stryke

Gladiator-Adult Elder Sentinel


I am trying to get two dragons of each species, one being a Titan and the other one an Adult


Some things about myself


I am a 16 year old boy. I am from Greece and I live in Athens. My favourite food is souvlaki. My hobbies are swimming and basketball. My favourite movies are How to train your dragon movies, Jurassic Park/World movies, Descendants movies and Marvel movies. My favourite series are HTTYD series, Victorious, Descendants and many more XD. I like any kind of music and I don't have a preferable singer.

My favourite characters from HTTYD are Hiccup, Astrid, Valka, Stoick, Toothless, Stormfly and the Light Fury


My adoptables


Owl by Wolflight



Shock and Bolt by dogloven



Toothless by ELSA II



Twilight by RoaringOrigins



Indoraptor by RedHoodJason




Σχετική εικόνα

And some fanart that I found through Pinterest and DeviantArt (these are not mine I just found them while scrolling)

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για toothless and hiccup httyd 3

Σχετική εικόνα


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*tells Shadow to hide subject* What? Subject is stolen?

My favs are Ways to be wicked and It’s going down.



            Welcome to my  





ForeverWing and me by Katarile!


By the most amazing TosiLohi! Thank you SO much!!! :D


                                                     About me:


                                                      Name: DinaTheLastFury


Playing since: 2013. 


YouTube: MoonlightWhiteClawHTTYD


Stars: 1 big platinum star


Points in game: 400k (max)


Trophies: 10k+


Clan: Proud Elder of the Heart and Soul of Dragons


Birthday: April 17th (Aries)


Gender: girl


Favourite animals: horses, wolves, foxes and... DRAGONS!


Favourite dragon spices: Night Fury, Light Fury, Woolly Howl,

Sand Wraith, Skrill and Stormcutter


                                                                               My hobbies:


in game: glitch hunting, exploring, hanging with my friends, flying like nerd with Toothless or Shadow XD,and racing. You can always find me at TG scuttleclaw or Hobblegrunt Island, but if im not there i will be racing!


In real life: i like reading, writing stories, swimming but especially riding roler skates and drawing !!! I LOVE animals but i don’t have any pets :,( 


My personality: loyal, caring, brave, strong, daring, clever, friendly, and little crazy. Somethimes I like to go away from crowds, flying with Shadow and listening to music.

Always looking for new friends :)




                                         Silver Storm by the extremely talented LissaFish!


    Silver Storm’s backstory: I was in the mountains, and there was a snow storm. It was really cold, so I looked for a cave to hide. When I found one, there was a strange creature. It had a black and grey body with a turquoise stripes on wings, and belly. When I came closer, I realized it was a baby griffin! Baby Chinchilla Songbird Griffin! It was freezing, and there were no other older griffins around, so I gave him some food and blanked I was carrying in my backpack. When storm ended and I was about to go home, he was following me. I decided to look around if there were other griffins but I didn’t found. I even looked in some caves. There weren’t any clues griffins ever lived in these mountains! 

Since this little guy was old enough to fly, I guess he probably flied away, and got lost. I decided to take him with me, and raise him! He was really happy to have someone who will love him again! I named him Silver Storm! Storm, because I found him in the snow storm, and Silver, because he have a beautifull silver beak! Two years passed, and now he grew bigger and stronger! He is faster and way better than any car, but also a good friend. I’m happy to have him on my side. We like to fly away together, and forget about everything while flying in the moonlight! 

                                                                     BlackWing, by AndreaEatson! Tysm! :D




                                                             Mah boy again, by ImDerpySheylaYT




                                                 NightRazor, my Light Gripper Oc by ImDerpySheylaYT


Melody by Honey Cloud :D


Again Melody by Zikta


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Mine is

Mine is ways to be wicked.

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According to Me, they are all my favorites but..........

According to Me, they are all my favorites but if you talk about it most then is it's goin' down.


Viking name:XxRacetotheendxX

Clan:Flying wraiths

Position in clan:Member
























                                               Gender:Boy Or Girl? Girl





































What's your favorite hobbies? Volleyball and soccer



What's your favorite dragon? Sand wraith



Your favorite colour? Purple




                           More come soon


















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Nice thefiregirl

Nice thefiregirl i also like it's goin 'down :).

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cllin 'like a villain

My favorite is chillin' like a villain,
you'll be chillin chillin' like a villian, yeah.





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you and me

My favorite is you and me.





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Guys I was walking in my

Guys I was walking in my village and some kids were listening to space between. When I heard it I could not believe it as descendants is not really popular (at least not in my country)

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Lol, good for them.

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My favorite is it's goin' down

My favorite is it's goin' down







                                                     Hello welcome to my signature.














            Everything you want to know about me!















                                                                         I am a young boy, I love to draw, play dragon games and other things :).

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My favorite is ways to be wicked

My favorite is ways to be wicked.

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Great that everyone tells their favorite

Great that everyone tells their favorite.