Which Dragon is Best for TRR?

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 I am tring to think of the BEST racing dragon (I LOVE RACING) and I dunno which one (Because the stats aren't usually that acurate). In your personal opinion, which is your BEST racing dragon, and if you could, why?



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In theory, Toothless, but if

In theory, Toothless, but if not then either Skrill or Nightmare. They have a standard acceleration, and good turning if you know how to use it. Technically any dragon is great, you just have to practice with its flight style.


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Thanks and...

 Thanks for the info.! Oh and...is it just me...or...when the Stormcutter crashes into objects...it takes a looooong time to gain back speed?

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Toothless, and Zipplebacks. Even though zipplebacks have quite a horrible turn rate their pitch rate and speed are the best, and even though they have bad turns you could find it easy to control in races. And as for toothless. Their as great as zipplebcks but just better at turns and speed. Zipplebacks are really great in races in my point of view. They are very controlable.

P.S Skrills are also great at races





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Personally, if I have to list them:

1. Toothless

  • Pros: as the name implied, they are fast, great at turning and at ups/downs. in my experiences, Great racers + Toothless = too fast XD 
  • Cons: you need to be a 3-month member first, hhhaha...  -_-

this is as far as i can give on toothless, as I myself don't have one XD

Note that having  a Toothless will not quarantee winning if you don't polish you racing skills on sharp turnings. 


2. Zippleback

  • Pros: they have great acceleration (they start the race faster), their speed is also great if combined with their acceleration. they can do Up and down pretty easily. if you ever get stuck at wall, they recover their speed pretty fast. 
  • Cons: their turning rate is less than Skrills, BUT if you get used to them, It doesn't matter much.
  • Edit: they also cheap! as long you have enough UTD points, you can buy them with coins ;) 


3. Skrills

  • Pros: slow at start, but gradually gets very fast (just like a racing car that need a long start up first). They can do sharp turns. and since they have low acceleration, skipping some rings doesn't really slow them much. 
  • Cons: bad at ups and downs. I always get stressed a bit whenever I used this dragon on gronckle run shortcuts. if you didn't get the timing right, you'll probably stuck at the wall -_-  oh, since they got low acceleration, try NOT TO get them stuck at walls, otherwise it'll take forever for them to regain their speed. 

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The best dragon racers on the

The best dragon racers on the TRR is smothering smokebreath flightmare zippleback typhoomerang and the skrill they have a good speed smokebreath is good in turn rate and acceleration and the flightmare is fast too their good at turn rate too and acceleration and zippleback is fast and had bad turn rate and acceleration and the typhoomerang is fast it's good at turn rate and acceleration 


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Hmm.... I don't think typhoomerangs are that good at TR their wings are annoying and they have a horrible pitch and turning rate, really. Typhoomerangs are not easy to control :/

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Typhoomerang are fast I

Typhoomerang are fast I always win when I use it

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Wow..! How? :O

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Smothering Smokebreaths

Smothering Smokebreaths aren't that good at racing. They're agile, but slow, extremly slow. But the agility and the small size make them perfect for shortcuts. Although I never race with my Smokebreath.

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There fast and good at turn

There fast and good at turn rate 

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I'd say the Zippleback is

I'd say the Zippleback is great. They're the second cheapest to have as a secondary dragon, and their stats are amazing. They start out fast with good acceleration and max speed, and if you get used to them they do well in ups and downs and curves, but that'll take practice.


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Tootless, if not able to get membership get a skrill, they both keep speed pretty well but when stopped they are slow to get speed back up :| 




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If you want a dragon where

If you want a dragon where you win almost every time, get a Skrill or Toothless.

Personally, though, Zipplebacks are the best, as they are not overpowered like the other two I mentioned, and if you're a good racer you can win at least half of the time.


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Don't forget!

The Whispering Death is also fairly decent with a 10 for speed and 7's for the rest.


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I personally think Toothless,

I personally think Toothless, Skrills, Zipplebacks, Nightmares, Whispering Deaths, Thunderdrums and maybe Typhomerangs to be the best dragons for racing.

1. Toothless is actually good at everything: he's fast, agile and accelerates fast. Too bad you have to be a member to have one.

2. Skrills are very fast, but accelerate slowly. Also the can turn well, but they have problems when going up and/or down. They're one of the perfect dragons for racing.

3. Zipplebacks are fast and accelerate fast but aren't that agile. I don't recommend them for sharp turns, so not all race tracks are such a good field to show their speed. But if you're a skilled racer and you learned how to control it in sharp turns, a Zippleback is the perfect dragon for you.

4. Nightmares are also very fast, but also pretty agile. They're good at everything, but not the best. They have a bit from everything.

5.Whispering Deaths are fast, but accelerate slowly. The make good turns but they aren't that good at up and downs.

6. I'm not that sure, but I think Thunderdrums have the same abilities as Whispering Deaths, exept that they're good at up and downs and bad at sharp turns.

7. I've never raced with a Typhoomerang, but their stat's look preety well. 9.5 speed is pretty much, don't you think?

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TBH, ever since I hit 16,000 trophies, I've been taking trophy earning at a more... leisurely pace. It's not about speed stats for me anymore. I just race with dragons that I like to look at- which is basically the big, huggable looking ones. Their top speed is straight up poo-doodie, but their acceleration, pitch, and turning are top notch.

I still win first place more than I thought I would.


But I won a majority of my early trophies (about 9,000) with my Thunderdrum (before the big TR update, when the rings used to stack and the race itself required a lot more skill). After the TR update, I won a lot of trophies with my Skrill due to his sheer speed (about another 4,000), and then I used my Smokebreath (for about another 2,000).
So we're at 15,000.


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Thanks Everyone!!!!

 Thanks sooooo much everyone! This is a lot of info.! Sounds like the skrill and Toothless are the BEST. I guess I was mostly looking for a dragon with fair speed (who doesn't like speed?), a nice turn rate (I like doing sharp turns), a fair pitch rate (since I can always work with a dragon with low pitch rate), and GREAT acceleration (since I usually crash and I like starting the race with some speed). 

 Toothless-Well...I dought I will ever get Toothless.

 Skrill-looks good, but has an acceleration of 6 (my stormcutter has the same, and when she crashes, it takes a looooong time gaining back her speed, and she has a not so good start on a race), so I dunno about the skrill.

 Zippleback-They sound good...I will think on it...


Smokebreath-They sound great!!!!! But I heard they have a speed of 2. And (even though the game doesn't go by this) if I ride the smokebreath, I feel like it would have to rest every few minutes (since smokebreaths can't fly far holding a lot of weight).


Thunderdrum-They sound good...I don't excactly know the stats yet though.


Nightmare/Typhoomerang (since they probably race the same)-On of my accounts (I have many) I had a Nightmare, and when the first turn in Gronkle Run came, I even started turning early and it crashed!


Well, the dragons I am interested in have a acceleration of a 6, and as I mentioned, my stormcutter has a 6, and is bad when it comes to regaining speed. For example, here are some that interest me:

Stormcutter, Raincutter, Hobblegrunt (Hope they come back), Scauldron (They have great acceleration, but a low speed), etc.

I don't know really how to work with dragons with a low acceleration or turn rate (or even dragons with low speed such as the smokebreath).

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I have a Monstrous Nightmare,

I have a Monstrous Nightmare, Whispering Death, Gronkle, and Zippleback - all of which you can get without gems. 


The Monstrous Nightmare is not a good choice, in my opinion. They're terrible around turns and I end up running into walls most of the time. They also seem really slow to take off. They're my favorite for just gliding around Berk, though. 


You'd think that a Gronkle would be bad based on its stats (max speed 4, I believe) but I was really surprised at how speedy they really are! They really zip around corners and can make tight turns. Just watch out - at first I found them really hard to control (I kept hearing Fishlegs in my head: "Um, guys? Losing control on the Gronkle!!"). I've won a lot of races on my Gronkle - and I don't use any saddles or other boosters!


The Whispering Death and Zippleback are about equal, in my opinion ... in fact, I think they have the same stats: 10/7/7/7. They're easy to maneuver and have enough speed so that you can keep up with everyone else, if not pass them. 


Hope that helps. :)

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I first learned racing on my

I first learned racing on my Skrill, later on my favourite was the Flightmare, then Thunderdrum, but now I never lost a race on Catalysm, one of my Nadders. I think it´s mostly decided by what type of racer you are. And how much you love your dragon, it´s kinda a psychological thing.

Dragon racing is most about training. And having gear is not that bad, esspecially combined. I got all the best gear and saddle, so that could help me succeeding. But I worked hard for it, so that´s okay for me! :D


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Silvermoon, Deadly Nadder

Stardust, Smothering Smokebreath

Volcan, Smothering Smokebreath

Angel, Smothering Smokebreath

Cinder, Boneknapper

Mike, Boneknapper

Nessie, Raincutter

Leonce, Raincutter

Phantom, Changewing

Escarbot, Rumblehorn

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Princess, Fireworm Queen

Snow, Screaming Death

Nemesis, Tide Glider

Bubble, Hotburple

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