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Okay, everyone has those little moments of "oh my gosh, where am I supposed to put this?" While you can always ask for help, a lot of people may be dismissive and sometimes even a little rude. Here's a general guide to where to post things:


Announcements (General Announcements, New Features, Latest Support Updates):

  • NEVER post something in this section
  • This is reserved for admins only

Customer, Technical, and Bug Support:

  • Use sparingly; pming admins is usually the better way to go
  • Threads here are for in-game issues (i.e. wacky scuttleclaw animation, not being able to chat)

Mobile (Latest Support Updates, Technical Support, Bug Report, FAQs):

  • First category; play it safe and reserve it for admins
  • Post technical issues and weird things happening in-game on tablet or other mobile in Technical Support and Bug Report
  • FAQs - see if your questions have been asked by someone else, and submit new general questions

Forum Rules:

  • Things like this
  • See the admins' rules for posting/operating in forum
  • Raise concerns about things in forum

New Players/Player Tips

  • If you're new, "New Players" is a place where you can introduce yourself (whether you're new to the game and/or forum)
  • You can also ask questions in either section or give other players advice

General Discussion:

  • Anything httyd-related that does not fit in the other categories above or below this

Barracks of Valhalla:

  • Anything clan-related (clan board, advertise clan, ask for clan art, etc.)


  • THIS is where you can tell admins what you would like to see added to the game and/or forum. Do not use New Features, as that is in  the section for Admins only.

The Great Hall/Fan Fiction:

  • Great Hall is for any fun discussion, game, etc.that's httyd- or sod-related. You can also post new roleplays and/or fanfictions here.
  • Fan Fiction is solely for fan fictions and roleplays

Fan Art:

  • Adoptables, breeding, your httyd art, ad for making clan banners, customization, etc.

Videos, Screenshots, and website bug reporting are fairly self-explanatory...


All Things not School of Dragon:

  • Basically what the title says
  • Art, Pictures, and more is a great place for non-httyd adoptables, breeding, art, customizations, etc.
  • Stories and Fanfiction is great for non-httyd roleplays and fan fictions.



If you have anything to add or have questions about, feel free to post it in the comments.


I am no longer playing SoD because art and life have pretty much taken over :) Here are a few links I hope you visit:




And here are a few samples of my art (NO STEALING):

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Thanks so much for doing this!

I have been wanting to open a thread like this for weeks now... mainly becaues I'm SO sick of seeing threads like "hi im new here" under General Announcements.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. :-D


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This is a subject.

Thank you for posting this!

This is pretty helpful for the new forum members who don't know where to put certain threads. It gets pretty annoying to see about 90% of the threads in General Announcements.


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This forum is a huge dumpster fire tbh Idk why I'm here aside from wanting to test my patience

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Actually, General

Actually, General Announcements is not only for admins. Notice how it says "announcements concerning all things SoD" underneath. There's a key word there: all. It would be just as easy to have it say "announcements concerning any new developments in the game, for admin use only". Therefore either all announcements go there or the whole company is brain dead. You might want to work on your reading comprehension XD

And please don't back it up with " it's logic" as you'll need to prove it, or "all other forums do it that way", for the same reason. 

However, there are MANY people who still use Gen. Announcements incorrectly, by putting in non-anouncement posts and announcements that belong in other categories.


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oh, that makes sense; thanks

oh, that makes sense; thanks for the clarification :) It's just that I've seen numerous people respond to topics saying along the lines of "general announcements is for admins."

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-insert subject here-

Actually, they ARE for admins only. It is an unprofessional move from the website developers for having left that section unlocked for members to post in. 


It is logical -as it is for every other site you visit- that announcements are all threads that cannot and should not be ignored, important site announcements, bug fixes, support updates, these are all admin only rights. A members cannot post an announcement. He can only post a discussion topic because the threads we submit are for our personal interest and are not of site-wide or game-wide interest. People need to learn the difference.


If members have something to discuss, then there is General Discussion. If they have something to say about clans, then there is Barracks of Valhalla. 


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help me i dont know how to post regularly

how do you post things NOT directly to people i would like to post to everyone and listing all the users existing is not so fun





it seems jumpstart likes doing this to my accounts



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I think it's easiest to show

I think it's easiest to show you...

This post is directly responding to you, preventing you from editing your post.

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This post is not directly

This post is not directly responding to you, which would allow you to edit your post (if someone hadn't already hit the reply button)