where is my mystery dragon chest for april admins?

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Evelyn Mandermore
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Ok so cool..you got may mystery dragon chest in. thank you.


I am still missing my april mystery dragon chest. My membership was active at that time and payed for. I have posted about this before and  only got one chest for may..nothing for april.  You need to supply that to me. Its been payed for.  This is second time i have wrote about it.  please dont ignore the issues..if people pay you money..you need to give the supplies included, or Im not paying for membership anymore. That is simply ..not FAIR.

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same :/

it's the same with me, I STILL haven't gotten my chest and I wrote a comment to the admins about it. :/



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I never got mine and my

I never got mine and my membership os gone now
I paid for something I never got

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Hello evelyn mandermore, Sorr

Hello evelyn mandermore, Sorry to hear that you mystery dragon egg chest was 

not given to you from April. IS this still the case? We had our team review what 

happened here for affected users and if should have been fixed. Please let us know!