"Where is Dragon Island?" Quest Glitch: Hiccup's map won't load...

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Okay so everything with the expansion was going well so far until I ran into this problem on the "Where is Dragon Island" quest. I click on the map in my backpack just as I'm asked, but when I do there's no picture of the map. All I get a pretty much blank pop up and gears that rotate forever; the actual picture of the map never shows up and with the loading gears stuck in never-ending rotation, I can't even 'X' out of this map as soon as I've opened it; I'm forced to ALT + F4 out of the game and start it back up. Regardless of how many times I've restarted the game and on other versions of the game (Steam and Downloaded version), I just can't get past this point. 
Has anyone else run into this problem? and if so, did you find a way to fix it..? Please notice this problem, mods/devs, I was really looking forward to completing this expansion...@_@

Computer: HP ProBook 6550b
Operating system: Windows 10
Using Steam Version/Downloaded Version.


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The Problem worsens...

Okay, so apparently if I leave it trying to load for too long, the whole game crashes/stops responding all together. Should I also mention this problem in the Technical support forum too or...? ._.

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Me too

I experienced the exact same problem too just now. It never stops loading, i really hope they fix this soon..


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Me too

and the game keeps crashing aswell

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Same thing here

In the same boat.


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At least I'm not the only one encountering this problem...The more common the issue, the better the odds of it being acknowledged sooner..@_@

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I have gone to dragon island but after I left for an event I couldn't go back to the island been happening for 3 days now



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If you're having a different problem...

If you're having a different problem, make a seperate thread about it so long as someone else hasn't already made one. This thread was made to bring attention to the issue regarding Hiccup's map and the result of the game crashing when trying to open it, not the issue accessing Dragon Island...

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Already did

Already did it and I don't know how no one has replied maybe I'm the only one experiencing this problem XD

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I find that highly unlikely...It's just a matter of how cryptic, or specific you are with your title. It also takes time because while not everyone may have the same problem, the minority that are have to come accross the thread first and those people may not have seen it yet; hense why the possible lack of responses. There's also the odd chance someone may have already made a thread about this issue that you didn't see and other people with the same problem arleady posted there...*shrug*

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Same Problem, Same Gameplay

  I too have the same issue, but it's not just the map and gear thing I am dealing with, every time I log in and click the map, my game disappears but my taskbar shows it's still open even when I try to open the window up.


  But don't worry, I given Brynjolf (AKA Admin) a PRIVATE MESSGAGE referring to this and he said that it is getting fixed by the SoD Team. Hopefully it gets fixed soon before the end of this week. I was really excited to get the Europtodon dragon through a mission. 


  Soon this will be all gone and you can continue you and your dragon's adventure.

Just be patient and do something productive like farming, fishing, or training in the Training Grounds. Cause lots of us players ran into this issue like we did.


  Good luck and see you around :)


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Many Thanks...

Thank you for taking the liberty of messaging Brynojlf about this problem; the fact that he got back to you so soon about this problem is very promising so I hope the best for results soon. I too am really looking forward to when this is fixed because I FINALLY figured out what I'm gunna name my Eruptodon; Vesuvius!...^^

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same its annoying... i tried a million times hopefully this gets fixed soon... im gonna keep trying anyway...


( i really dont know what i wrote it's been awhile since i played)


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boo the ghost: deathsong

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rasco: typhoomerang

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rumba: rumblehorn

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fear: unkown


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extra dragon eggs:  (2)   razorwhips, (1) thunderdrums (1) screaming death   (1) monstrous nightmare










happy halloween!





i love typhoomerangs



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i love all dragons







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favorite dragon: typhoomerang. 2ed: deadly nadder

( im none member and never was member)

wanted dragons in game: terrible terror, speed stinger, night terror, flightmare, snap trapper

  yet in game wanted dragon:    the triple strike

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               MY DRAGONS CAN TALK!



boo the ghost: as my only evil dragon, my other dragons are scared of her she  is often alone "plotting" in her stable. she refuses to go on stable quests with other dragons and flies away from

me, like many others i had since she was a baby she never changed.

she is also often called boo, but she does not like that name.

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My Typhoomerangs: as my favorite dragon since i saw torch in the cartoon, i made a ( horrible) paper typhoomerang  and named him rasco he was red and yellow. in the game i wanted a typhoomerang so finally  did the stable quest and got enough gems  to buy a typhoomerang egg. she was phooma  ( baby phooma is in my avatar here) i made a ( better) paper phooma and wrote stories about her and rasco, rasco was always a wild dragon who was phooma's friend then i wanted   to have rasco in the game too so when the eggs were on sale i finally got  both typhoomerangs. ~thanks for reading~


iyerwalk name: my first account made when the game was about pretty new   when you couldnt name dragons, the name it gave her looked like it said " iyerwalk" it said something like " IyRwlkh"  so i started calling her iyerwalk.


wingsprite name:  like all my dragons names are kinda random, i dont even drink sprite. but i named her this because i was thinking about  letsplay i watched years ago of mario sunshine after the star sprites ( this is random ofc)


waterspout name:  shes a scauldron and i saw a small waterspout at the beach the day i hatched her...


trick: treatertrick ( trick)  was the most mysterious dragon.  i'm not joking i don't remember getting his egg.it kinda just appear, ( ofc i dont hack or any of that dumb stuff) but  the egg appeared in my inventory and i hatched him  right after phooma. must of been a glitch of i forgot about his egg somehow? i dont know haha.


---------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

rumba: in my second ( forth technically) it gave me  a rumble horn and i named him rumba, then like a few days later i got a rumble horn from a mystery egg chest and named him rumba.....


smokia: -story time-

                                                                        ~smokia's story~

    metalwings was upset with me  for mentioning thinking about getting a smokebreath, he took me to  ship graveyard where there was a wild deathsong   metalwings paniced and dropped me than flew away. i used my flightsuit to land on a rock, right then i saw smoke, it was a  smokebreath caught in death song amber who had be attacked by  the deathsong i helped her but she was too afraid to fly. we were stuck on the rock for awhile than i  flew over to a shipreck with my flightsuit. after forever it seemed i made a  saddle for  the smokebreath ( in the meantime i named her  smokia).

  she tried to lift me it wasnt easy but she eventually did it. we tried to fly  away but the deathsong saw us,  though smokia  was unsteady   we faked out the deathsong without crashing. afterwards we  flew back to the school.

   "well" i said to smokia " i guess you should get going now". as she look away than back then said " yeah um  i should go to my home where i live  with my  uh family, um you can come with me   meet my family". i got on her back and said " sounds good take me  there then".  we flew all the way to mudraker island, " you live on mudraker island?" i said, smokia landed. " this is the right place, right?" i said while looking around. " um yup yup  i will show you to my cave  heh"


i followed her to the far side of the island where  then she stopped. " so where is your family", i said. smokia walked a few feet than  started crying. i asked her what was wrong, then she quickly turned around and grabbed me and took me to the top of the high rocks on the island. " nice few up here  eh" said shokia. " yeah uh very nice" i said, then  she frowned. " shokia? want me to leave you alone  i can call spikey to pi-," i tried to finish when  shokia  sighed loudly.   i jumped off the  rocks with my flightsuit, tried  not to look back. when i landed i shouted "SPIKEY SPIKE  KEY  MUDRAKER ISLAND SPIKEY   SPIK-eh"  shokia jumped on me and offerd to take me back to the school, i got on her back and we flew back to the school not saying a word, when we arrived  i got off and said " i can take that saddle off" smokia glared  as saying " NO, no uh i like it"

  i looked over then away then back over again  mumbling " do you have a family" smokia looked down  and started to cry " ye ye  ssssssss, NO I DON'T" as she cried  i hugged her  and said " you can live with me and my dragons" she smiled  than picked me up saying " i thought you'ed never ask!"  we wen't home. as metalwing was the only one unhappy

                  The End


  about story:  Plot: how i found my smokebreath smokia (backstory),  length:  medium-long.

 self ratings: 7/10.  characters:  metalwings, monkeywolfox ( me),  smokia,  wild deathsong.

 part summery:  metalwings does not want me to get a smokebreath  he gets scared of a wild deathsong leaves me on a rock in shipgraveyard where i meet  smokia   and ride her  home to the school  she took me  to where her familty is then back to the school her family was not there  and decide she stays with me and my dragons.

thanks for reading

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        ___________________________________________________________________________________________________




i may have forgot where i got some of the eggs from... if you have not heard of the glitches,  when you log in    and it asks you to name a dragon ( toothless, deathsong, gronkcicle,) ( i never had toothless but know)


the glitches happen to me  when i log out  with a deathsong active other  stuff  happened with the deathsong active  too.... thank you for reading

(  i made this signature cause it is fun  and i get bored sometimes )


im against hacking


( lol this is so random)

more  pictures comeing someday........  thanks for reading/looking at ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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OMG! ive just tried the map and it worked straight away thanks SoD!!!!!

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I have same problem and I

I have same problem and I hate it and its not fixed for me -.- I have this problem already 3 months 

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Still not working...

Been peridically trying to open the map again and again; it's STILL not working for me; this is beyond aggrivating...

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Errmahgerrd! My map is finally working! I guess it was an addition fix that cam with the update of the Titan Thunderdrum, regardless, you guys should check if your is working. I personally randomly decided to check my map at Eruptodon Island just because I was enjoying a nice flight with my Raincutter, Nagato, and to my suprise a  picture FINALLY loaded!...^^ Hope it's working for you guys too now, good luck!..^^ 

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I have a problem

So, i Have a problem with a Dragon island quest.

I have to tap on Harald and lead him to the cave or something like that. so if i go to the cave on dragon island the server just keeps loading. you know that thing on the right corner of the screen where the yellow line goes from left to right. Mine just says LOADING and nothing else and it keeps doing that. Can someone pease help me to solve this i really want to finish this quest.