Where is Chicken?

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Hey all, I believe the quest board is back for everyone now but I haven't seen anyone talk about this.

For the quest "The Golden Hue of Chicken" that you can unlock after completing the maze, where is chicken meant to be in the maze? Is the quest arrow meant to point to her? I completed the maze once before after unlocking this quest and couldn't find her anywhere, so I was wondering if anyone knows if you can find her in the maze now that the quest board is back, or if this is just an issue that I'm having. 


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I was having issues with that

I was having issues with that as well! So chicken will be found in every room. once you find chicken one of the pathways in the hub of the class room (where the sign that shows the class is) will open up. Now as for which order to do these rooms in I would suggest looking at this guide! https://dreamworks-school-of-dragons.fandom.com/wiki/The_Golden_Hue_of_Chicken

Just make sure to what room it says in the article! It will be labled "Tidal class challenge" "Strike class challenge" etc etc!

Happy Thawfest and good luck!



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thanks for your help!

You were right, chicken is right where I thought she would be originally. I was able to complete the quest without any issues. I believe the quest was bugged, but got fixed with the quest board. Thanks for your help!

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Yeah, this quest can be

Yeah, this quest can be pretty tricky. There have been several versions over several events, and trust me, the earliest ones were a LOT harder. If you go to the thread Thawfest Chicken Locations! (2022), Gamerkid YT has a list of the places where the chickens and chests are. You are supposed to 'find' them, so the quest arrow will not point to them.  https://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/thawfest-chicken-quest-locations-2022


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Here is the link to the thread you need.

GamerkidYT thread on the 2022 Loki Maze and Chicken Key Hunt:



The thread consists of hints, helps and graphic images that show the layout and order of the Maze rooms to search for Chicken. Once you have each key, the map shows where to return to find all but the last chests to gather your rewards.

There are special instructions on how to find the last chest... located outside the maze.

Note: it is also not necessary to complete Chicken key hunt at a one time run through. You can stop and pickup the Quest at any point, while Thawfest is still active.





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Everyone keeps asking

Everyone keeps asking "where is chicken?".

Nobody's asking "how is chicken?"


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