Where are the New Fish?

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 So I was looking in the shop, buying fish for my dragons, when I noticed that there was new fish to catch like the anglerfish, and the blindfish. I've tried to look for places where I can find them, but I have no idea where they are. I've checked the caves, and the open ocean, but there's nothing. Does anybody know where they are?


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Background: Eyjah, my character, was once a resident of the Meathead Islands, a cluster of small islands infested with various species of dragons. Unlike the Berkians, the Meatheads still hated dragons, and continued to fight and kill them on sight. However, when word of a young boy training a Night Fury reached the village, Eyjah was fascinated by this idea, and from then on, tried to stop her fellow vikings from killing dragons, though they never believed the story of the Dragon Trainer and his Night Fury. One night, during a dragon attack, Eyjah tried to set one of the most dangerous dragons on the islands free, but was stopped by another villager, who tried to attack her. The dragon she tried to save broke free from the trap, and saved Eyjah, severely wounding her attacker, before flying off with the other raiding dragons. That same night, Eyjah stole a small sailboat, and snuck out of her village, determined to find this legendary Dragon Trainer. After nearly 3 exhausting days, Eyjah was found floating at sea by Valka, Cloudjumper, Eret, and Skullcrusher. They rescued her, and took her back to the School of Dragons, where she took up residence to train under the watchful eye of Hiccup, and the other dragon riders. Now, she's one of the most skilled dragon trainers in the school


Eyjah's Dragons


Species: Deadly Nadder

Gender: Male

Appearance: Gray-blue and white with bright yellow eyes

Stormchaser was Eyjah's first dragon, and is her best friend in the entire world. He was rescued by Astrid and Stormfly as an egg when his family was chased away by a group of Changewings, leaving the egg unprotected. When Eyjah arrived at the School of Dragons, she was just in time to witness the hatching of Stormchaser. Immediately, the little dragon imprinted on her, and Hiccup gave her permission to train him. Named for his unusual gray-ish color, and his unusual love of thunderstorms, Stormchaser grew up to be a playful, intelligent, and fiercely protective dragon. While he enjoys playing, exploring, and flying with Eyjah, he will turn into a force to be reckoned with if she is hurt by anyone. Eyjah and Stormchaser's bond is so strong that it is compared to that of Hiccup and Toothless's, considering how well they fly together as if they can read each other's minds.



Species: Fireworm Queen

Gender: Female

Appearance: Bright, glowing yellow with white spots, and bright red eyes

Candlelight was Eyjah's second dragon. Despite her massive size, and incredible strength, Candlelight behaves like a puppy. She was rescued by Hiccup in a cavern after being abandoned for unknown reasons. Since Snoggletog was approaching, Hiccup took the egg back to the school, and gave it to Eyjah as a gift for Snoggletog. The next day, it hatched, and Candlelight appeared. Named for her soft glowing scales, Candlelight grew up still thinking she's small, and clearly does not know her own size and strength. It's hard for her to play with the other dragons since she hurts them so easily, and she's a clumsy flier, but she makes up for her flaws with her loyalty. She's attached to Eyjah as if she was the dragon's mother, and is almost always by her side.



Species: Devilish Dervish

Gender: Female

Aliases: Angel of Death, The Nightmare of the Meathead Islands

Appearance: Black sclaes with blue tipped wings, horns, and spines, and pale yellow eyes

Angel was Eyjah's third dragon, though technically, she was the first dragon Eyjah seemed to have a connection with. Her name is short for "Angel of Death" because she's so beautifully dangerous, especially for a Devilish Dervish. She was the dragon Eyjah saved during the raid before she ran away from her village. She was the dragon who saved Eyjah in return for setting her free. After a few months of living in the School of Dragons, word got to Eyjah that her old village had received insanely dangerous dragon-trapping weapons from an unknown seller. Remembering the Devilish Dervish, who was known as the Nightmare of the Meathead Islands because of her surprising speed, and firepower, Eyjah convinced Hiccup to do a rescue/attack mission, in which Eyjah would train Angel, and then everyone would attack the village to destroy the weapons. Not only was Eyjah able to train Angel, but with her help, she set free other trapped dragons, including Angel's best friend, a Whispering Death who was eventually trained by another student, and the mission was successful. Angel felt indebted to Eyjah, and went back to the school with her. However, she still remains wild, fierce, and vicious as if she still lived in the wild. Despite this, though, she's just as loyal as Eyjah's other dragons, but she enjoys messing with Eyjah much like how Hookfang messes with Snotlout. 



Species: Rumblehorn

Gender: Male

Appearance: Bright purple and red scales with a blue head, and green eyes

Headstrong was Eyjah's fourth dragon, but instead of her rescuing this dragon like the others, the Rumblehorn saved her. During a series of unusually violent thunderstorms, reports of a Skrill attacking dragons reached the school, but when they went to investigate where the attacked dragons crashed, there were no traces of them. The most recent report was that of an exotically colored Rumblehorn. While most Rumblehorns have dull red-brown, dark green, blue or orange colors, this one had very bright, and flashy scales. It had recently been trying to drive Speed Stingers out of its territory, but that would cause the dragons to move into the only other available territory: the School of Dragons. So Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, Eyjah, and another student set off to chase away the Rumblehorn, and relocate it. However, during the chase, mysterious, never-before-seen dragon hunters appeared, and at the same moment, the Skrill did too. Eyjah was the only one to notice it had a rider, and went to defend the Rumblehorn, but was shot down along with it, and they both landed in a ravine on a nearby, small island. Thanks to Stormchaser cushioning her fall, Eyjah only broke her leg, but the Rumblehorn broke his wing. Sending Stormchaser to get help, Eyjah remained in the ravine with the exotic dragon for almost 3 days, catching it food, and helping it fight off wild dragons. She eventually trained it, and named him Headstrong because of his stubborn behavior. With his help, Eyjah got out of the ravine, but they were attacked shortly after by the unnamed Skrill Rider, and her group of dragon hunters who wanted Headstrong for his scales, saying their exotic color would be worth a lot in the market. Refusing to let them get near the dragon, Eyjah was attacked, but Headstrong saved her before Hiccup, and the other riders appeared, and defeated the Skrill Rider and dragon hunters. However, Headstrong was seriously injured by the Skrill's lightning blast. He was taken back to the school to be treated for his injuries. Nobody thought he would live, but he did, and Eyjah helped him learn how to fly again when his broken wing healed. Despite Headstrong's stubborn behavior, typical of a Rumblehorn, he's actually quite affectionate towards Eyjah, almost as much as Stormchaser, and is one of her closest dragons, and friends. 

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You have to fish for them in

You have to fish for angler fish and viper fish in the open ocean with glow worm bait, blindfish and ozark cave fish are in the whispering death tunnels that you unlock as part of a quest