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I was looking at screenshots in community page and this caught my attention-

Where is this?????!


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No idea.




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Not a clue...

I have never seen this place before... maybe it was a feature from when the game was still in its Beta stage, or perhaps it was from way back when the game first started?




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Never seen it.


It looks like Berk?



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Guys...do you remember that

Guys...do you remember that they were going to make houses in the game ? Well...I think you know the answer.This maybe is a test version of the house.


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Yeah idk..


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Haha if they r going to add houses for ppl , how about sharing home with friends or other persons ? xD



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not really sharing but more

not really sharing but more like being able to visit their houses :)


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Why do I need a mere 'Subject'?

The background sort of looks like it's on Berk, but I've never seen it before...


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probably the beta testing of

probably the beta testing of gothi's hut. also it was when the game first started and never released yet! i know it because the pictures next to it all are simallar and what i saw there is what i saw when i was beta testing SoD 





it seems jumpstart likes doing this to my accounts



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where is it then?

where is it then?