When darkness falls (Skyrim RP)

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Plot: 20 years after the dragon Alduin was defeated a new enemy is growing stronger by the day. The previous dragonborn has passed away and new heroes must arise.

Space: 5 ½ (try and figure that one out XD)

Rules: No godmodding

No OP charries

Only one charrie per person

No dadric weapons or armour at start, (You may find later on)

You must fill in the form as it is, you will not be allowed in if you: I'm joining :) 'picture goes here' oh and his/her name is 'name goes here'

If you join you are obliged not to leave unless: RL is super busy and you don't have time, you are in over 5 other Rps and are to busy to continue, you have not posted in over a page, you died. (Yes you may still leave but should you please pm me first with your reason!)

Have fun :)


Name: I hope you know

Gender: If you don't know then O.O

Age: Doesn't have to be exact should you not know (though I hope you do) Eg: 20-22

Race: Nord, breton, high elf, dark elf, ect (Full list provided below.)

Appearance: Chances are if you join this you play skyrim so screen shots are preferred (though not necessary). Please include shot/description of your armour as well. No dadric or dragonskin/bone to start with.

Personality: You should know what this is.

Weapons: Main weapon, secondary weapon, long ranged weapon (Once again no dadric or dragon bone to start with.).

Abilities: This is mainly just a rouge idea of your skills Eg: Archer, duel weapons, destructive magic and rouge skill set.

Magic (optional): Type\s of magic you practice and if you specialise in one patiular type, Eg: Fire magic.

Shout/s (optional): You may start off with 3 first level shouts, 1 first level and 1 second level or 1 third level.

Guild and postion in guild (optional):I'll provide a list of them below.

History (optional): Self explanatory.

Notes: Anything odd about them or just something you would like to add Eg: Is allergenic to salmon (Yeah random example I know).


Race list:




Altmer- High elf

Bosmer- Wood elf

Dunmer- Dark elf

Orsimer -Orc




Guild list:

Thieves guild

Dark brotherhood


Mages guild (Collage of winterhold)



Bards collage



Spaces open in the next post along wiht my form :)

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Here it is

Do not reply directly to this post.

Spaces open:

1) Fleiri






Name: Kali

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Race: Bosmer (Wood elf)














If you can't tell her armour is the dark brotherhoods shourded armour.

Personality: Despite being an assain she tends to be quite freindly (Not to her tagets though...) and is quite capeble of making fast friends, but she can appar to be cold and well, more killer like sometimes.

Weapons: She weilds the blade of woe along with an exact replica of it. Skyforge steel longsword. An ebony bow.

Abilities: Duel weapory, archry and rouge skills (Lock picking, pickpockting, ect)

Magic (optional): She uses storm magic and is able to use lightning rune.

Shout/s (optional): Stormcall (Third level)

Guild and postion in guild (optional): Secondry leader of the Dark brotherhood.

History (optional): Suprisingly not much, she was born and raised in the Darkbrotherhood and has worked for it her whole life thus becomeing one of its best (Gaining her quite a reputation)

Notes: Is highly OCD