What's the big fuss with hackers?

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So I've seen a couple threads about hackers cheating to win Thunder Race and get free stuff then get banned and I understand that is unfair and really bad behavior that deserves to be punished, but what about the ones that just hack to modify their own dragons? Like if one paid for Toothless THEN turned him golden, white, alpha, or whatever? What's the big deal with them just using their skills to customize their own dragons? Is that really wrong if they've actually paid for the stuff beforehand? I mean, it is not really unfair to other players because the software and how to do it are out there for those that don't know to use.


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It's still messing with the integrity of game data, so very obviously still against the game rules.  Changing game data can really mess things up, so yeah it's still wrong to do so even if its not in a versus minigame.


Remember that if you digitally purchase a game, you pay for the rights to play it. A licence, as you will. You do not own the game nor any of its content.


There's also no skill involved in being a script kiddie. Don't be this person.


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Well said. Oh, and I remember that guy!


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I actually don't like hackers, but before they start speedhacking, hurting others, and hacking their fire during battles I don't mind what they do. Okay, it's really unfair that they are hacking gems, dragons, stables, CoC clothing and other limited stuff, because we, the others get these in the hard way, but it actually hurts no one, or just themselves. If they want to be hated, just continue what are they doing, but don't do things which hurt the others or give worse things. I have raced with Jacinta today, she was racing fairly, I was happy that she is not cheating, but in the last few seconds she started speedhacking. No, that wasn't boosting, I can explain why if you want. Because of this she finished the race faster. It was really unfair, because I couldn't do anything.
Anyways, why can't they do the hard way? They would be more appreciated.

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Zeke, no! The subject is NOT made of sand!

Sorry, honey but I have to agree with the others here. There are enough problems with the game without hackers feeding off the loopholes and such. And with the thing about Alpha Toothless, if you paid enough for a 3 month membership you get regular Toothless, but if you then hack his Alpha form, you are still cheating because you have to purchase a longer membership to get it.


I have to further agree with previous posts that using a hacking software to get these things requires no skill on the part of those that use the thing and if you get banned for it you absolutely deserve it. Personally, I don't even know why anyone wants that gold crap unless you worked for it and it actually meant something. I mean, it's so gaudy and makes you stick out like a sore thumb, especially when you hack gold saddles and full body gold armor. If you want to make yourself look like an a-hole and broadcast to everyone that you don't want to actually work/pay for anything then be my guest, just don't complain when someone reports you can you get banned for it.


The only one that doesn't bother me is when certain people use a glitch to get out of a chat ban cuz there are people that don't get chat bans that deserve them cuz they cuss up a storm and say inappropriate stuff and people that say something that isn't even bad get chat ban for no reason. The chat censor is so broken that I can't blame someone who wants to innocently chat with their friends for sneaking out of an undeserved chat ban. Every other hack that people use though is absolutely inexcusable because it's unfair.


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I agree with you! Well said! But I think if someone is hacking only gems, dragons and similar stuff he/she shouldn't get banned, just get his/her hacked things deleted. If he/she still continues hacking after this warning, then he/she can be banned.

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Neara... burned my subject...

Eh, I agree that for the first offense they maybe shouldn't get banned, at least not permanently. I proposed this once before but what I think should happen to hackers is as follows:


First offense: banned for a week, whatever they hacked removed

Second offense: banned for 3 weeks, hacks removed, membership suspended if he/she had one

Third offense: banned for a year and all of the above and are no longer allowed to purchase memberships (if they could even do that)

Fourth offense: permanently banned from ever entering the game, character and all login info deleted from the servers and barred from ever creating a new one. (Not sure how they would do the last part but I'm sure it's possible.)


It's worth noting that this is based off of "three-strikes laws" for repeat offenders of crimes in real life (that is those that commit non-cyber crimes, i.e. theft). This would apply to those that hack stuff like gold armors, paints, saddles, speed hacking etc. As I said, hacking out of a chat ban not so much since the censor is so broken most people that get chat bans don't deserve them and those that do rarely get them it seems. -_-

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I think I understand what

I think I understand what everyone is saying. I'm a nature science person so I'm going to put this in a comparison that I'll understand. So basically the code of the game is like the DNA of any living creature. Every little change to the code, the DNA, harms the thing, game, creature, in some way or another because the building blocks become messed up and don't work like they're supposed to. Thanks everyone who answered and explained it all to me. I've never had any direct or indirect experience with hacks and hackers so I didn't really know anything about it until I began reading the posts about hackers.

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Neara... burned my subject...

Well, I'm glad that you yorself don't have any experince with this personally. My advice to you though, sweetheart, is to avoid hackers. Most of them are really temperamental and immature and can potentially be dangerous. Sure hackers in a RPG game that's mostly marketed towards younger kids doesn't seem like it should be too dangerous, but haking is in and of itself a crime and you never know what else they could be capable of haking into.

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I don't think I quite agree with your point there, Dimensioner.I think we should put it into a different sort of perspective, see if it levels out how you see this whole situation. Imagine you are a shopkeeper, and some shifty little kid came inand started stealing your produce. All the stuff that you, as a business owner have purchased for your loyal customers to buy, taken right from under you. With annonymous identities, aside from a criminal name. How would it make you feel? Cheated. Now, flip the script, by having the shopkeeper as the admins/developers and the shifty kid as a hacker. It's basically like stealing from a shop. You wouldn't tolerate that would you? Same rules apply. Like that shopkeeper has to earn a living from what he sells, the team at Jumpstart also need to make a living. And they can't do it without customer purchasing their goods.


Plus, if one kid decides "I want a GOLD Toothless, and I bought him, so it's okay." it breaks up game code. Game code just helps everything run. When one wants to do it, EVERYONE wants to do it. And it simply isn't fair. The game was created fairly, with perks for those who wished to pay.


I don't get how it "isn't unfair if they use their software". Why does the software exist at all? What benefits is hacking going to get? Especially if its so easily tracable. I mean, the admins have access to all of the info linked to a specific usename. Where is the point to hacking? Bragging rights? Threats? Such fickle things to a child. It just makes no sense. Why do people have tutorials on how to hack? Who was the first person that tried to break something because they didn't see it as fair.

Game systems are created with equality - everyone gets the same if they don't pay for it.

Hacking is created by selfish beings - Only one gets something decent without paying.


Sorry for going off on a tangent like this, but I don't see much help in hacking. It's a dangerous skill, I'll give it that. It's a punishable offence in the eyes of most law systems.




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Well, thank you for

Well, thank you for explanation, despite the rant that followed. I'm getting a clearer picture about this hacking stuff with just about every comment added.

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First thing, if you let people get away with the seemingly 'innocent' hacking then it will always get worse and worse.

Also I've never seen a gold toothless, what do they look like?



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Adam can you shut UP, I'm trying to think of a subject

Gaudy and out of place I'll be honest lol, they were everywhere when the introduction to getting toothless with paid membership started




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I'm trying to imagine it, and the colour seems really off in my mind

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There are videos of golden

There are videos of golden toothless on YouTube.

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Just picture a really bright

Just picture a really bright gold (like the clash of clans winning clan gear) and picture it on a toothless.