What's the best racing build as of now?

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Couldn't really find a thread from newer than 2018. There's probably a much better racing build right now.


By 'build' I mean a combination of accessories, dragon, and saddle that yields the best result in racing, if you're not familiar with the term. I'm looking for speed, particularly, and I do have membership so I can use Toothless, but if you have a different build with a different dragon, I'm all ears!


What I have right now:


Alpha Toothless Helmet

Alpha Toothless Mask

Night Fury Pauldrons

Alpha Toothless Armor

Alpha Toothless Bracers

Death Song Black Pants

Alpha Toothless Boots


And I fly Toothless with a Master's Night Fury Saddle. All of the things mentioned alter my racing stats, but I don't have the exact available percentages for each armor piece.








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For bracers: Alpha Toothless and Death Song Black 


Pauldrons: Alpha Toothless 


Alpha Toothless Helm & Mask 


Chestplate: Screaming Death 


Pants: Stormcutter 


Boots: Alpha Toothless 


(Clan: Bandito Gang) 

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Here's my little guide to all the racing gear...

(items boxed in green have the highest speed %).

Good luck!