What's the best( dragon tactics edition)

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Hey guys
What are the best weapons, dragons and Armour for dragon tactics.



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A headcannon about me written by the creative StarZipSky!

Defeating the Hunters




Far away from School of Dragons, near the Auction island, a Hunter were counting dragon bones in front of an enormous cage on a ship. Inside the cage, were the Deathgribber. Every time it roars a roar, the hunter’s sword would scare it to death. 




From the dark night’s sky, 6 shadows arose from the ocean. Its silhouettes got closer and closer to the ship as the hunter stared at them with panic, blankly. Now that the silhouettes were really close to the ship, the hunter was able to see the riders on the dragons’ back. The riders.




“Drago! Drago!” The hunter shouted. “The riders are here!”




“Stormfly, spike shot!” Shouted the rider on a Deadly Nadder. The spikes pinned the hunter to the ground.




“Furies, plasma blast!” Shouted another rider. Four Furies’ lightening like shots burned down all the defense watch tower, making the hunters scream and jump off. 




The Nadder and a Fury headed toward the hunters, dodging arrows and shooting fire as they went. While they were on their mission, the other three Furies, the Night Lights and a young rider went down to the cage where the Deathgribber were trapped.




“Pouncer, Dart, Ruffrunner! Make sure that the hunter doesn’t move until we finish rescuing the Deathgribber.” The rider took off its mask and hood. His platinum blonde hair, purple eye, and a scar, on his right eye.




“Huh, I wondered who this young rider was, but it looks like my brother Kaze. How dare you getting out of here and coming back as a dragon rider.” The hunter said. “Remove this rope for me, brother or else… hey you, white crazy fury! Stop biting my foot! Green black fury! Stop squishing me! And you, muffed blue fury, close your nasty mouth up!” The more the hunter struggled, the more the Night Lights got upset and anxious. 




“Calm down, guys. You guys just keep him quiet, okay?” Kaze told the Night Lights. “I’ll have to rescue this big guy.” 




Kaze slowly opened the cage, and dropped his weapons. It is for the hunters, not for the creature. Kaze reached his hands out right in front of Deathgribber.  It looked at Kaze cautiously, but accepted him, and welcomed him onto its back. 








Suddenly, a screaming of anger emerged from the ship. It was Drago Bloodfist. Kaze quickly unleashed the Deathgribber and faced Drago.




“Looks like it is the young rider Kaze, isn’t? Give me. Give back the Deathgribber right now!” Drago shouted.




“No, Drago. The dragons are meant to be in peace, not your dragon army, that you are trying to collect from years ago.”




Drago and his Bewilderbeast have been defeated by Toothless and Hiccup. The Bewilderbeast returned to its home, the hidden world. Lucky for Drago, it swam there floating. One day on its journey, Drago on the bewilder beast’s back saw Stormheart’s ship. He told Stormheart about everything that have happened and Stormheart, who dislikes the dragon riders gladly helped Drago retreat. Once Drago have fully retreated and got another arm, he decided one more thing that he wanted or needed to do. Collect dragons and bring back Valka’s Bewilderbeast back to life. When a viking collects items for the Dragon eye and melt it, it turns into a potion that can bring dead things to life. Drago stole the Dragon Eye with unknown existence from Trader Johan’s old ship and succeeded to make the potion. And with the old Valka’s Bewilderbeast under his control, he had started Dragon hunting again.




“Bewilderbeast!” Drago shouted. Valka’s might Bewilderbeast arose from water below, just like how Drago’s old Bewilderbeast had done. It eye color had changed, cursed with hunter’s power.  Drago pointed his stick toward the Deathgribber that had been rescued. 




The Deathgribber struggled with the Bewilderbeast’s mind control for minutes, but collapsed powerlessly. Kaze quickly grabbed his weapon and looked straight into Drago’s eyes. 




“Kaze! Be careful! Drago is powerful than anything if he has Bewilderbeast is next to him!” Hiccup and Astrid shouted as the dismounted Toothless and Stormfly, trying to stop Kaze. But Kaze didn’t budge.




“I cannot let a dragon get hurt by a hunter. I am a rider, I protect dragons, and that’s the life I chose. I would not feel bad even I hideif my death was for a dragon.” Kaze answered. 




“Young rider. Shoot him!” Drago ordered the Bewilderbeast.




Cursed Bewilderbeast blasted its cold breath and covered Kaze up.




As Hiccup and Astrid stared at it happen in shock, the Deathgribber stood up again. It jumped toward the ice and started scratching it with sharp claws and poisonous tail. It shot fire at it and managed to  make a crack. It ran back few meters and rushed toward the ice. With a crash, the ice lost capability and letted go off Kaze alive.




Night Lights hopped around Kaze and Toothless and Stormfly blasted fireballs with joy. 




“Kaze!” Shouted Astrid “You are alive! Thank goodness!” 




“I’m fine, Astrid. How did… I got out?” Kaze asked.




“The Deathgribber saved your life, Kaze.” Hiccup replied.




Drago stared at Kaze escaping out of the ice. His minds were mixed up. A dragon saved a hunter? It was alive? It reminded him of the battle few years ago. He got so deep into his thoughts with anger that when he noticed, he was grabbed by the Deathgribber The Deathgribber dropped Drago into the Ocean, colder than the North Pole. With all the coldness around him, Drago lost his mind and never floated.




The School




“Well, Kaze, it’s great that you are back to School of Dragons and able to join the riders again! Can I ask you something?” Hiccup said.




“Yes, Chief. What is it?” 




“I would like you to help the Deathgribber find a new home. All the dragons we rescued that night, we have found new riders for them, but this Deathgribber looks like he prefers you more than any other riders. Would you like to have him? I think that you guys would make a great bond.”




“Really, Chief? I can really have him? God, this is the most amazing thing ever that happened these days!” As Kaze finished his sentence, the Deathgribber joyfully jumped around him and scooped him up onto its back with its teeth. 




“What are you going to name him, Kaze?” Astrid asked.




“Oh, you should name him Hookfang the Second!” Snotlout shouted.




“No, you should name him Tuffnut Dragon!” “No, Ruffnut Dragon!” The twins argued.




“Maybe Kaze Legs! It would be so cute!” Fishlegs shouted out his idea.




"You guys didn't even come to help us! Why do you think that you get a chance to name a strike class dragon?" Astrid argued.




“Okay guys,” Hiccup said. “Let Kaze think. It’s his buddy.”




Kaze thought for a very long time, and said out loud. “Stormer. He rescued my life like a Storm. He is the mightiest Deathgribber I’ve seen!” 







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Also where can u find them( weapons and armour)

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I actually tank my viking and have a frozen chieftain sword that does more damage than any crushing weapon (also stat rerolled for boosted damage). I focus on bulking my viking's health. This works well because I can send my viking in to gather up a couple of enemies and then literally sweeping them in one turn. I have alongside me a Titan Stormcutter as another tank and healer, and it serves as protection for my viking if my viking gets into trouble, and a Titan Woolly Howl to snipe faraway enemies and buff its firepower to OHKO strong enemies. All are level 50. Other useful dragons are Titan Skrills, which can be used to both snipe and nuke if/when surrounded, a Prickleboggle (the godsend healer), and Pouncer. Personally I just can't use Pouncer correctly...or maybe my current dragons comprise a better team without him. 


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Depends on your playstyle.


I find that crushing weapons, namely axes work really well. Stack attack power and crit chance and you'll be able to oneshot pretty much anything. Health and dodge can be convenient but are not necessary. The other stats are useless for this build. The best dragons are (imo) Pouncer and skrills.


All the weapons and armour I use are rare T3 drops.


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I don't usually check stats, just their level, so I'll keep that in mind.

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Stats are more important than tier or rarity, but so far I haven't had a single T2 piece that's better than T3. It's still best to compare stats, though!


I just checked the damage output. If buffed, it's about 2000-4000 (non-crit) depending on the attack. Not sure what's considered a lot of damage, but this is usually enough to oneshot most enemies.

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Intense Defenders axe is the most powerful item in the game. Or it has been in my experience  thus far. No other item even comes close to it in terms of just crushing force (sorta). And the heal option is very nice. Unfortunately,  the most powerful item is also one of the ugliest items in the game. Well, I wouldn't say ugly so much as bland. It also lacks a long range attack which is annoying. 

I recently traded it out for the Woolly Howl crossbow because it is the only other T3 Legendary item that can even hold a candle to the power of the Intense Defenders Axe, but even that comes in at 15ish points less damage on a regular strike. 

But the better aesthetic and long range options are worth it.


I'm probably not the best to speak on dragons tbh because I just use my two highest level dragons in the game. I prioritize sheer damage than anything else. Toothless and my SnowWraith. I haven't really branched out from them and it isn't really worth it. Remember, higher dragon level, the more damage the dragon does. 

My Snow Wraith is really nice because every single attack is long range.  It also has a massive flight range. Like massive. But again, I haven't really experimented with the others. 


Most of the Nightlights except Pouncer are useless. And those are basically the only other dragons I've played around fighting with. 


As for Armour.... anything T3 Legendary is probably your best bet, especially if it's bewilderbeast. Just look at the stats and compare which are the most useful to you. Just because it's bewilderbeast, doesn't mean it's inherently better. 



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I know the nightlights are useless other than pouncer, but pouncer makes up for it. Also, do the defender axe and wooly howl crossbow do none than 850 damage , cause my mala's sword (t3 epic) does that much. Also, thanks about the Armour, I was going to go for the stormcutter ones, but I'll try to get both.

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How much damage your weapon does depends on your viking level. So I can't tell you accurately how much more or less damage you will get out of those but I can guarantee that a teir 3 legendary will do more than an epic.

Last I checked the axe did 1.5k for me on a throw but that was a few viking levels ago so it's probably different now.

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Here's my setup:

I use Grimmel's Crossbow(it's tier 3 Legendary, I got it playing the last Summarhildr DT level during Summarhildr but it can currently be found in the Runestone levels, I know for sure it can be found in the first Runestone level). The first attack is mid-range and deals 848 damage with a chance to deal 217 poison to the enemy for a couple turns. The second attack is long range and deals 1717 damage.(Note that the damage it deals is based on a few different things: my viking level, the armor I use, and I increased the stats on my armor and crossbow) It also has the heal feature. I use the Bright Stormcutter armor(tier 3 Legendary, found as blueprints in the Runestone levels)and also use the Thawfest Eret flightsuit to give me a bit more of a boost in 3 areas(I hide it though so I can see my Stormcutter armor). I usually use a titan Woolly Howl, titan Skrill, and Prickleboggle(Prickleboggle only for hard levels where I feel it would come in handy). All of them are level 50 and my viking is level 50 too.

(Just for fun I've also been working on getting a setup for using a sword(using the Dusk Sand Wraith armor)in case I ever want to switch just for fun. Grimmel's Crossbow, my Bright Stormcutter armor, and the Thawfest Eret flightsuit are my main setup though)


You should reroll your weapons and armor to get the stats that you want. Sometimes it takes a while for the stats to change but eventually they will. Once you get your desired stats you should then start increasing them. That's what I did. You may have to grind for shards because once you get down to a low percentage it'll take a while before the stat will increase.(sometimes the percentage isn't even that low and it takes a while)


Edit: I forgot to mention the shield I use. I use the Berk Champion shield(tier 3 Legendary, found in the Runestone levels)


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Hey Angels_Demons!

You would not believe how many people have posed this question to me (and other more experienced) members over the years, because, to be quite frankly, it's a very good question!  Unfortunately, and if you haven't discovered it by now, everyone has a different - if not wildly different - idea of the best weapons/armor to use.  People do tend to be a bit more in agreement about which dragons to use, but I'll talk about that after the weapons/armor.

Weapon and Armor

With little to no exception, you'll want to go for a weapon with the horn added benefit (which should raise your dmg by 50% - not the one that raises your crit).  This is because you want your avatar to be able to nuke enemies faster - the healing effect to make you tankier is not very helpful and ultimately can lead to your undoing.  There are some weapons that have a higher dmg then those with the horn skill, but since they don't have the horn skill, their worth plummets considerably. The special skill your weapon  has depends on the ELEMENT that weapon has and there are several elements with a few different special skills - I can't remember all the special skills and how they correlate with the elements but you can look that up in the SoD wiki that LPS has put together.

As for your particular weapon, that largely depends on your style.  I don't need range since I'm more of a Leeroy Jenkins player, so I use a crushing chieftain sword with that nice frontal, aoe or the porcupine mace that does aoe for its first skill which is really handy.  Experimentation will likely be needed to find the weapon for you, but ofc, always use t3 legendary weapons where possible.

As for your armor, there isn't much to say except that if you are using crossbows, you want to focus on getting a lot of firepower stat, if you are another weapon, you will want to have as little firepower stat in your wardrobe as possible since it'll then be useless.  My best combination of armor looks pretty gross since it's a combo of several different sets and I just picked out the most op parts of each set.


Once, again, depends on your fighting style, but typically op dragons like snow wraiths, deathsongs, furies (toothless/pouncer), hiddeous zipplebacks, flamewhippers, etc etc.  Prickleboggles are nice to use on tough dungeons because they have powerful heals, and elder sentinels are good with their insane def so you can use them as a meat shield. (As a side note, hobgobblers are TERRIBLE - never use them)


If you have any other questions, feel free to pm me and I can get more into the details.  However, this should definitely get you started.




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I always use a T3 Lengendary armor and weapon. As for dragons, my orginals were, Titan Skrill, titan Flightmare, titan Whispering Death. I needed a healing dragon and he was the only one that was able to heal himself (at the time there wasn't many dragons that weren't avabile or I didn't have the dragon) Once the Deathsong was avabile in DT and a titan he replaced the Whispering Death. 



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Enlarge/reduce either on the

Enlarge/reduce either on the dragon or whoever has proficiency in athletics and is decently tanky. Grapple and profit. The real beauty of it is that dragon can't attack and escape the grapple on the same turn unless it can quickly kill the grappler. Bonus points if you knock it prone so it has disadvantage on all attacks.




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I can't say much about equipment (my viking became useless after a deleveling bug)
but, about dragons, there are several amazing combinations depending on the strategy, and these are the best ones to compose them:
- Humbanger (Dreadfall Event): 50% chance of causing Flinch at long range.
- Flightmare (egg in store): Great chances of Flinching in mid distance, but with the difference of having more map space to walk.
- Speed ​​Stinger (egg in store): Maybe few know, but it's the most accessible dragon on the map. Can walk freely without needing to walk the Hyper skill. Plus, it also has poison chances and a decent base attack.
- Crimson Goregutter (egg in store): It has the highest base attack of all dragons in the game, making the base skill with colossal damage. The base skill can also hit multiple enemies at once for brutal damage.
- Fireworm Queen (egg in store): It has the highest firepower of all dragons in the game, making its base skill (which is mid-range firepower) one of the most powerful. She also has great healing skills that can be supportive.
- Prickleboggle (egg in store): It is the biggest healing support in the game. It can defend itself with Camouflage and has the base ability as a group heal. Extremely useful and helps teams of lower levels to face resistance with opponents of absurd levels.
- Ruffrunner (baby in store -- adult form in Age of the Night Lights Expansion): Great base HP and focus abilities on taking damage. Extremely useful for supporting "glass cannon" dragons, which attack hard but cannot take recoil damage.
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Best Dragon: I recommend having a titan Deathsong. Why? Multi stun, good damage, and self heal. I was able to clear the higher levels easily when I had mine in my lineup. Another one is a Skrill because of the snipe ability and close range area of effect.

Weapon: I use the Dreadfall axe (can only be forged iirc) and it works well at least for me. 

Armor: Can't answer this as I use racing armor for everything and it works, but I've seen other players buying sets specifically from the shop so that probably works better. 


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