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  Hey guys! it's Maz here! As of late I have not been active due to computer problems and a busy life. I'm hoping to be able to play the game again soon but I honestly don't know what's happening at SOD anymore! How's everyone doing? What do we know about the Snoggletog event? Has anything new been added? Basically whatever you guys can tell me of what happend after the end of the dreadfall event.


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Nothing really happened after the Dreadfall event.

Judging by bits and pieces of information the Snoggletog event is about to be launched, supposedly today or tomorrow. My guess is that it's gonna be similar to the Dreadfall one cuz the Stable Quests disappeared. So apparently there would be some special Snoggletog quests added, maybe some daily quests would be added too.

I liked the Dreadfall event very much. Despite all the glitches it was fun. I do hope that the Snoggletog one would be the same, that there would be a lot of different rewards, weapons, armours and of course NightLights ))))