What is Your Opinion About the Upcoming Httyd 3 (May include Spoilers)?

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     Hi! I was reading up on ALL SPOILERS REGARDING HTTYD 3. And we all know that it is probably going to end telling us why there are no more dragons today. My questions to you are:

. Do you approve of this?

. Why do you think dragons will disapear?

. I heard Dean Deblois is basing ending of the third film on Creissda's book, anyone read it yet?

. Do you think the movie will split into two?

And any other opinions you want tp share, feel free! I just wanna know everybody's opinion. :) 



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To be honest I would be sad

To be honest I would be sad about the series ending that way, but it would probably be a more interesting ending. I wonder how they would explain why the dragons don't exist in the future. I really don't think evolution would have anything to do with it so I don't really know.  I am pretty sure it will be one full movie, not two. 


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I know about the dragon

I know about the dragon dissaperence. In my opinion, I hope that's just a rumour and the dragons stick around. I have not read the book, but now I want to. And I swear to god if they kill Toothless I will fall into a deep depression that I will never recover from. 




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    I heard that hiccup DOES find another night fury and has to send toothless of the island (berk) to train him. I DO NOT know if this is TRUE but I heard it from someone in the MAKING OF HTTYD 3. 


    I think the movie will split into two, the other won will be on toothlesses past and how the night furies bacame rare or nearly extinct.

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    I've been theorizing about more Nightfurys since the beginning - this actually will be spot on to what I said would happen in the third film. 


    This is what I think:


    More Nighfuries will be dicovered either by Hiccup or Toothless and will either

    A.) Be in danger and need to be rescued, or

    B.) Will be young Nighfuries who need an older one (Toothless) to watch over them, or

    C.) It will be a female Nightfury 


    Either A, B, or C will lead to the outcome of:

    A.) Hiccup feels Toothless is better off with the other Nightfuries, and leaves them, or

    B.) Toothless asks/tells Hiccup (in his own dragon way) the hard truth that he is needed with the Nightfuries and Hiccup is needed since he is the new chief.

    C.) (if its a female) Hiccup will send Toothless away with the understanding that they both will re-populate the species.


    Those are my thoughts...

    Then of course, gradually over time the dragons will become more and more scarce for various reasons - the movie ending with them being rare or people thinking dragons are just myths. (In the book, Hiccup is an old man re-counting his tales of dragons, and everyone doesn't believe him that they existed).


    I will be VERY surprised if no other Nightfuries are discovered in the third film - there is a lot of foreshadowing that more could exist.


    As for it being split into two movies - I really don't think thats going to happen. The HTTYD films are meant to be a triology, which means that the third one is the final and last one.



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    My Subject Was Eaten By Dragons~

    There is an awesome video on youTUBE titled, "How to Find Your Dragon" that is a special feature from How to Train Your Dragon (Live) that has a guy (Zeke) interviewing Creissda's books.


    Here is the link to the video:



    The interview with her starts at 8:30 in the video if you want to skip ahead. The video all in all is very interesting though, and worth the watch in my opinion. It explores the possibility that dragons may have existed. I really enjoyed watching it truthfully.


    She states that she wanted kids to wonder about dragons and think of the possibility that they could have existed back in older times, but perhaps that they had vanished for various reasons. Berk (according to Creissda) is actually based off a real island located of the West coast of Scotland, which inspired her to write all the "How to Train Your Dragon" books.

    She describes of a hill on the island that looked like the back of a sleeping dragon that could wake at any moment, and that the strong gales (winds) made her think that the dragon was waking up and howling.

    (During the interview she even takes Zeke to one of her favorite caves and states "If ever a cave looked like a dragon ought to live in it, it was this one!")


    So for me, I really don't mind if this is the outcome of the third movie - because for me, it inspires me to dream and wonder if dragons did exist a long time ago. Will it be sad? Oh yeah! But it will be a beautiful ending to a beautiful series.




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    I agree:) I actually find sad

    I agree:) I actually find sad endings in movies more beautiful and memorable then the typical happy ones.

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    SPOILERS to HTTYD 2 - READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! (I've warned you)

    Also agree :)

    Its why Dragonheart (First) was such a beautiful movie and why HTTYD 2 was so impactful (sad but good).

    Did you know that they were originally not going to have anyone (other than the Bewilderbeast) hidein HTTYD 2? They changed their minds because they felt that such a war could not be won without a BIG loss. The same thing goes with HTTYD 1 - they originally were not going to have Hiccup lose his leg, but again, felt that fighting/defeating the Red Death should come with a major loss to signify how great it was. They then connected the loss of Hiccup's leg with the loss of Toothless' tail fin of course - which made the story that much more better.

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    Yeah, and I love Dragonheart.

    Yeah, and I love Dragonheart. It was a great movie. I'm glad they changed their mind for the plot for both HTTYD movies because it made them so much better.

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    Oe guy on chat was blabbering about HTTYD 3. He said Toothless was going to fight a white night fury named Fang, then .Hiccup was going to replace Toothless with Fang. His name was Davigar, but he claimed to be Jay Baruchel, Hiccups voice actor. 



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    I seriously doubt that, I

    I seriously doubt that, I can't sere Hiccup replacing Toothless. I'm pretty sure actors wouldn't just give away information like that either. It was probably just someone pretending. A white night fury would be cool though.

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    Hey guys, I know you guys won't believe me and please don't tell me that, because I already know you don't.

    I have talked to Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera (for the people who don't know, it's Astrid), they said to me that the 3rd movie won't be in animation this time. I really hope Toothless won't die.

    The dragons will probably dissapear, because the movie is based on the books and in the last book she told why there are no dragons anymore. (at least that's what I heard about it).


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    Spoiler alert!!!

    Oops... double post, sorry!

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    there HAVE to be more Night Furys!

    i think Hiccup and Toothless will see more Night Furys in HTTYD 3. if they get rid of Toothless.....well lets just say it will not be good for the HTTYD guys. Hiccup and Toothless HAVE to see more Night Furys, if they do not then it will be like the movies are not complete.


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    Type: Whispering Death

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    Appearance: Black with white belly and spots

    Personality: Friendly, LOUD.

    Type: Thunderdrum

    History: "What do you think I'll get out of it?" I asked my dragons as they crowded around me. I had saved enough gems to get an egg box and I was about to open it. I slowly lifted the lid and looked inside. A crackling pale blue egg was inside. "A Thunderdrum!" I said. I lifted it up and carried it inside the hatchery. I put it in the Tidal Class hatching place. It was a pool of warm water. I looked on as the crackling surface of the egg broke open and a black and white head popped out and sent and gentle sonic blast playfully into my face. "Nice to see you too." I said, laughing. "How about we call you Orca?" I asked the baby. She sent another blast into my face. "Ha! Orca it it then!"


    Name: Sila

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    Appearance: White with light teal fins and barb

    Personality: Fierce, but has a small soft side. Is very lonely, because her pack abandoned her.

    Type: Speedstinger

    History: "What? There is no way an entire pack of Speedstingers could be here without us knowing." I told Hiccup. "It's true, Lsara. I saw something around here that looked like a Speedstinger, so there must be a pack." He replied. "I need you to look for it." I stared at him. "And where should I go first?" I asked. "Try around caves, and places for them to get food. Near a fishing pool." He told me. "Ugh! Fine. But if I don't find anything then I get to tell you "I told you so."" And then I got on Sasha and flew toward the nearest cave I knew about. But the longer I looked around it, the more it felt wrong. "I can't think today. Of course Speedstingers would go to a place where no one could find them so easily." I scolded myself. Sasha nodded. "Okay. Lead the way to the place you want to go." I sighed as I got on the Storm Cutter. She shot in the air and headed towards the icy glaciers that were at the very far side of Icestorm Island. "And why didn't I think of this?" I asked Sasha as I looked around. There was an overhang, and a pool of fish. Perfect for a pack of dragons, no matter if they were flightless. Sasha curled up to sleep. And then I heard a growl. A white Speedstinger was standing on a ledge above me. I slowly started creeping towards it. I looked around for signs of a pack. A small pile of fish there, scrapes in the ice for nests here. But no sign of any other Speedstingers. "Uh..Hi there." I said. The Speedstinger roared, but didn't move. "W-why are you all alone here girl?" I asked, mostly to myself. When I said this, the Speedstinger made something that sounded almost like a whimper, and flattened her crest down, something that was a sign of peace. "Why don't you have a pack?" I kept talking in a soothing voice as I slowly inched closer and closer. And then I was right next to it. It made another soft growl, but didn't stop me as I reached out to touch it. I ran my hand along her back, and watched her. "Sila." I whispered. The Speedstingers head shot up, and she looked at me. "Could I name you Sila?" I asked. She narrowed her eyes and growled. I backed away, sensing it was time to go. I woke up Sasha and started to get on her. I heard something behind me, and saw the Speedstinger had walked right up to me. She seemed lonely, but not sure what do. "Y-you can come, Sila." I told her. And then I started walking back. She followed.



    Name: Tsunami and Typhoon

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Blue with sea green belly and gray-blue details.

    Personality: Typhoon likes to fight a lot, and is rather hot-headed. Tsunami is more polite, but is really still the same.

    Type: Hideous Zippleback

    History: "Wonder what we'll get this time. Another Thunderdrum?" I asked my dragons. I had yet another egg box on the table, and was ready to open it. "Okay..Ready!" I lifted the lid. A blue and gray egg was there. "A Zippleback!" I cried. I had never liked Zipplebacks. They were always fighting. "Well, I will love it anyway. Come on." I carried the egg to the hatchery and popped it in the lava. "I hope it will be nice." I said to myself. It cracked open. A blue, blue-gray, and sea green Zippleback was there. They were already tangled in one another. I sighed, but I already kind of liked them. "Okay. I have the feeling you might fight. So something fierce. And you have the colors of the ocean, or maybe sky, so that helps. What though?" I wondered out loud. "Well. You will be Typhoon." I said, pointing to the head that was snapping at the other. "And...You could be...Wave? Just no. Ooo! Storm?! Nah. Wait, didn't Hiccup tell me about those...Storms at sea once? They were big waves-Tsunami!" I shouted to the more quite looking head. Not quite by much, anyway. "I'm alread having fun with you guys." I said.


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    i do like how te dragons will

    i do like how te dragons will disepere because it is just right.


    The last book has not come out yet we are all waiting for the ultimate book the last the ending!


    does anyone know when the last book is coming out and do you think the film or the book will coe out first.


    i probably think that the book will come out before the film but i cnt wait for the both of them!



    and in the  books i think i know why the dragons dissipere or go back to the sea i think it is because of alvin and the dragon jewel or even HICCUP and the dragon jewel (the jewel is soething that could get rid of [somehow] all the dragons.

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    Ride on to Adventure with the Raincutter!
    Take the Top Ranks With the Typhoomerang!
    And I especially like this  one the Hobblegrunt!
    Steal the Spotlight with the Hobblegrunt!
    Not many appriciate thisguy but i have one and they are awsome!
    This is when I first met my dragon Screaming Death, the Screaming Death.
    Made by Candyblast!
    sooo much for this!
    Your image is loading...
    I am Estowick the Enthusiastic
    Or just Estowick
    Glitter Text Generator
    Mostly known as Est or Est-y
    The Best Gif Ever!
    Pink Panther - " I Would like to buy a Hamburger"
    'I would like to buy an amswerser [hamburger]'
    Jacques Clousseau
                      The Pink Panther
    This is Wraith of the Snow
    my wraith of the snow/ snow wraith
    made by Fury of the Night! Thanks, he's awsome!!!
    This is Skullion.
    Made by Frytha. Thanks!!!
    "The City of Afar"
    estowicks city for rp.png
    This is Estowick the Enthusiastic with a bone of a skrill in his hand and dragon nip in the other.
    He lived on Icestorm Island in the ancient city.
    Many, many thanks to Candyblast for this incredible picture.
    This is also done by Candyblast. Thanks again for an awsome image!
    This is my future Scauldron, Whirlpool.
    Many thanks for Defy who made this bouncy/blinky
    The Gifs of Icestorm
    Screaming Death
    The Screaming Death
    As I walked through the tunnles of berk with my trusty boneknapper 'Skullion' (next dragon to have a backstory) we reached a pile of exploding whispering death eggs about to hatch, hang on let me start at the very beginning ( a very good place to start [sound of music]). We walked for hours searching for the centre of the caves. As we walked through and through only hearing small drops of water every now and then two bright eyes glared me in the face it was a 'death' spiesies i say that because there are rumers that there was such thing as a Screaming Death( got to be a hoax).  I was scared, frightend terrified (if you want any more descriptive words to say scared words please request i shall look in a thersauous)i did not know what to do...
    It slithered foward with it's eyes getting closer and closer, it's head facing downwards making a foul face.
    As i walked back petrified, it followed. I thought as quick as i could and moved the saddle of 
    Skullion so some light from a tiny hole in the roof of the cave
    would reflect off of it and onto the Whispering Death. It growled and shreiked 
    a horrid sound and was not an inch in front of me...
    (to be continued)

    Hobbi my Hobblegrunt

    I I I




    This is Lightwing my Skrill.





    This is Skullcrusher my Rumblehorn.





    This is Smokebreath my Smothering Smokebreath.





    This is Screamingdeth my Whispering Death [ I know it's spelt wrong it wouldnt let me have death becuse it's 1 letter too long]





    These are my 2 favourite dragons.




    Skullion my Boneknapper.



    and , of course, Screaming Death 

    my Screaming Death.



    Please pm me because i don't pm much i should but i forget.



    I love Icestorm Island


    Thanks Inthetardis.

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    I for one is jus happy they will make a third XD, all I hope is that no one else dies :P


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