What Would Be Your Two Dragon Soulmates?

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Hi, everyone!! I'm bored and curious, so I thought it'd be fun to escape stress-inducing RL for a bit... and to pretend that the marvelous world of HTTYD actually exists and that we live in it. XP
     So... say you're a viking in book series' universe, in which everybody has a "Riding Dragon" and a "Hunting Dragon".
"Riding Dragons" are large enough to ride; they'll be your transporter as well as carry you into battle.
"Hunting Dragons" are too small to ride; traditionally, they helped you hunt... but they can also deliver letters, become household pets, aid you with chores/random tasks, etc.
So, my question is: if you could only own two dragons in your lifetime, a Hunting and a Riding, what species of dragon would you choose to be your soulmates?
You can pick anything from the books, films, games, shows, etc., including Rescue Riders and The Nine Realms. If you really wanted to, I think you could also choose the dragon or the dronkeys from Shrek, since, as SilverWing pointed out to me a long time ago, they exist in the HTTYD universe (via RoB). 
Anyways, thanks a billion for reading!!! <3 I'd love to know what everyone's main dragon duo would be! :DD
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The Ultimate List of Possible Hunting Dragons
For some reason, I decided to go through every, single, dang drago in the book series and type out all the ones that were small. Here they are, in case you like any for your very own Hunting Dragon. ;D
I'm sure this list is incomplete... but there wasn't a lot of information about many dragons, so I didn't include them. I did include nanodragons, since they're small, but I'm not sure if they could count as Hunting Dragons or not, haha. Oh, well. X'D
I also put down the small ones from the franchise... but let me know if I forgot anything. :)
Arsenic Adderwing
Basic Brown
Brainless Leg-Remover
Carrier Dragon
Common or Garden Dragon
Deadly Nadder
Drowsy-Tipped Dragonmouse
Eight-Legged Nadder
Emperor Beetleboog Bolderbug
Flashfang (the Wiki may imply that they're too big)
Lesser-Spotted Squirrelserpent
Long-Eared Flutterfire
Monstrous Nightmare
Poisonous Piffleworm
Red-Hot Itchyworm
Sand Rattler
Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus (only when very young or very old)
Short-Wing Squirrelserpent
Snare Dragon
Sniffer Dragon
Stink Dragon
Tiddly-Nip Tick-Botherer
Toxic Nightshade
[Unknown dragons]
Vampire Dragon
Venomous Vorpent
Wolf-Fang (these might be too big... Idk...)
Fire Terror
Flyhopper--insight provided by Chameishida!
Garden Dragon
Night Swarm
Night Terror
Prickleboggle (small variants only)
Smothering Smokebreath
Speed Stinger (might be too big)
Terrible Terror
I don't know the dragons of RR and TNR, so I didn't list any from those shows... but feel free to keep them in mind! :)
-UPDATE- Added one RR dragon, thanks to Chameishida. :D
Also, I don't think I can handle typing out all the possible Riding Dragons, lol. Hopefully, the list of small dragons is good enough. :)
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Me Be the Slave of Chakoel

My Riding Dragon will forever be my precious Chakoel the Windwalker! <3 <3


He's dark brown with dark blue spines and a tan underbelly. He is an SoD-style Windwalker!


If I had a Hunting Dragon........ uhhhhhh....... I think I'm gonna pick a cliché and say Terrible Terror, maybe a black one with green eyes.


I also like the Hypnomunk and especially the Sidewinder from the books, though. :3

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Rider being Thunderdrum,

Rider being Thunderdrum, obviously. As for Hunter I will go with Fireworm <3

Alone, They might be the weakest/smallest choice of the franchise dragon but I think there's a lot of potential that come with it small size, keeping it in the pocket and bring it out to pick a lock or free yourself or start a fire or something. Even without those the fact that the small one is within my top ten dragon make it a easy pick for me anyway.

Smokebreath would be my second pick


For more dragons to add, I don't know about the book but for the franchise I think you miss Prickleboggle, the common one, they're around the same size with the fireworm. Would be handy to have a tiny pocket healer dragon. And maybe if you already has Fire terror then Night Swarm might be viable (they're the blo.od thirsty cannibalism one), Idk I don't want to look for every subspecies of every dragon anyway so it's okay to not include them (though your gif of Night terror are actually of the Night swarm actually, they have red eyes)

And although you didn't ask for it but since I'm sort of resident spin-off researcher anyway and there's not exactly many small dragons from them I think I can show them? There's no small dragon in Nine realms(aside from Terrible Terror). As for RR, it's a little bit tricky because of the character porpotion and the fact that most of the dragons in those show are babies but I deemed that there's only one adult small small dragon in the show and it's Flyhopper (and they're decently well-reciept too)



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OOH!!! Thank you so much for all the input!!


I completely and wholly forgot all about the miniature Prickleboggle! O_O

Woah, really? I didn't even realize that there was a second subspecies of Night Terror, hahaha (it's been a while since I saw the show XDD). You're probably right about them deserving a spot on the list; I'll be sure to add them!

    O.O I like that RR dragon! Thanks a lot; your post is really helpful!!!! :))


Btw, nice dragon choices. :D Yeah, that makes sense: if a dragon is small, it might as well be reeeeeaallly small, so that it can benefit from all the unique advantages of being tiny. :3
I wish you well as you conquer the world with your mighty Thunderdrum and teensy Fireworm! ;D
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O3o hmmm

*Jazz hands to the dragon in my siggy*

Windsinger, my partner, my main dragon, my battle mount, alpha of my dragons and my most cherished dragon.


As for a hunting dragon, hmm... Baby nightlight? X'D

I really could not see myself with any other small dragon than the baby nightlights. Maybe the hobgobbler, they speak to me with their aloof look and their voracious appetites. They seem like the perfect dragon I can toss kitchen scraps to!


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Me Be the Slave of Chakoel

Awesome!! Your Windsinger is very impressive. ;D Btw, that Windsinger gif in your siggy is utterly GORGEOUS! O.O


Hmmm... I'm assuming baby Night Lights probably wouldn't count, since they don't stay small for hundreds of years like the Sea-Dragon. I'm not sure, though.

I'm kinda in the same boat, haha. I don't particularly like any of the small dragons, although I really love Speed Stingers, and Wolf mentioned that those could be a possibility. X3

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The Triple Stryke will always and forever be my riding dragon,  haha. 



As for a hunting dragon.... hmm, these might be too large but I'd go with a Speedstinger. Only because as I was reading through your lists, one of the dragons, the mood dragon, was described as a hunting dragon that can grow to be about the size of a lion which can be up to 8 feet long so I figured that larger hunting dragons were permissible. Although the wikki does consider speedstingers "small" dragons. 

I doubt they'd make good indoor pets on account of their size but you have to admit how purely effective they'd be at hunting. 



Although if I couldn't have a Speedstinger,  then I'd pick a Horror. Because I absolutely love the appeal of having the most adorable,  innocent little companion who can just instantly reduce you to a smoldering pile of radioactive ash with just one wry look. 

Although at a disobedience level of 10, I'd have to watch out for myself,  eh?



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Me Be the Slave of Chakoel

O_O O_O That is SUCH an awesome idea; Speed Stingers are one of my top favorite dragons, so I'd love one for a Hunting Dragon! x3 


Yeah, that's a good point about the Mood Dragon. I might be remembering this incorrectly, but I think Hunting Dragons often perch on their vikings' shoulders... and it seems a bit uncomfortable to have a reptile the size of a lioness sitting on you. XD I can't imagine a Speed Stinger sitting on someone, either. However, if a big Mood Dragon can be a Hunting Dragon, maybe a Speed Stinger can, too.

Then again, Mood Dragons are pretty thin/petite, so maybe that's why they're able to get away with perching on vikings such as Camicazi.


So, maybe Speed Stingers are too big after all.

Although........ they're definitely not Riding Dragons... so, does that mean that they must therefore be Hunting Dragons?? Haha. XP


Anyways, if Speed Stingers actually DO count, do you mind if I copy your idea and use a Speed Stinger as my Hunting Dragon? x3


If they don't count, good luck with that Horror, hehe! ;D


Thanks for commenting! :)

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Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe

I definitely don't see why I couldn't have a speed stinger as my hunting dragon. It's not like anyone can tell me "you can't do that" because then I'd just do it anyways haha. Besides raising it from a baby is the only known way to train them and even as a baby, I don't believe the speed stingers will be doing much perching. It's just not how they're built. So I don't believe that perching on one's shoulder can be one of the requirements of a hunting dragon. That's just discrimination against non perching small dragons, hahaha. 

And a speed stinger would be incredibly useful in tasks like plowing fields, transporting goods, and protecting livestock so it would fulfill the  "chores" requirement as well even if they can't be kept inside of one's home. 

So I truly do not see why not. 

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Me Be the Slave of Chakoel

Very true. XD Now that you say it like that, it feels silly to assume a horde of barbaric vikings would have a size requirement. To be honest, they'd probably madly respect you for having a "BIG" hunting dragon, and they'd probably all get secretly jealous of you. X3


And I can't deny how practical the Speed Stinger would be as a chore-aider, so, well, you've convinced me. Speed Stingers MUST be valid Hunting Dragons, hehe. X'DD ;DD

Like you implied, there doesn't really seem to be a good enough reason to reject them.


Thanks for discussing this with me!!! As you can probably tell, I love speculating/theorizing, hehe. ;D

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C'est tres interessant

My Dramillion Meteor will always be my riding dragon <333 And I just can't decide between all the hunting dragons, but I think in the end it would have to be a Terrible Terror since I love how catlike they are :3


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Have a wonderful day!

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Me Be the Slave of Chakoel

Aww! Cool!! :D What color is Meteor?


Hehehe, YESSSSSS! Cats are awesome. ;)

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Riding dragon would be.. Night Fury. Unrealistic, yes, but c'mon. I believe my hunting dragon would be a Terrible Terror. :)


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Me Be the Slave of Chakoel

Hehehe, Night Furies were actually the main reason I started liking HTTYD in the first place, so I definitely get that. ;)


Thanks for posting!! :D

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Ahh, I just love them (if it wasn't obvious enough),, they're so great </3

You're welcome, I love threads like this!

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My Riding dragon would

My Riding dragon would probably be my beloved Dreadstriker and hunting dragon would probably be umm Night Terror I guess I mean there kinda cute.


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Emerald                                                    Timberjack                                                           Adult

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Diamond                                                   Deathsong                                                             Titan

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Deathbringrr                                             Deathgripper                                                         Adult

Flame                                                       Singetail                                                               Adult

Ocean                                                       Triple Stryke                                                         Adult

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Phantom Knight                                         Silver Phantom                                                      Adult

Memory                                                    Dreadstrider                                                          Adult

FastFlight                                                 Typhoomerang                                                       Adult

Blitz                                                         Typhoomerang                                                       Adult

ThunderClap                                             Typhoomerang                                                       Adult

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Shade                                                        Sand Wriaith                                                          Adult

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Danger                                                       Windwalker                                                         Adult

Kilan                                                          Speed Stinger                                                      Teen

DarkFall                                                     Fire Terror                                                           Adult

Leila                                                          Hushgobble                                                          Adult

Sugar                                                         Sweet Death                                                        Adult

Color                                                         Sweet Death                                                        Baby

Sky                                                            Changewing                                                         Adult

Sunset                                                       Golden Dragon                                                     Adult

Pala                                                           Fireworm                                                            Adult

Skylar                                                        Stormcutter                                                        Adult

Kiely                                                          Prickleboggle                                                      Adult

Fright                                                        Flightmare                                                          Adult

Cute                                                          Scuttleclaw                                                         Adult

Tala                                                          Raincutter                                                           Adult

White                                                       Develish Dervish                                                   Adult

Crystal                                                      Shivertooth                                                         Adult 

Season                                                      Goregripper                                                         Adult

Wisdom                                                     Crimson Goregripper                                            Adult                          

Pouncer                                                     Night Light                                                          Adult

Pouncer                                                     Night Light                                                          Baby

Ruffrunner                                                 Night Light                                                          Adult

Dart                                                           Night Light                                                         Adult




                                                                     Name: IIUnstoppableII




                                                                         Clan: Phantom Knigtz




Cricket                                                                   Sand Wraith                                                                  Titan

Moon and Sun                                                         Hideous Zippleback                                                       Adult

Tamad                                                                    Armorwing                                                                    Adult

Lavaking                                                                Eruptodon                                                                     Adult

Purla                                                                     Eruptodon                                                                     Adult

KuickDeath                                                            Whispering Death                                                           Adult

Icedrop                                                                  Groncicle                                                                      Adult

Aquatic                                                                  Tide Glider                                                                   Adult

Leaf                                                                       Flame Whipper                                                             Adult

Script                                                                     Elder Sentinel                                                              Adult

Thunder                                                                 Deathgripper                                                                Adult

Dream                                                                    Singetail                                                                      Adult

Everlasting                                                             Razorwhip                                                                    Adult

Sunset                                                                    Hobgobbler                                                                  Adult

Sulky                                                                      Prickleboggle                                                               Adult

Lucifer                                                                   Deathsong                                                                    Adult

Slava                                                                      Triple Stryke                                                                Teen

Lightning                                                                Shockjaw                                                                     Baby

Kielan                                                                     Moldruffle                                                                   Baby

Whack                                                                    Snafflefang                                                                  Baby

Fire                                                                        Monstrous Nightmare                                                    Baby

Fantasy                                                                   Stormcutter                                                                 Teen

Ruffrunner                                                              Night Light                                                                   Adult







                                                                        Name: IIAstoriaII




                                                                       Clan: Isle of Gazoo




LunaSky                                                           Sand Wraith                                                                   Titan

Star                                                                Monstrous Nigthmare                                                       Teen

Palima                                                            Hobgobbler                                                                     Adult

Hailstorm                                                        Groncicle                                                                        Adult

Obsidian                                                         Deathsong                                                                        Adult

Victory                                                           Razorwhip                                                                        Adult

jule                                                                Armorwing                                                                       Adult

Ash                                                                 Singetail                                                                          Adult

Andyy                                                             Eruptodon                                                                        Adult

Sisu                                                                Flame Whipper                                                                 Adult

Rose                                                               Triple Stryke                                                                     Adult

Calvr                                                              Whispering Death                                                              Teen

Peril                                                               Flightmare                                                                        Adult

Shadow                                                          Elder Sentinel                                                                    Adult

Laxmer                                                          Deathgripper                                                                     Adult

Blue                                                               Hotburple                                                                         Adult

Pouncer                                                         Night Light                                                                        Adult





                                                                       Name: IIEmeraldIII




                                                             Clan: Unstoppable Legands




Bramble                                                        Flightmare                                                                     Adult

Leaf                                                              Hideous Zippleback                                                        Adult

Quince                                                          Razorwhip                                                                     Adult

Ramber                                                        Deathsong                                                                      Adult

Greenleaf                                                     Hobgobbler                                                                    Adult

Jungle                                                          Flame Whipper                                                              Adult

Vive                                                             Triple Stryke                                                                  Adult

Faded                                                          Singetail                                                                        Adult

Maybe                                                         Eruptodon                                                                      Adult

Fear                                                            Elder Sentinel                                                                Adult

End                                                             Deathgripper                                                                 Adult

Dancer                                                        Sand Wraith                                                                   Adult

Night                                                           Fire Terror                                                                    Adult

Sea                                                             Typhoomerang                                                               Baby   

Pouncer                                                      Night Light                                                                    Adult






                                                                  Unstoppable and Sulky.



                                                                 MidnightShadow and Kahn.



                                                                 Unstoppable And Cricket.



                                                                  Emerald and Bramble.



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Me Be the Slave of Chakoel

Nice!! Dreadstriders are probably my second or third favorite hybrid! They're awesome. :3


Thanks for posting!!!

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as my riding dragon, id have to go with my Nadder Nightsparker. as for hunting dragon either hobblegrunt or scarer.


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Me Be the Slave of Chakoel

Cool!! I like Nightsparker's name. :)

Oooooh! A Scarer would be a rare Hunting Dragon to see. x3


Thank you for posting!! :D :D

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i think scarers are cool bat like dragons. they might not be able to kill anything bigger than a small bird or mammal but think they are cool and would make excellent pets while scareing pests away from my poltery and livestock.

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Me Be the Slave of Chakoel

Yeah, same here; they're definitely cool!

I get rl bats in my backyard all the time, and it's always so fun to watch them zip and somersault about... they're so agile!! Since Scarers are based off of bats, I bet Scarers are really agile, too! :)

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For Riding Dragon I choose Widstriker without a doubt!
Not only because it's my second favorite dragon (thanks SoD for forgetting about the poor thing) but because it's perfect for that: although the size is quite big, they are very fast and experts in sky-diving, being able to be very agile. In addition, the more sinuous body shape makes it a more difficult target, especially when throwing themselves headlong into battles, literally.
For Hunting Dragon, I choose my first favorite (even though it's a bit big for that), the Flightmare
Because he is voracious, controlling the fear of others would help keep cargo/messages safe and he would also be ruthless defending them from anyone. The large amount of histamine he possesses also makes him useful for minor duties in a sleepy village with dragons, and I would still have a beautiful lamp XD
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Me Be the Slave of Chakoel

That's cool!! I bet you'd be a pretty impressive sight in the skies. ;D


I think a Flightmare might be too big to count as a Hunting Dragon (they're supposed to be able to sit on your shoulder) but I'm not sure if there's any viking law concerning size restrictions or not, lol. So, maybe you'd be able to get away with it; who knows? XD


Anyways, thanks for posting!! :))

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Perhaps it could be a young hatching or even a drawrf subspecies of sort?

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Me Be the Slave of Chakoel

Yeah, maybe. :) I think a hatchling might actually grow up too quickly, but a dwarf subspecies would be perfect! That's just my opinion, though. :)


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The Bird Queen
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Tricky one for me. For my riding dragon, it would be one of three: either De adly Nadder, Shockjaw or Raincutter. For Hunting dragon, naturally I would choose Terrible terror. However, for a hunting dragon from the books, I would probably choose Ravenhunter. I think of them as similar to Terrible terrors since they are used for messages.



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Me Be the Slave of Chakoel

Cool!! Nice choices! I like the Ravenhunter as well; I've always had a soft spot for jet black animals, like ravens, rooks, black cats, etc., haha. :)


     Hmmmm....... if you want my probably insignificant and meager advice, maybe you should go with the Deadly Nadder as your Riding Dragon! Since your name is "The Bird Queen" and there's a lot of bird pics in your siggy (they're beautiful, btw!!!! <3), I assume that you're probably passionate about birds. If that's true, you might actually, in the long run, feel the most complete with a dragon that reminds you of your heart-animal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


That's just my thought, though. xD

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The Bird Queen
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Hey yeah!

Ooh, you have a good point there! Yes, I really like birds! Nadder it is then! 

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I'd say for my riding dragon, it has to be a Light Fury (sorry). I just love them so much <3.

I struggle with smaller and larger dragons generally, so I wasn't really sure what to go for with my hunting dragon... thought I do like Camicazi's mood dragon, or the (oh god I've completely forgotten the name) a small dragon that my brain draws links to the colour black, panthers and dogs. It was on a collectible dragon card and that's all I can remember. But I'd say ultimately for my hunting dragon, I'd have to go for the book's monstrous nightmare. It is beautiful, and you can see the power, cunning and grace within it. It's super cool and the design I thought was awesome.



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Pouncer: Night Light

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Cool!! I hope you enjoy your many adventures with your trusty and speedy Light Fury! Yeah, I agree about the book's Monstrous Nightmare; I love how it looks more like a classic serpentine-like dragon, and its design looks really elegant. The look in its eyes seems to be filled with greed, powerlust, and a narcissistic confidence.... it reminds me of the evil, classic dragons of all those old epic poems, the ones that had to be slain by noble knights. ;3


"Black, panthers, dogs"..... Hmmmm.... that's really interesting! Do you remember whether it was a book dragon or a franchise dragon? I tried Googling collectible HTTYD cards but I couldn't find anything, unfortunately. XD Maybe you were possibly thinking of the black Night Terrors? They kinda remind me of some sort of Terrier dog. X3

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At the end of every httyd book there were four dragon cards (if you got the right version of the book) and I managed to get my hands on all of them, I think. I can try to dig them up and find the dragon I'm referring to.

Alright, I found it! They are called Flashfangs and I'll shove their description here:

'Lithe little black panther-like creatures, a little smaller then a wolf. Curiously un-trainable, Flashfangs are a real pest to the Vikings, they s.natch Viking deer and sheep'.

Hopefully you can see where I got my random analogies of 'black, panther, dog' now! I counted the cards and there are 26 in total (not all the books had dragon cards I do believe) and there are some other really cool ones I'd like to mention:


Polar-serpents (riding dragon)

Double, Triple or Quadruple-header rage blasts (the more heads the more dangerous- riding dragon)

I think I'd still go with the original monstrous nightmare though, especially Killer, a silver monstrous nightmare belonging to another tribe's heir who ended up helping Hiccup in the books.

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polar serpents and rage blast

polar serpents and rage blast are some of my favorite book dragons. wish they get added to the someday in the future

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Yeah; I really hope more book dragons are added to the game... I love them so much and a lot of them have a ton of potential. ;)

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Ooooooh!!!! That's so cool!! I had no idea that there were cards at the end of the books! I got most of the HTTYD books from the library (I only own the tenth book), and none of them ever came with dragon cards, I don't think.


Oh, yeah! I remember those guys! I saw them whenever I was going through all the book dragons in order to list all the small ones, though I skipped over the Flashfang because I figured that they were too big. I like them a lot, too!! :DD


I'm a little confused about whether or not they're eligible Hunting Dragons.... They're only given a size of 3 and yet the HTTYD Wiki says, "They are slightly smaller than wolves, and therefore are too small to be ridden, though too large in order to use for the hunt". So, does that mean they're officially labeled as too large to be a Hunting Dragon? If that's the case, that's too bad.... because they'd make a fierce and gorgeous Hunting Dragon, in my opinion. XD

Maybe I should add them to the list anyways, just in case. XD


YESSS!! I LOVE the Polar-serpent!!!! I also have fond memories reading about the Saber-Tooth Driver Dragon, the Doomfang and the Monster of the Amber-Slavelands!! <3


Thanks for going through all that trouble to find the Flashfang!! :DD

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No problem! I love going back

No problem! I love going back through old books I've read and the nostalgia hits home with this one. So many cool species!

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I did not see this, and I'm disappointed at myself.

I'll try to be as objective as possible and try to lean on to more "canon" dragons (i.e., dragons that appear in other mediums that does not include School of Dragons.)


Every test I've done- be it 'What is your element?' and 'What dragon is your companion?'- I get water-type creatures. So, I'll head over to the Tidal Class. From all known Tidal Class dragons, I'd say the Windwalker suits me best given personality/nature. So, Windwalker would be my Riding Dragon. 


For Hunting, I'd definitely say Night Terror. I- I have no explanation, so we'll just roll with it, lol.



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*Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp!!* A fellow Windwalker Rider??????????!!


Also, YEESSS--same here!! I'm unfailingly appointed the water element, flightless waterdragons, the color blue, fish (even my Zodiac sign is Pisces... I'm ALWAYS a fish, lol), etc. I eventually accepted that my soul must be made of water. X'D


Alhough, if I copied the objective method that you used, I would definitely have a Tidal Class dragon........ but I think I would actually get assigned a Sliquifier, rather than my beloved Windwalker. x3

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Ayee, Windwalker gang!!

I used to be so annoyed I would be picked for water everything, but after reading the PJO books, I'm like, "IF WATER'S MY THING I MUST BE POSEIDON'S DAUGHTER" lool


I would've said Sand Wraith, but they're a redesigned Night Fury, so... But I honestly like Windwalkers. I use mine ocassionally to fly around and I love the air effect when flapping their wings. (Plus, they looked so cool when the Ghost Skin could be put on, they looked AMAZHANGG).


Sliquifiers are really cool, especially their poison(?) breath. Imo, I think Tidal Class dragons are easily overlooked (if you take out the Sand Wraith and Thunderdrum). 




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Burntrap ate my subject...

If I had to have only one riding dragon and one hunting dragon...

Riding Dragon (Top 5 picks):

1. Night Fury

2. Franchise Monstrous Nightmare

3. Wooly Howl

4. Bonestormer

5. Humbanger

Hunting Dragon (Top 3 picks):

1. Speed Stinger

2. Book Monstrous Nightmare

3. Franchise Prickleboggle (Mini variant)


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