What was your Take on HTTYD 2?

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This topic includes spoilers for HTTYD 2. If you have not seen the movie, you seriously should as soon as possible.

It was June 13, 2014, the day of the release for the sequel How To Train Your Dragon 2. I was so excited for this movie, I couldn't get any sleep for the entire week. In fact, I was supposed to see the movie with my friends the next day, but I could NEVER wait that long. I got to the theater about 30 minutes before the movie started. And, once I was allowed in, there, oddly, weren't that many people who attended. But it didn't bother me. I nearly screamed in the first 5 seconds of the movie. I had tears coming down my face as Hiccup started narrating, and I was shaking as Snotlout stole the sleep from Fishlegs. Just to clarify, when Cloudjumper barfed up the fish he stole from Valka for Toothless, let me just say I've NEVER attended a movie that made everyone in the audience go "Awwwww" or "Euuuwww". You could call me Niagra Falls when I watched the scene where... *sniff*.... Stoick's Ship, and...

And in the battle with Toothless and the Bewilderbeast, my GODS.
So to add it all up, this movie is unexplainable by words. It's amazing, spectacular, beautiful, astounding, my brain can't even process everything that happened. I've seen it 6 times, and I'm sad I can't see it anymore. Now I'm counting down the days until November 11.

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The movie was amazing even

The movie was amazing even the animation it self was outstanding i watched the movie 3 times and each time i watch it i see somthing i didnt notice so i suggest everyone watches it a few times. I cant wait for the episodes to come out again and also the whole stoick and the boat thing was sad and the speach gobber made was so moving it shows how respected stoick was to his friends,family and fellow berkians

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I loved the movie, I really did. I absolutly adored the first movie and I've noticed a lot of movie franchises can't make a second movie as good as the first. This franchise did. I think the second movie was amazing. :)




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It was so awsome!!!

I loved the movie so MUCH! My friends and I saw it immidetly when it came out and we ended up seeing it 5 or 6 times through out summer! :)     But now im sad that its gone from the theaters, i would see it more if i could :'( 





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Good movie

I loved the first HTTYD movie as it had alot of heart to it... though I had to watch it on DVD first 'cause I could not make it to the cinema to see it that year...

...As of HTTYD 2... I made sure I went to the cinema to see it in 3D (say what you will about 3D... the flying scenes were worth it!).

Granted, I only went once to go view it... not all of us can afford to spend £10 every week to go re-watch a movie over and over again.


There was one scene in particular that really stood out for me and caught me by surprise... and that was ...

(!Spoiler Alert Bellow!)








When Toothless killed Stoic... It caught me completely by surprise that they killed of a character as big as him off and used one of the protagonist to do it! I just didn't know how to feel about it, a part of me didn't believe it had actually happened till the very end of the movie when Hiccup was made the new Chief!




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What am I supposed to write here? o.O

I believe I will be the one with the unpopular opinion.

I was disappointed.

Yes, it had a nice look, was fancy and the story was actually good, but... meh.


Because they let us basically foresee the whole plot. They showed us too much in their spoilers, so it ruined all the surprises the movie itself held. I didnt see anything new I did not predict. One could see it all, I have guessed the plot correctly just by watching all the official trailers and spoilers.


Yes, people can say that I didnt need to watch all of them, but we are humans, people who are the way they are because of their curiosity. Of course I watched them.


It held no surprises for me, and honestly... after all that they gave away... I expected a little more, like a huge plot twist that we could not predict...

But oh well. let us hope that when they make the next one they will not shower us with spoilers.


I think they should have cut it right where the dragon riding stranger appeared and shouldnt have told us about it being Valka, neither should they have showed us the Bewilderbeast, maybe only bodyparts to make us question what we just saw. Etc...


So all in all, it was good enough and pretty, but lacked in plot surprises due to the fact that they gave it all away thanks to the many spoilers.


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Some Complaints

I have to agree about all the spoilers in the trailers. It was ridiculous how they revealed Hiccup's mother; even the director said he was disappointed. They even revealed Eret, the character that no one really cares about (that was the only important new character besides Drago). Not to offend anyone, but I thought Stoick's end was a HUGE plot twist. I was probably really drawn into all the characters returning to notice. I also wish Drago had more information, well, about him. All we learned was he wanted revenge on dragons for biting his arm as a kid and blah blah blah blah blah.

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I kind of saw his death coming. This is the way it is when creating clishé plots. When one parent was gone and they are suddenly reunited without any trouble... then something will happen to the family and one (or more) of them will be lost. Either taken or killed, or dies of an accident. Of course they want drama.


Doesnt the director watch the trailers first before they publish them? Doesnt he have the right to veto it? He could have explained why it isnt a good idea.

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Subjects are overrated LOL

I went to see it once by myself, another time with a group of my friends from Nerd Herd (the geek club), and another time because one of my friends has a rich family with a ton of adopted kids and three of their kids had their 'Adoption Birthdays' in the same week, so they celebrated it with a personal screening at a movie theater.

I did a clever thing and changed the text color below so you can only see it if you highlight it. You're welcome people who hate spoilers.

{{{I absolutely LOVED this movie. Fantastic! I just absolutely died during the dragon race. Favorite quotes? "Quit stealing all my glory!" "You never take a toy from a dragon. Don't you know anything?" "The Alpha controls them all." "You're my best friend." And 'For the Dancing and the Dreaming'? Those fiftenn minutes between Stoick and Valka made them my most favorite fictional couple anywhere, especially the song. :) Heart melted! Stoick's Ship? My friend and I from Nerd Herd had an inside joke. In one of our financial classes we were talking about boat insurance, and I asked the teacher, "What'd happen if you wanted to use it for a Viking Funeral (this was before I liked HTTYD, btw)?" The whole class laughed and the teacher wouldn't let me live it down for the rest of the year. At Stoick's Ship, I leaned over to my friend and whispered through the tears, "Abby, *sniffle* Viking funeral..." I think it was the only time I ever held my friend and we BOTH laughed at a joke and sobbed like someone had just died. Overall? Fantastic movie. If Frozen hadn't been released at around the same time, I'm sure that HTTYD2 would have brought home the Academy Award.}}}


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How to Train Your Dragon: Ireth and Vespera Fable by Yamilink

Excellent, Wonderful story! Beautifully drawn comic book featuring an apothecary/alchemist trying to fit in with other Vikings on Berk as she overcomes her fear of dragons and befriends a particularly special dragon. Set 10 years after the Battle of the Red Death. Highly recommend the read!

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No Longer Alone by peterparkersgirlfriend
The entire first movie from Toothless' point of view. Beautifully written, I personally think it captures Toothless' personality and heart like a photograph made out of words. Excellent read!

* * * * * stars

The Helmet by peterparkersgirlfriend
All of Gift of the Night Fury from Toothless' point of view. Held to much the same standard as its predecessor, this story is full of plot twists, danger, and exactly what was going through Toothless' head. Includes how Toothless found Hiccup's helmet!

* * * * (1/2) stars


A Father's Love

A bunch of one-shots about Hiccup, Astrid, and their new daughter. Embodies the very struggles that made the movies great. But instead of Stoick being the worried father, Hiccup takes the reins as he and Astrid try to raise their children to be not just warm, honest, and good people but good dragon riders as well!

* * * * stars



Basically, Hiccup is a viking Tarzan, raised by dragons. After a dragon raid, a peculiar machine shoots down a strange and dangerous dragon. And an even more strange and dangerous boy. Nothing short of spectacular, this book tugs at your heart strings and will pull you in like none other. Fabulous! It made me laugh, cry, and worry myself sick.

* * * (1/2) stars

(My tag line does NOT come from this author, it comes from my drama teacher.)


How to Train Your Dragon: A Guide
A humorously written handbook on the care and control of dragons



Alpha's Heir by Frostfire Markson

Big Challenges by dragonlover43

Dragons Ahead! by Buffert

Horizon by victoriae350

Toothless' Kingdom by dragonmic14

Shouldn't be hard to find. They're here on the forum!

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I have to say I jumped out of

I have to say I jumped out of my skin when Stoick died. There was a line of kids behind me and a friend of mine, so, being the five-year-olds that they are/were, they got overexcited, jumping up with a scream of "NOOOOOOOO!!!!! STOICK NO!!!" I don't really remember much after that, as I was partially deaf, and hiding beneath my chair before the line and their chaperones were escorted out. After that, my BFF and I held each other through the entire funeral scene. I lost my Dad when I was 9, so him losing his father was especially heartbreaking for me.

Oh, and Astrid needs to learn how to keep her mouth shut when she's ahead of the game. If she hadn't informed Drago of Hiccup's skill, things might have gone a bit differently. Just a thought?


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I agree astrid should keep

I agree astrid should keep how mouth shut but if she didnt drago wouldnt have been fully ready as in the movie drago says stop all preparations we attack now so they were still preparing and werent fully ready. And also if drago didnt attack when he did valka would have moved into berk with her dragons and just imagine if drago attacked berk there would be so much distruction berk would be ruined

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You have a point. All she

You have a point. All she really needed to say though, was that Hiccup would beat him to a quivering pulp if he harmed any dragon, not go on and on about how Hiccup would blow Drago's camp to splinters on his Night Fury. Even the kids behind me said, "Jumpin gee Willakers! Astrid's making Hiccup look like his Daddy! That's not gonna go too good."

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She tried to make him scared

She tried to make him scared and make it sound as if he wont win because th e night fury is so strong and that there is heaps of dragon riders although she did go abit overboard

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The water. I first watched it

The water. I first watched it in 3D (twice) and I should've been sad when he fell into the water but I couldn't get over how amazing the bubbles looked! Even in 2D it still looks amazing!