What more do I have to do to cancel membership!?

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So I want to cancel my membership. I have contacted both Jumpstart and SoD support over a month ago. I wanted to cancel my membership before the recurring payment was taken out which it was not (I contact support to cancel membership 3 weeks before it was due).I have sent a number of emails now but I feel like they are being ignored...

What more do I have to do to cancel memership? What should my email say exactly? What should the subject line be to get it noticed? I really can't afford to keep paying for this. Please tell what I need to do.

Honestly cancelling a memership should not be this hard. You need a better system for this.


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This is a big...

This is a big problem that is happening to a LOT of people.  I know somebody who tried to cancel their membership for four months and never got a response.  She eventually had to go to the bank to block SOD from making any more charges on her account.  Their may be some, but I have not heard of anybody who had their membership cancelled the first time they asked.   The best thing to do is keeping sending emails to them, keep records, and go to the bank and have it blocked so that they cannot make any more charges on your account.  

The best advice I can give to anybody who does want to get a membership is to not pay for it out of your banking accounts.  Pre-paid debit cards with a fixed amount and things like that are the best way to go, that way you can stop the membership when you want to simply by not having the money available.  





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Thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice PANDORA.

I took this issue up with my bank. They manged a refund for the memership payment taken out after I request it be cancelled. Next step is to get Jumpstart blocked completely.

It's a shame I had to do this. Ignoring people's request for cancellation is just not acceptable.
If they can't handle their memberships properly then they need to seriously consider overhaulling the system