What makes the forums so slow?

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I notice that the forums only seem to be incredibly slow when looking at threads. Why is this? Are signatures too long? What is causing the site to take forever to load as soon as one clicks on a thread?

I know the forums have always been very slow, slower than other websites, and it doesn't necessarily improve no matter how fast your wifi is. But it's odd that this has always been an issue. Heck, even the old Neoboards on Neopets (also owned by JumpStart) run waaay faster, but I feel this has to do with the fact that the forums there aren't bloated by long, custom signatures, an array of images, or posts over 350 characters long. Furthermore old posts, or threads reaching over 500 replies are deleted quickly and regularly.

But there's plenty of websites with a long archive of threads and posts numbering thousands of replies loading in milliseconds, so... what's the deal? I think that the lack of a signature limit may be a contributor to this, but there has to be more to it. Is there any insight on how the forums are coded and ran? The servers? No hate to the admins here because I know there's likely nothing that can be done on their part, but I'm truly curious. This seems fixable.


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For the same reason the game is slow, I'm sure. Crappy servers?


It's not the signatures because most signature content is hosted on other websites (thank god they fixed the max length though- no more 25kpx length signatures!) Posts themselves should be negligible in size. The sever is just not very powerful.


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