"What if...?" Ideas for an alternate scenario in HTTYD3 movie

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Hello! Welcome to my thread of "What if HTTYD3 had a different scenario", featuring thoughts that I had while showering and gardening.


My aim for this thread is to... Uh. Basically "satisfy" the dissatisfaction people had for the HTTYD3 movie.



  • I haven't watched the whole movie
  • I've only watched a few clips via youtube
  • I'm not an expert in story or plot creation. The only experience I have with writing is making mermaid fanfiction xD
  • I only watched HTTYD 1 and 2. I haven't watched the series
  • I only know dragons are cool. I haven't done research on each httyd dragon species like some fans here


Now onto my ideas!

1) Stoick tells a story to young Hiccup about the Hidden World, and the key to finding it is with a Night Fury. Vikings have tried for ages to find it, so that they could exterminate the last stronghold of the dragons.

Well Night Furies are OP already, might as well give them this "mystical" role right? As I've read from others, Nightfuries are cave species. I think the hidden world is their perfect home, and like Sentinels to their Vanaheim are Night Furies to the Hidden world. It makes perfect sense that these species would be the guardians of HW.

There's pretty much a CULTURE of Vikings killing dragons, we all know that in HTTYD1. So Stoick going like "My grandpappy and all my ancestors spent an eternity trying to find this wicked place, and destroy it" would make sense. 

There's also a line of him in the first movie saying "Are there any night furies?" It's basically him seeking one so he may find the hidden world, just as he used Toothless to find the Red Death's nest.


2) Grimmel's motives

Okay, from what I understand:

Grimmel is as smart as Hiccup, and makes inventions as well. He's also an ambitious person. He tests his limits to the breaking point. Has no empathy, other than satisfying his ambitiousness and curiousity.


Let's pretend to be in Grimmel's shoes for a second then:

-I can make inventions that can k.ill dragons easily. Neat. Let's make better ones.

-I just discovered you can easily manipulate dragons with this venom. Great!

-Oh I can use dragons to hunt other dragons. This is getting fun.

-Some dragons are boring to hunt. These more intelligent and elusive species however, are more fun to hunt

-You know what, let's see if we can hunt all wild dragons down. I bet no person have done that but me. I'll be in the history books as "Dragon's Bane" (or some cool nickname he comes up with).


3) Grimmel owned each and every dragon species out there, and uses them all as "hunting dogs" and "decoys"

So  why just Night Furies? Maybe he hunted ALL wild dragons as a sport. That's why we don't see that many vikings with tamed dragons on their side. I mean, it's not like Hiccup's the only smart person out there who figured out dragons should be befriended. Right? (Again, I only watched the two movies, and have no clue about the series)

And thanks to his "Tamed" dragons (which are tamed with either that mind control venom, or some other cruel method), he could keep hunting with them. Any dragon that doesn't submit to him, will be the next mechanical rabbit for his flock.


4) Grimmel sets his sight on destroying Hiccup's colony/ village

Maybe he's angry that someone's taking his hunting trophies. This whole village of nobodies, being a stain to his eye. Keeps all his prey to themselves. Well, time to erase their existence. But as a noble hunter himself, he gives them a headstart to pack up and run.


5) The Lightfury's.... A Night fury.


Let's say, one of Grimmel's hunting dragons is an actual Nightfury. A female, taken as a young fledgling and hand-raised by him. She seeks out other Nightfuries, acting as a decoy to lure them out. Make them think that everything is safe, then WHAM. Here comes toothpick Grimmel with some gnarly invention. Through years of work, she has learned how to lure out the wild nightfuries to her. Study them. Improve on ways to get them to her. A betrayer of her kind. Let's name her... "Seeker" (Because I can't think of a name right now)


6) Enter Toothless

So Grimmel learned that Hiccup has a Nightfury. He then sents out Seeker to track them down. "You haven't hunted for a long time right? Go".

Naturally, Seeker's in-grained instinct is to sniff out Nightfuries for her master to hunt. She tracks Toothless down, in a little island out of nowhere. Time for her to make some moves.

Does a little coy-leading. Play hard to get. All that jazz. The thing is, she never met a TAMED Nightfury before. She sat there, confused, at this... Weird Nightfury doing all this dance and whatnot around her. In the end, she had to retreat and re-evaluate her strategies. Leaves Toothless wondering, "what did I do wrong?"


The next time they met, she was back with some new moves. Though both of them interacted in a rather poor way, resulting in some collision, some bumps and some foul-ups. The two dragons sat down, looking very flustered in this confusing interaction. Slowly they began to be charmed with each other. (I am not good with romance, feel free to think up of a better interaction xD)


During their flight, they noticed an ever swirling hole in the sea that draws them in. But being tamed dragons, they were fearful and scared of it, and avoided it. Toothless looked back to the hole as they flew away.


7) Things happened

As I've said, I haven't watched the movie, but let's remove the Hidden World scene from the middle part, and put it in the LAST PART. 

Perhaps Seeker and Toothless interacted more, and Hiccup was all "oh swell, a nightfury! Let's welcome this new dragon in our colony!"

Seeker spent a lot of time with Toothless showing her around, and slowly realized what she was missing all these years.


7) Things happened again, Grimmel catches Toothless and wrecks Hiccup's new home

Then the village fights back, Grimmel does a backflip to the sea with Hiccup aaaaand... Thought that his tamed dragon would save him. Nope. Guess again toothpick man. The end is Toothless and Seeker and Hiccup and Astrid. Happy victory times!

But Hiccup realizes, this just can't last forever.


8) Let's pretend that it's a very long movie

Resources are dwindling in their island, people were starving, so were the dragons. Things can't go on like this.

Toothless recognizing the problem, decided to finally explore the hole with Seeker, Stormfly, Astrid and hiccup.

Lo and behold, there it is. The hidden world. Yay. But what's this? NIGHTFURIES. NIGHTFURIES EVERYWHERE WITH THE OTHER DRAGONS. THEY'RE NOT ALL DEAD! YAY. 

They recognize him as the alpha, and Toothless does his whole kingly thing.

Dragons chased Astrid and Hiccup out, and Toothless had to fly his buddy out of there.


Hiccup and Astrid was excited, they talked about it and then... Toothless was hesitant to come with Hiccup. He knew he needed to be in there, and lead the other dragons to the Hidden world where it was safe and food was plentiful. Hiccup understood, and the next day the dragons went.

Seeker was hesitant since she was a traitor, but after some coaxing, went with Toothless and the whole flock. The end.


The dragons still visit them on Snoggletog :)




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Saving people hunting things family business

Most of what you said happened in the movie. I'm still glad they didn't make another Night Fury and a whole flock of Night Furies because that is predictable. It wouldn't be a good movie if they had that IMO. It would be just like Rio and Kung Fu Panda (I thought for sure they were going to make him the last panda) i get it, every one wanted another Night Fury but in the second movie Hiccup had hopes that he would find another Night Fury and Valka said he could very well be the last of his kind. She looked for all kinds of dragons for 20 years and never found one. She didn't know about the Hidden World though then again she didn't bother looking.



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It's fine.


Except Pandas and the Spix's macaw are real animals, and the Nightfury isn't.

The two species and movies you were talking about were based off the highly endangered species of today which, thanks to humans, have been becoming extinct.

Pandas will only eat certain species of bamboo, and are pretty bad at getting mates, while the Spix macaws are d.ying because of deforestation and illegal trades.


Nightfuries on the other hand, have become "extinct" which is because of just one man with a bunch of inventions that holds a pale candle to some more dangerous weapons. Not very realistic cause of extinction.


I'm fine if the movie goes in a "predictable" way, or if they did find a whole flock of Nightfuries. Because I'm just not buying the scenario of one man being able to go around the world to k.ill off every single fury species. What about places where no man can reach, but night furies can? And pretty much NOBODY found the hidden world. How is it possible that he managed to snuff out Nightfuries in there as well? An enviromnent that's practically perfect for the Nightfuries? And as for Valka, it's not like she traveled all over the world. I mean, heck she even didn't seem to know about Drago's Bewilderbeest. A big, hulking alpha species, let alone fast flying solitary Nightfuries who could blend in the dark.



I understand where you're going, and you want a more "realistic" scenario that extinct species can never come back. But it's just that, the cause of exctinction of a dragon that is highly specialized at hiding, highly intelligent, and could k.ill a big man like Stoick in one shot, is just unrealistic itself.


Plus I just want a happy ending :(

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I plan on doing a rewrite so

I plan on doing a rewrite so thank you for these ideas! Mind if I use them? With credit, of course.



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Yeah sure, I don't really care much about the franchise (/w\ )

I'm just chucking out ideas~

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Okay thanks!

Okay thanks!

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Have fun (/w\ )

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