What if I do not want to buy new island?

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Hi.  Just started this game a little over a week ago.  I have no new quests and that new Ice Island is there and I can not go past the opening if I do not buy the game.  Is that all there is to this game then?  Just up until you buy it with real cash?  Or is it worth just playing the flying club, the matching game, things like that now?  Because truthfully they get boring after a while. 

  My question is this.  Unless you buy the new expansion you are done with the game or not?  Thanks for any help.



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I believe that you should still be able to play the game without needing to buy the island. (You just wouldn't be able to go to the island)



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its really just a relaxation

its really just a relaxation game where you have fun 


itts a flight simulation game not skyrim

i wish steam would understand that



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Haven't bought the island yet!

Hey Sandy,


I also haven't bought the island yet. In fact, however many times I have been tempted, I have not invested any money into School of Dragons (sorry developers and admins!! You do deserve it, it's true). I think that if I did invest real money into the game, I wouldn't play nearly as much as I do. Part of what keeps me logging in and playing every day are those daily bonus awards--especially the gems (don't forget that it used to be only 8 gems every five days, so the need to play was strong)! So, besides a few hiccups, I've been playing everyday since June last year and am still loving this game.


I have 6 dragons now (my signature needs updating)! and I only spent gems on 2 of them. I started with a Deadly Nadder, got a Whispering Death in a quest, and unlocked both the Gronckle and Hideous Zippleback via UDT points and then purchased them with coins. I've spent my saved-up gems on two dragons and a stable, and now need to save for another stable if I'd like to have any more dragons in the future. While members have quite a few more dragons, I'm really proud of each dragon that I have because a lot of in-game effort went into each one.


While I wish I was enjoying IceStorm Island to the fullest extent, I also love simply flying around all the maps I can access, plus there is always racing, farming, leveling up and my own goals. (My current one is to get to 50 000 UDT points to finally unlock a Monstrous Nightmare!) I admit that some days I do not play more than the minute it takes to log in and get the bonus, but there are others that I play for hours, even without quests.


I'm not bored yet, but if you are not in love with the HTTYD movies, books, universe, etc., there is a chance you will get bored after awhile... But to me, just gliding around exploring is still magical! I hope you will find it so too.


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