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I have to say for the first time I am bored, bored, bored.  I have 2 silver stars, nearly up to 60,000 points and a gold medal for well whatever.  


Problem is, I have totally no quests or anything to do.  Yeah, I have inherited a load of dragons and brought up a lot of babies, but why  no quests.  Oh I lie, I got one from the headmaster when I was just about to go into my stable when he instructed me how to mount my dragon, which, was at the time a teen, so was unable to fly - but I gave it a go, and yes, it was a learning to fly quest.  So, I eventually managed to change my dragon to an adult and then the quest disappeared and I was stuck in the top part of the stables and my screen, although not frozen, had no interface and I was unable to move.  So, not good, I had to log off, and the only way I could do that was alt, ctrl and del, and do it thru the Task Master.


I saw an exclamation mark from Wartihog or whatever he was called so flew down, and it was the one from the beginning about how Hiccup used the Scientific method to get Toothless to fly.  Once again, one I did, right at the beginning, but at least I got a couple of points for it.  


Then this morning, I was heading to the farm and I got a message at the bottom to fly to the highest point.  Well having done this loads of times, I knew it should have been in the Wilderness so I went there, landed and got to the place that was marked with the rings as some of the areas are marked and lo and behold, there I was stuck as I explained about in the first paragraph.  So I had to use the Task Master to log off again, and all these go to Microsoft so they must think I have a useless laptop, but no, its one of the best on the market.  EMBARRASSED!!!!!!!


Oh I forgot, when I logged back on, I ended up in the same place, no instructions, but knowing the quest, The Lost Viking, I flew to the cave, blew away the rocks etc, and guess what, no Gobber, so no points and a waste of time.  


So, firstly, why no more quests???  I had just spent £10 on gems, and more on various bits and bobs, just to make what I was told at the end of my last quest was now my house on Dragons Edge, only to find it is still a Hideout and others using it.  OK, they can't see my stuff and vice versa, but as I was told it was my home I assumed it was as the other characters with houses, ie Astrid, it was only for me to use, but no, not the case.  And if I am inside I come out to find ppl waiting to get in.  Maybe I should just stand in front of it as the main characters do, and not leave apart to go to my babies, and adult dragons and do the farm.  I have no quests, so its no biggy !!!!  


Please can you check my updates etc, as surely this is not the way the game should run, I want to get to my gold stars, but that isnt going to happen if I have no quests.  Or if I have quests from the first day I played that mess up my laptop.


Odins Blessings


Magenta Delite aka Suzi-Ciarda

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^^ Wut


I have 3 gold stars but i also have no quests.

i guess you can race and stuff but i miss when there were loads of quests :/




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Hey, there are plenty of options :)

Well, I have 2 1/2 Platinum stars and all the expansion packs and no quests left, but I still love the game. Maybe that's just my obsession dedication tho. To each his own, yanno?


I'm sure there are a bunch of other things that I'll forgot to list and will remember later, but for now I suggest:

1) Roleplaying

2) Talking with everyone in chat to amuse yourself

3) Getting involved in arguments and trying to help people solve them (very entertaining and also helpful)

4) Making up imaginary quests for yourself (my favorite)

5) Running away from imaginary dragon hunters or other people and dressing up to hide from them (also my favorite)

6) Trying to fly from one end of an island to the other as fast as possible (keep track of the time you take to beat your high score later)

7) Making up imaginary race tracks to race with your dragons

8) Trying to make new looks for your Viking or dragons

9) Following people around and spying on them


Enjoy and good luck! :D



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But this is wrong

For their hearts for adventure still long

For dragon and rider adventure has only begun

Dragon and rider together

As one”

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FlyingFury, some of your

FlyingFury, some of your suggestions made me laugh but there are some great ideas! :-))

I also like playing some song in the background and then flying and diving and spinning and running around with my dragon to it as if I was trying to do a videoclip ^^ 


MagentaDelight: Have you done the expansions yet? And if no, you can spent time on participating in as many battles as you can in order to win enough gems to buy one expansion.

Besides, there are new quests being released more or less regularly. It just takes some patience waiting for them.

Other things that you could do:

Do you know every race track in TRR good enough so that you are able to win against good flyers on Snow Wraiths for example? (without cheating of course)

Or maybe you can find some other mini game in which you can try to best yourself?

You can also interact with your clan: visit other clanmembers when they are online and chat or do roleplaying with them.



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'Tis the season to be- oh. Wrong season

Haha, glad I could of help.

The video clip actually sounds super fun, and is definitely more successful than trying to spy on random citizens without being caught o.o;

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I was too busy rambling about my bugbear about being bullied on here, in my previous post, that I forgot to reply to your suggestions.  


As I said in my previous post I have checked in my journal and there are definately quests that for whatever reason I have not done, as in the list of subjects there are a few that when I click on them it says that I have not unlocked that specific subject yet, so there is something amiss somewhere.


I have just discovered that Bilbo Baggins, my Triple Stryke is gr8 and Thunder Run racing, but I am not confident enough to race anyone just yet, I want to learn the courses first. So that is something and as for interacting with my clan, well, I can't say I have even seen any of them online when I am, so that's an issue but to be honest, if you are really bored at one point and read my reply you will see why I tend to stick mostly to myself, so that is that!!!


Also, I have done all the expansions, as I took out a 3-month membership so they came with that and did them all pretty much in the first week,well I am pretty sure that I have done all of the quests in them, but occasionally something pops up unexpectedly like the quests I got yesterday in the Icestorm Island one, and I ended up with a Groncicle in that, and in another, I cant think which one, but I ended up with the poor wretched dragon that seems to attract, or at some point in the past did, all sorts of shields, knives, arrows etc etc.  That I found amusing as they come out the egg exactly the same, with one broken horn and a couple of broken claws plus the exact same array of scrap metal.  I have called mine Scrappy Dappy Doo,


So anyway, thanks for replying


Odin's Blessings, 

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Yeah I had this problem before I got into thunder run racing, it's all I do now and you can find a clan with people to talk to ect. But honestly once you get into trr you wont want to stop ;))


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The subject-why is it here? Aka stpid question

I Agree with this. Once u start racing for a while u can not stop-like ever... (sigh, if only the game worked -.-)



I’m sorry for everything I’ve done.

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As others have previously said, that's just how the game works. There's only so many quests you can do before you run out of them. There's not an infinite amount of quests. Once you get done with the free quests, you can buy the expansions and do them but just a heads up, they also have a limited amount of quests. Once you finish all the quests, you have to wait for a new one to be added. I've listed some things to do on a couple of different threads once someone's finished all the quests. Here's the links to them if you're interested: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/finished-all-quests-what-do-i-do-now#comment-548901 and http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/why-do-you-play-school-dragons#comment-600189 Some of the things on both lists are the same and some are different. That's why I posted the links to each thread.


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Surprised to be the first today this but......

OK, so the reason you can't find that last Headmaster quest, is that you need to be on a teenage dragon. The quest it how to learn to glide on a teenage dragon, it npcan be tricky sometimes, but just get your favorite of that age, go the Headmaster and viola! New quest!


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She carries twin sabres as her weapon of choice.
Age: 16
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Weaknesses: Rhei has a strong fear of falling, and therefor of heights. If however she is on her dragon, the fear will subside, and she can manage. She is a poor swimmer, and can get anxious if grabbed in a dragons claws, this is mostly due however to her time fighting and fearing dragons as a child.
Other: Rhei is not native of Berk, and actually comes from a French settlement further south. Fortunately, she learned Norse from visiting traders, so this means she is skilled in speaking French as well as Norse.



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Lack of Quests

Well, firstly, I got a load of quests yesterday ones that I should have had at the beginning.  Not a problem its quests and a few, very few extra points, so that kept me busy yesterday.  Today though, no quests, and I had a look thru the list of things to learn, and quests that you get, and I read through and there were a load of things that I haven't done yet, plus when you get a choice of questions from such as headmaster and to name one I had yesterday, Fishlegs, I do all but the last two, do one, but the last one has vanished - AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHGHH!!!!!


I also remember doing quests in a previous profile, and I know for sure that I haven't done them with RhiannonDelite.  There was an odd one yesterday when they put me in the Berk Guard, but that was after a got a medal for the Dragons Edge Defence, plus what was a previous hideout, was given to me as my home, but OK, I appreciate that ppl still have it as a hideout and it's their stuff that is in it, but, getting a mouthful of what I can only assume was foreign verbal abuse and censored or should I say dragon fire, shot at me, the players in a queue waiting to get in, moaning about the time I was in there.  So what to do, I am constantly getting my chat turned off for using words that even my maiden aunt would not object to, so I guess I have to take getting bullied by a bunch of kids, when I have a Doctorate in Quantum Physics and Astronomy(Geology and Explorational) I am actually a Professor, which seems rather weird being treated like a school kid!!!  But as I am unable to work right now, as I have PTSD I will just take it for the team as I have a job waiting in Florida with NASA and I have voluntary work to do on a NASA website, which I love but this gives me a break and  it's a source of Amusement for colleagues my choice of pastimes!!!


So as I tend not to use Prof in gaming etc and such like, who would know, as I am pretty immature right now, a change from being a geek.  So back to the original point before I started having a general whinge, I have looked thru the list of things to learn and there are a number of subjects that when I click on them they say I haven't unlocked the subject, funnily enough one of the being Astronomy there are obviously a number of quests I have missed out on so maybe one of your techies could have a look see at the situation, so I can get them done, as well as half killing my babies in Thunder Run Racing and messing up the Training runs while trying to sort out which dragon is best for what, and as my Zippleback is great and finding stuff in quests, they are getting rather lairy.


Odin's blessings and sorry for the ramble - its been a bad day today!!!




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I'm a little confused about the whole hideout incident. As far as I know, players don't have to wait until someone goes out of it to go into their own hideout. It would make little sense for the devs to design the hideouts where only one person could be in it at a time. There are literally thousands of people who play this game. If only one person could access the hideout at a time it would take forever for everyone to get a chance to go into their own hideout. I'm pretty sure they work the same way farms do. The farm has a general entrance just like the hideout and multiple people can be in their own personal farm at once. If someone has been telling you that only one person can be in the hideout at a time then they are either just confused or purposefully spreading false information just to be mean.

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I agree with HPowers, I'm

I agree with HPowers, I'm completely sure that normally, everyone can enter their hideouts at the same time. And that doesn't mean that you have strange people in your hut then, everyone is directed to their own hideout and will be in there alone (if things work correctly). Except if you click on the 'visit home' button or what its called in your friendlist, then you'll be able to visit a friend's hideout. But I don't know if you'd even be able to be in the friend's hideout at the same time as this friend. Such things can be buggy sometimes, I know from trying to visit friends at their farm while they were in there as well. 


The chat blocking the most common things you say, unfortunately, is normal and nothing personal. We've all been bothering with that, believe me... :-( If you are bored you could search the forums, there are even some quite funny threads about what people tried to type in and were timed out for. Numbers don't work at all, as well as words like baby or the plural of dragon's species. Like you can type in Thunderdrum but not Thunderdrums.


And back to your actual question: I realized that quests could get stuck when I wasn't doing them in the right order in which they initially were intended to be done. Or might as well be the order in which they were released. That might have happened to you. But normally there should be at least one quest that you can do which should resolve other quests being stuck. Normally... As you might have noticed, this game can be quite buggy. It sounds like some of your quests are just bugged out. In case no admin will find your question here and reply to it, you could also pm Brynjolf about it. And if he doesn't reply within a week, try again.

Or, if you're playing on the downloaded version, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? One or two times that helped me to get rid of annoying bugs. I remember being stuck on a quest for months because it was bugged but it somehow resolved itself after a while. I think it was finally gone after the game had a big new update...